Transforming Planetary Consciousness
The Spiritual Work of the United Nations
and the Liberation of Humanity

Creative Meditation — A Planetary Service

Meditation is a process that cleanses the mind of impurities. It cultivates such qualities as concentration, awareness, intelligence and tranquillity, leading finally to the attainment of the highest wisdom.
U Thant, Secretary-General of the United Nations, 1961-1971

he technique of meditation governs all expansions of consciousness, including the entire process of evolutionary development within the planet. It is the technique of spiritual contact and apprehension, the means of furthering the evolution of human intelligence, the capacity to love, and the ability to bring the personal will into alignment with the transpersonal or divine will.

Meditation as a planetary service is both practical and effective. It is the single most effective means for transcending the binding, restrictive sense of separateness and isolation, which imprisons the human consciousness and circumscribes its life.

The effect of human meditation at this time is to change conditions, to invoke the higher spiritual potencies, to work with concentration—both vertically and horizontally—within the world of spiritual energies and within the world of human affairs. The ultimate result of effective meditation in the consciousness of the individual is enlightenment and illumination—leading to an increased ability to cooperate in the creative and redemptive purposes of our planetary life.

Join in the monthly Webinar meditation meetings to help transform planetary consciousness by supporting and strengthening the spiritual work of the United Nations on the following dates in 2021
from Noon –1:00 p.m. (NY Eastern Time):

Registration for each meeting in 2021 is required.
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The Aquarian Age Community is a non-profit, accredited non-governmental organization (NGO)
In association with the United Nations’ Department of Global Communications
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