The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity

The Unavoidable Directed Purpose Inspiring
the Spiritual Work of the United Nations

November 2009

O worn nations of torn Earth,
I reach for you,
Reach to Me.
O tired nations of scarred Earth,
I gather for you.
Gather to Us.
O buffeted nations of suffering Earth,
how We love you!
How We love you all.

The Song of the Seraph of San Francisco by Mary Esther Crump

The United Nations was created 64 years ago by men and women from every corner of the world. These architects of international cooperation acted out of an idealism rooted in the hard-earned lessons of war. ....Today, with 192 member states, the United Nations is the principle forum for all nations, large and small, to work in concert to meet the global challenges no nation can confront alone.

United Nations Day, 2009; A Proclamation by the
President of the United States of America

Dear Friends,

Every year at this time as the world marks United Nations Day (October 24), observing the date of its founding, it’s helpful to return to the initiating impulse that created this organization and to recollect the purpose for which it was founded and for which it continues to exist.

Ever seeking to tell the story of its multifaceted and often, misunderstood and underreported work, this year the United Nations launched a “Citizen Ambassadors” contest. The campaign invited world citizens—youth in particular, to voice their opinions to heads of State and government by creating a video in response to the question: “If you had the opportunity to speak to world leaders, what would you say?”

The winner of this contest began her video: “Every day I want you to wake up and know that you work for 6.7 billion real people, one person at a time. People with children, and dreams and stories.”

In a related campaign, for the second year in a row, the United Nations observed UN Day with an outreach program called “UN4U,” wherein United Nations officials visited some 45 schools in the New York City area. Globally, the “UN4U” program involved many of the United Nations Information Centres in 63 countries.

Through these campaigns and others, the Department of Public Information is ever alert to find new and effective strategies to broaden understanding of the three pillars of the world body’s work—development, human rights and peace and security. The challenge is to inform public opinion, in the words of the U.S. Proclamation for UN Day, that at its best, “this indispensable, if imperfect, institution” helps to resolve conflicts and rebuild shattered societies; it lays the foundation of democracy, human rights, and development, and it establishes conditions in which people can live in dignity and mutual respect.

As with any form, the United Nations has its esoteric inner heartbeat—the Soul of the organization—and its appearance or material form. Given humanity’s broadening and deepening consciousness, it’s important to reflect on the inner esoteric heartbeat of this organization.

It was Mary Esther Crump who was inspired to write the poem, The Song of the Seraph of San Francisco as she avidly followed the proceedings of the United Nations Conference in 1945. Within this poem, Ms. Crump referred to the United Nations as part of a "cosmic Plan,” watched over by “the great Brotherhood of Light.”

In this e-letter, we have often referred to the writings of the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, who refers to the spiritual impulse behind the United Nations and within the Aquarian Age Community website much information is included about the esoteric heart of the United Nations in the webpage on The Spiritual Foundation of the United Nations.

Further pointing to the fact that the UN is part of a "cosmic Plan" is the Foucault Pendulum prominently displayed in the General Assembly Lobby. A gift given to the United Nations by the Netherlands in 1955, two years prior to the transformation of the United Nations Meditation Room, under the leadership of Dag Hammarskjöld, this gold-plated sphere gives visual proof of the rotation of the Earth.

The Pendulum also serves as a striking reminder of the relationship existing between the United Nations in which it is housed, and the earth to Polaris, the directional star, also known as the "north star," aligned with the Earth's axis of rotation.

Within the esoteric wisdom, Polaris, "the Star of Direction," governs that highest realm of consciousness on planet Earth known as Shamballa—the place of Divine Purpose and "the place of serene determination and of poised quiescent will," as the Old Commentary expresses it. (The Rays and the Initiations, p. 314)

All of this is to say that if spiritually aligned, and realizing its esoteric heartbeat, or its Soul-inspired objective to practice right relations on a planetary scale, the United Nations can be responsive to Divine Purpose.

Because it officially came into existence on October 24th, under the sign of Scorpio, the United Nations is influenced by the energies of this sign, which in our current stage of evolution, governs the Path of Discipleship and influences the turning point in the life of the individual and of humanity.

As a result of the many tests, which the energies of this sign evoke, the individual and eventually, humanity as a whole, reach a turning point through which the problems of the tests can only be solved by the use of the reasoning mind, under the inspiration of the Soul's directional will and purpose.

Under this sign, a focus on desire and emotional responses only further deters from the light, imbedding one further in the darkness of uninspired matter. Thus the questions arise, "Will the world Hercules…'elevate the Hydra' of passion and hate, of greed and aggression, and of selfishness and ambition up into the region of the soul? Or will it carry the whole matter down on to the physical plane with the inevitable corollary of world disaster, world war and death?" (Esoteric Astrology, p. 217) Will humanity and the United Nations turn towards the northern star of Divine Purpose or will we continue in the way of war and conflict, of abundance for the select few and deprivation and suffering for the many?

The answers lie in the choices that each of us make and in the strivings in which we engage. Will you therefore add your focused, meditative thoughts to ensure a strengthened United Nations that is reorienting itself to the life of the Soul, thus emerging triumphant in its ability to help restore the Plan of Light and Love on Earth?

We invite those of you who live in the New York City area to join in silent group meditation on Monday, 2 November in the United Nations Meditation Room as we work in collaboration with the worldwide community who concertedly utilizes this time of the monthly Solar Festivals to invoke the needed spiritual energies for our planet. Using the meditation outline, “The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity,” we will there meet from Noon until 12:30 p.m. Discussion will follow outside the Meditation Room from 12:30 – 1:15 p.m.

As in the past, we invite those of you who live outside the New York City area to contribute to this work by using the above meditation outline weekly, every Friday, as well as on Monday, November 2. (A copy of the meditation outline is available upon request.)

We also hope that you will continue to work with and help circulate the YouTube video featuring the Great Invocation and photos of the UN General Assembly and the UN Meditation Room under the theme of Reconciliation and the Healing of the Nations.

This month, we are pleased to invite you to read the new issue of the Diamond Light now on-line. As usual, you are also invited to ponder the quote of the month, which is posted on the first of the month, along with its accompanying cosmic image and you are invited to share your thoughts within the UN Discussion Forum.

Your financial contributions to support this work are always gratefully received and appreciated.

We leave you with the thought that we may ever strive to recognize and cooperate with the esoteric heartbeat—the loving Soul, which underlies the happenings of the times,

Aquarian Age Community
A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit NGO in association with UN/DPI