The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity

The UN: Fostering Social Cohesion and the
Realization of the Rights of All Citizens of the World

February (Pisces) 2010

Human unity, human understanding, human relationships, human fair play and the essential oneness of all men—these are the only concepts upon which to construct the new world, through which to abolish competition and to bring to an end the exploitation of one section of humanity by another and the hitherto unfair possession of the earth's wealth. As long as there are extremes of riches and poverty, men are falling short of their high destiny. The Kingdom of God can appear on earth, and this in the immediate future, but the members of this kingdom recognize neither rich nor poor, neither high nor low, neither labour nor capital but only the children of the one Father, and the fact—natural and yet spiritual—that all men are brothers.

The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, in Problems of Humanity, by Alice A. Bailey

The lens of social exclusion allows one to isolate and address those processes which create deprivation in society. By fostering social cohesion and the realization of the rights of individuals and groups, the promotion of social inclusion effectively complements other poverty reduction strategies.

Report on the World Social Situation 2010; Rethinking Poverty

Dear Friends,

It has often been repeated in this newsletter that it is the demand of the disciples of the world which will bring in that which the world needs. This month all spiritual seekers have the opportunity to work under the influence of the sign of Pisces and its attendant energies, thus invoking the Soul nature, which will help humanity evolve out of the current state of consciousness characterized by deprivation, suffering and limitation.

The sign of Pisces is a dual sign. Its symbol is that of two fishes bound together in a functioning relationship. One fish stands for the soul and the other for the personality or form nature and encircling them is the cord which keeps them bound to each other throughout the cycle of manifested life.

Depending on the individual’s level of consciousness, the soul is either the captive of the matter in which it is immersed, or the personality is the captive of the soul. Esoteric Astrology tells us that ultimately, in its most advanced state of consciousness, under the influence of Piscean energies, humanity will bring about the release of the soul from captivity, insuring world salvage and redemption.

Under this sign, spiritual and mental inhibition can be transmuted into soul expression; devotion to the needs of the self can be developed into a devotion and response to the needs of humanity; and, identification with the form can be transmuted into identity with the soul.

However, the choice to seek soul identification comes not easily. As we know from the parable about the Prodigal Son, humanity has the habit of foolishly squandering time and resources before coming to the realization that only the path of return to the “Father’s Home” is truly worthwhile.

Carl Gustav Jung as well as Martin Luther King Jr., among others, have taught that human progress never rolls in on the wheels of inevitability; always, each step forward is the result of a most painful and laborious achievement. The majestic heights of understanding and brotherhood are the result of the tireless efforts of men and women willing to be coworkers in the Light, Love and Power of the Soul.

A major indicator of such a heightened consciousness is the ability to focus on world need, as opposed to exclusive group or individual need. And, for this reason, this meditation initiative strives to support the spiritual work of the United Nations—for it is this organization above any other that holds out a vision of world unity, human understanding and planetary well-being.

Recently, for example, the United Nations has announced its most recent “Report on the World Social Situation”, which this year focuses on the need to “rethink poverty.”

This Report affirms the urgent need for the world community to commit to eradicating poverty and to enhancing equity and social integration for all the world’s people. It provides a comprehensive and extensive analysis of the factors, which create poverty and it considers more holistic and creative possible solutions than have been formulated in the past. It defines in a more careful and compassionate manner the geographic distribution of poverty, recognizing that poverty and population dynamics have occurred in the midst of an expanding global economy, which has resulted in wider income gaps between rich and poor countries as well as an increase of inequality within-country incomes.

Under the influence of the energies emanating from the sign of Pisces, the world’s spiritual community can subjectively support this work and create thoughtforms of solution that will in fact eventually eradicate poverty for the 1.4 billion who as of 2005 have been suffering from this unnecessary malady, which is the shame of the human race.

For this purpose, you are called to join in using the meditation outline, “The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity.”

For those of you who live within the vicinity of the United Nations, you are invited to meet in silent meditation from Noon until 12:30 p.m. in the UN Meditation Room on Friday, 26 February. Discussion will follow outside the Meditation Room from 12:30 – 1:15 p.m.

Those of us who live outside the New York City area have the opportunity to contribute to this work by using the above meditation outline not only this Friday, February 26th, but weekly, every Friday. Please inquire if you need a copy of the meditation outline available in several languages.

The dates for the meditation meetings of 2010 are posted here, and you are invited and encouraged to take every opportunity to participate.

You are also invited to ponder the Quote of the month and its attendant cosmic image.

We ask that you continue to work with and help circulate the YouTube video featuring the Great Invocation and photos of the UN General Assembly and the UN Meditation Room under the theme of Reconciliation and the Healing of the Nations.

Any thoughts you have on how to strengthen and support the Spiritual Work of the United Nations are welcome and can be posted within the UN Discussion Forum.

We wish to leave you with the following blessing from the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, as we consider the need to strengthen the hands of the New Group of World Servers working in support of the United Nations efforts of world salvage and redemption:

May the blessing of the One Whom we all serve rest upon you all and upon all disciples everywhere, and may you do your full share in helping men to pass from darkness into light and from death to immortality. (The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 642)

In loving planetary service,

Aquarian Age Community
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