World Invocation Day

An Appeal and Invitation to Contribute and Participate

June 2008

There is the Festival of Easter; the Festival of the Buddha Who, in physical Presence, expresses the spiritual solidarity of our planet; and the Festival in June, peculiarly the Festival of the Christ, when He—as Leader of the New Group of World Servers—employs the new Invocation on behalf of all men of goodwill in all lands; at the same time, He gathers up the inchoate and unexpressed demands of those masses who seek a new and better way of life. They want love in daily living, right human relations, and an understanding of the underlying Plan.

The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pp. 599-600

These forces of reconstruction are effective mainly in relation to those entities which we call nations. The Hierarchy is at this time attempting to channel them into the Assembly of the United Nations; the use made of these impersonal energies is dependent upon the quality and the nature of the recipient nation, on its measure of true enlightenment and on its point in evolution. Nations are the expression today of the massed self-centredness of a people and of their instinct to self-preservation. These energies can, therefore, increase that aspect of their lives. They can, however, and in spite of this, increase the potency of the objective which the United Nations (at present) theoretically hold before the eyes of men everywhere. The main object of the Hierarchy is so to distribute these constructive, synthesising energies that the theory of unity may slowly be turned into practice, and the word "United" may come to have a true significance and meaning.

The Reappearance of the Christ, page 93

Dear Friends,

Greetings of Love and Light at this special time of the year as we prepare for the Three Spiritual Festivals. It is with joy and a sense of responsibility that I once again call upon you and invite you to contribute and participate in this year's observation of World Invocation Day at the United Nations on Wednesday, June 18th.

As the above keynote from The Reappearance of the Christ indicates, the Forces of Reconstruction are active at the time of World Invocation Day. These forces are related to the will aspect of divinity and they are mainly effective in relation to nations; thus, this third Spiritual Festival is of special relevance to the work of the United Nations.

As students of the Tibetan Master's wisdom, we know from his statements in the book, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy that in 1925 the "new Plan" was formulated into three divisions—the first of which is the Political with the objective of developing and establishing an international consciousness. About this aspect of the Plan he tells us in the same book "that plans were laid whereby the Brotherhood of Nations, based on mutual need, mutual understanding, and mutual helpfulness, should gradually come into being." (p. 173)

Keeping the above objectives and keynotes in mind, and seeking to be of service to the Plan of Light, Love and Power, we are making plans to observe World Invocation Day—the Festival of the Christ—within the United Nations for this, the fifth year in a row. Our goal is to help anchor the available energies and additionally, to bring information about World Invocation Day to those in and around the United Nations who can respond to this spiritual opportunity.

The theme for this year is based on Article 1:4 of the Charter of the United Nations:

Harmonizing the Actions of Nations: How Can We Help?
A Seminar Held in Observance of World Invocation Day
To Invoke and Evoke Healing Energies for the United Nations and Planet Earth

Building on the good work accomplished at the Fall World Goodwill Symposium, entitled, "Evoking the Soul of the Nations," additional keynote topics for this program will focus on the creation of a "Culture of Peace" based on goodwill and justice, as well as the spiritual dimension of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which this year observes its 60th anniversary. For further information, please see the intentional agenda, which will be finalized within the next few weeks.

In The Reappearance of the Christ the Tibetan Master tells us that the Avatar of Synthesis who overshadows the General Assembly of the United Nations works with the Forces of Reconstruction to "direct energy (through understanding and intent) towards a recognized and desired end, overcoming all obstacles and destroying all that stands in its way. This is not the destruction of forms by force such as we have seen imposed upon the world, but a destruction brought about by the greatly strengthened life within the form." (p. 94)

Here is our opportunity for unified, thoughtful and loving action and here is where we call on you for your help, your support and your contributions and participation. The Avatar of Synthesis and the Forces of Reconstruction are directing energy ("through understanding and intent") to overcome all obstacles and to destroy all that stands in the way—not by the destruction of forms, but by greatly strengthening the life, the spiritual essence, within the form.

As esoteric students, this is our dharma; it is what we are uniquely called upon to do: working in cooperation with the Great Beings who oversee our planetary evolution, we can align with the Soul and strive to strengthen the Forces of Light and the Angel of the Presence within the United Nations so that indeed we will eventually witness the harmonizing and healing of nations, leading to a Brotherhood of Nations.

As we know, a crisis is an opportunity and at this time of such far-reaching and extensive planetary crises, we can each help create the needed transformation as we contribute to building a thoughtform of solution to world problems. We can use the energies uniquely available at the time of the Festival of the Christ to invoke and evoke the needed spiritual healing.

May we find motivation and inspiration in the Agni Yoga quote that reminds us: "The law is that two concordant thoughts increase the power seven times. This is not magic but a practical consideration." Par. 7, p. 78, Leaves of Morya's Garden, Vol. II

Will you share in this opportunity? Can we call on you, as we have in past years, to participate and contribute to this program by committing to one or more—or all—of the following activities?

  1. Meditatively and subjectively support the event. In this regard it will be helpful to reflect on the Tibetan Master's description of the "crescendo of revelation" possible once the Forces of Restoration, Enlightenment and Reconstruction produce "their seven great results" and to re-read the information he provides about this third Festival and its relationship to the other two. See, for example, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pp. 435-443; pp. 482-488 and The Reappearance of the Christ, pp. 93-102.
  2. Use the meditation, "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity" at least once weekly, every Friday; it is now available in many languages and is currently being translated into Macedonian and Serbian. Please inquire if you need a copy.
  3. Plan to participate in person. Details for registration will be provided at a later date.
  4. Suggest one or two invocative/evocative questions for group discussion during the audience participation segment.
  5. Publicize the event in order to: a) Raise awareness about World Invocation Day; b) Energize the thoughtforms connected to the program; and thus, c) Help build an enlightened public opinion.
  6. Make a financial contribution so we can meet the costs of the program through the following secure website address:, or via the postal address at the end of this message.
  7. Or? Your suggestion of how you can contribute and be of help is welcome.

Can you let us know how you plan to participate and contribute at your earliest convenience and, at the latest, by March 31st?

May it be said of us that we knew the spiritual facts and that we did all in our power to be a dynamic part of these spiritual events at this extraordinary time on planet Earth.

With gratitude and in loving service,


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