How Can World Invocation Day Strengthen the Spiritual Work
of the United Nations?

In Observance of the Christ Festival/World Invocation Day 2010


Thursday, 27 May, 2:30 p.m.— 4:30 p.m.


United Nations Foundation Conference Room, Suite 1300


801 Second Ave, New York, NY




I. Musical Interlude:  Eileen J. Ain, Flute


II. Welcome and Moment of Silence (Ida Urso, Ph.D.)


III. How Can World Invocation Day Affect Planetary Consciousness? (Ida Urso, Ph.D.)


IV. Energy Follows Thought: How Can This Recognition Contribute to Planetary Healing?  (Danilo Parmegiani)


V. The New Age Science of Invocation/Evocation: How Can Creative Meditation as a World Service Strengthen the Work of the United Nations?  (Maria Cristina do Amaral)


VI. How Can a Concerted and Mindful Use of the Great Invocation Affect Planetary Consciousness? 
(Susan MacNeil, Ph.D.)


VII. Discussion


VIII. Musical Interlude:  Eileen J. Ain, Autoharp


IX. Guided Meditation: “The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity”

  X. Sounding the Great Invocation—in the six languages of the UN 


XI. Closing

XII. Shared Thoughts From Two Co-Workers

Sponsoring Organization:  Aquarian Age Community

Co-sponsoring Organizations:  Associazione Culturale dei Triangoli e della Buona Volontŕ Mondiale, Fundación Vicente Beltrán Anglada, Operation Peace Through Unity, UN Days and Years Meditation Initiative