The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity

Creating Fundamental Global Transformations through the Power of Thought

March (Aries) 2010

The greatest benefit that we can contribute consists in the broadening of consciousness, and the improvement and enrichment of our thinking, together with the purification of the heart, in order to strengthen our emanations; and by thus raising our vibrations, we restore the health of all that surrounds us.

Letters of Helena Roerich II, 25 October 1936

Since 1975…within UN policy, a discursive shift has taken place from women as victims and objects to women as actors, with a concomitant focus on their empowerment.

Francisca De Haan, “A Brief Survey of Women’s Rights from 1945 to 2009” in the UN Chronicle, No. 1, 2010

Dear Friends,

The esoteric wisdom tells us that “as we think, so we are.” In the words of the Buddha, “all that we are, arises from our thoughts and “with our thoughts, we make the world.” Plato also famously taught that “ideas rule the world.” This same wisdom also became a central tenet in the writings of Emerson who wrote that great men are they who see that the spiritual is stronger than any material force and that “thoughts rule the world.”

Through the 12 labors he performed, we learn from Hercules, that heroic and yet vulnerable and flawed human disciple—who stands for disciples of all time and increasingly for the whole of humanity—that the first labor of his great quest began in the world of thought.

We contemplate this causative world of thought and ideas as we prepare ourselves to most beneficently and effectively work with the cosmic energies of Aries—this month’s Solar Festival—the first of the Three Major Spiritual Festivals. Aries is a powerful mental sign and as humanity is beginning to understand, all beginnings originate on the plane of mind. This truism is reflected in the esoteric keynote for the sign of Aries: “I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule.” (Esoteric Astrology)

In Aries, the first of the 12 zodiacal signs, Hercules under command of his soul, passed through the first great Gate wherein his mission was to capture the brood mares of thought that had been breeding war horses. Through wrong thought, wrong speech and erroneous ideas, these brood mares were devastating the countryside. Hercules was directed to capture these mares and stop their evil deeds and by so doing, “rescue this far land and those who live upon it.” (The Labours of Hercules; An Astrological Interpretation)

How can these cosmic energies, emanating from the sign of Aries, impact the Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity?

Within these e-letters, we have often quoted the Agni Yoga wisdom that “each era has its own call” and that “the power of thought will be the evocative principle of the New World.” (Agni Yoga, par. 101, Agni Yoga Society, New York).

Each month at this time of the Solar Festivals we have an opportunity to pause and turn our consciousness into the subtle, yet powerful subjective, inner planes—away from our personal concerns and activities and towards the meeting of human need.

This month, we seek to focus the powers of our thoughts and our thinking on the UN’s labours to empower women and to thus improve the quality of life on our planet. The UN’s attention to the plight of women and the need to promote gender equality is as historic as the UN itself.

Quoted in the opening keynote above, Francisca De Haan writes that it was during an inaugural session of the UN General Assembly in early 1946 that Eleanor Roosevelt formally articulated women’s voices by reading “An Open Letter to the Women of the World.” According to Dr. De Haan, Mrs. Roosevelt thus provided an outline of the role for women to play in a new arena of international politics and cooperation.

Since that time, the UN has sponsored many activities and initiatives, ever seeking to support gender equality and women’s empowerment. Among such efforts, we can look to the “Fourth World Conference on Women,” held in Beijing in 1995. As surprising as it might now seem, a milestone was reached because of the assertion at that Conference that women’s rights are human rights and that specific actions were mandated in order to ensure respect for these rights:

"The fundamental transformation that took place in Beijing was the recognition of the need to shift the focus from women to the concept of gender, recognizing that the entire structure of society, and all relations between men and women within it, had to be re-evaluated. Only by such a fundamental restructuring of society and its institutions could women be fully empowered to take their rightful place as equal partners with men in all aspects of life. This change represented a strong reaffirmation that women's rights were human rights and that gender equality was an issue of universal concern, benefiting all." (UN Global Issues)

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. The “Beijing Platform” as it has come to be known, is the most comprehensive global policy framework to achieve the goals of gender equality, development and peace. This platform calls for action in 12 key issues.

For the first two weeks in March, the United Nations system, under the theme of “Beijing + 15” reviewed the progress achieved to date and, of course, it spelled out “Beijing’s Unfinished Agenda” and “The Way Forward.” In following these proceedings, it will be obvious that although much progress has been made on the global stage, there is yet an enormous task that lies ahead.

Despite the almost universal recognition of women’s rights, there are yet no countries in the world where women enjoy equal status with men. As Dr. De Haan writes, “whatever may have been achieved is a work in progress at best.”

It is here that the world’s spiritual community can invoke and evoke the incoming energies of this first of the three major Spiritual Festivals, in order to support the UN’s attempts in this arena, thus leading to fundamental global transformations—ones that in the words of Helena Roerich, are reflective of a broadened consciousness, enriched thinking and purified hearts.

You are thus called to join in being part of this fundamental global transformation by using the meditation outline, “The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity.”

For those of you who live within the vicinity of the United Nations, you are invited to meet in silent meditation from Noon until 12:30 p.m. in the UN Meditation Room on Monday, 29 March. Discussion will follow outside the Meditation Room from 12:30 – 1:15 p.m.

Those of us who live outside the New York City area have the opportunity to contribute to this work by using the above meditation outline not only this Monday, March 29th, but weekly, every Friday. Please inquire if you need a copy of the meditation outline—available in several languages.

We ask that you continue to work with and help circulate the YouTube video featuring the Great Invocation and photos of the UN General Assembly and the UN Meditation Room under the theme of Reconciliation and the Healing of the Nations.

May we go forward with the sure recognition that ideas are attractive, magnetic centers of force, which will eventually make an impact upon human consciousness and that working together in thought and meditation at this time of the Solar Festivals, and especially at the time of the Three Spiritual Festivals, provides an opportunity to affect a positive change on our planet.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth,

Aquarian Age Community
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