The Impact of the Forces of Enlightenment at the United Nations

May 2008

Following this inflow, at the time of the Full Moon of the Buddha in May 1945, the forces of enlightenment became active, and light began to stream into the minds of men. … Those first to be affected by them are the great educational movements, the forums of the people in all lands and the values which are now unfolding through the radio and the moving picture industry; others deeply affected are the press, the publishers of world literature, speakers, writers, radio commentators, newspaper men and social workers. These effects may not yet be apparent for little time has as yet elapsed, but all these movements and people are the recipients today of the energies of enlightenment if they are prompt to recognise new emerging ideas; they are the custodians of this energy and its distributing agents, channelling it and directing it so that the masses of the people everywhere come under its influence.

The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul in The Reappearance of the Christ by Alice A. Bailey

The United Nations and the Jackson Hole Film Institute will convene the first-ever Global Insight Summit, from 5-9 June. The Summit will bring together entertainment leaders and United Nations officials to explore how film and television can be leveraged to bring awareness of global issues.

UN Press Release: United Nations, Jackson Hole Film Institute
to Hold Summit at Film Festival

Dear Friends,

The focus of our thoughts this month is on the Forces of Enlightenment prevalent at this time of the year when many in the East, and increasing numbers in the West, prepare for the Festival of Wesak, also known as the Festival of the Buddha or the Festival of the Full Moon of May. The Buddha, the "Enlightened One," is revered as having attained the highest degree of knowledge possible to any human being in this solar system.

This Wesak Festival is the second of the three Major Spiritual Festivals, which will affect the remainder of the year. The energies released during the Aries, Taurus and Gemini Festivals, when acknowledged and understood can help humanity in its task of uplifting and improving life on planet Earth. In the Esoteric Wisdom, the Buddha is considered the spiritual Intermediary between the highest spiritual centre, Shamballa and the Hierarchy of Light and Love. The Buddha is also known as the expression of the wisdom of God, the Embodiment of Light and the Indicator of the divine purpose. The Christ and the Buddha—two Great Brothers—combine the Way of the Mind and the Way of the Heart. Their striving and Their work has swayed hemispheres and centuries and continues to influence humanity and the planet.

For information on the service opportunity possible at these monthly Solar Festivals, please see "Solar Festival Meditations: An Open Door to the Increasing Radiance of Light, Love and Power," available in English, Spanish and Portuguese:

Emanating from the heart of God, the Forces of Enlightenment are related to divine understanding and strengthen those who love and serve humanity. These energies transmit the second principle of divinity, that of love-wisdom, of which the two Great Brothers, the Buddha and the Christ are the two outstanding expression. The Forces of Enlightenment impact the world of ideas and therefore, public opinion through the various forms of the media.

Interestingly, it is in 1993 that the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed "World Press Freedom Day"—a day to be celebrated every year on 3 May worldwide. The theme for this year's World Press Freedom Day was "Access to Information and the Empowerment of People." Access to information is primordial to the exercise of the basic human right of freedom of expression, said UNESCO Director-General Koďchiro Matsuura. And Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon emphasized the importance of a free press and access to information as being a vital foundation for development and for peace and democracy: "When information flows freely, people are equipped with tools to take control of their lives." He added, "when the flow of information is hindered—whether for political or technological reasons—our capacity to function is stunted." For further information, see the following links to the UN and UN System web sites:

The role of the media is increasingly being engaged at the United Nations to help raise awareness of key issues and activities. From the worlds of art, music, film, sports, literature and public affairs The United Nations has invited well-known public figures to become United Nations Messengers of Peace and Goodwill Ambassadors, which, as of March this year, numbered 160.

And, this year, as one of the above keynotes indicates, the United Nations and the Jackson Hole Film Institute will convene the first-ever Global Insight Summit. Representing more than 20 countries, the Festival is committed to creating a platform for global inspiration and change. Complementing the Summit will be a selection of films that exhibit the power of visual media to focus world attention on urgent issues. A Global Insight Film Award will honor the film that best serves as a catalyst for raising public awareness and engaging the public on an important global issue.

At this time of the Festival of Wesak, we have an opportunity to strengthen these initiatives that hold the promise of a better world—free from the deprivation and suffering we witness all around us. Wesak, as each of the twelve monthly Solar Festivals, is actually a five-day event. Two days prior to the day of the Solar Festival (full moon), observers make due preparation, dedicating themselves in upward striving, holding the attitude of dedication and service and of receptivity to that which the Soul will impart; the day of the Solar Festival (full moon), which this year falls on Monday, 19 May is considered a day of safeguarding when observers focus on the need of humanity, with the intention of creating a planetary group focal point for the in-pouring energies; two days after the Solar Festival (full moon) observers focus on the right distribution of the available spiritual energies. The effort is to pass on and to pass through that measure of spiritual energy that may have been contacted. Considered are thoughts about the technique of service and the skilled action by which humanity's needs can be met.

The extraordinary opportunity for those who wish to participate in the Grand and Loving Service taking place at this special time of the year is palpably described by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul:

"Therefore, get this clearly in mind, so that your cooperation can be intelligent and rightly directed. First, at the time of the May Full Moon, the Buddha will sound out a great mantram and become the 'absorbing Agent' of the first ray force. He will use the magnetic power of the second ray to attract this force to Himself and will hold it steady, prior to redirecting it. The Christ will then—on behalf of the Hierarchy—become the 'receiving Agent' of this potent energy, and the seven groups of Masters Who work with the human and sub-human kingdoms will (in response to His demand) become the 'directing Agents' for the sevenfold expression of this force." (The Externalisation of the Hierarchy by Alice Bailey, pp. 439-440)

Seeking to become part of this divine circulatory flow—in service to humanity and the planet—we will meet in the UN Meditation Room for silent meditation on the actual day of Wesak on Monday, 19 May, from Noon until 12:30 and for discussion afterwards, outside the Meditation Room from 12:30-1:15 p.m. All those who live in the proximity of the United Nations are invited to join us in person. And, as always, we count on all our Friends far and wide to join us subjectively, asking you to link with us and add your contributions of heart and mind to this planetary service of opportunity and joy.

We also want to let you know that the new Diamond Light is now on-line and will be mailed out early next week to those who are on the postal mailing list. If you would like to receive a paper copy of the newsletter, please provide your postal address.

Your responses to this letter, the work of the United Nations as well as your contemplative thoughts on your work with the UN meditation outline are welcome. You may share these responses by posting them in the secure UN Discussion Forum to which you are invited to register, or by using the e-mail address, also listed under the greeting, at the end of this message. A copy of the meditation outline, "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity" is available in multiple languages, upon request.

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At this time of humanity's great need and the innumerable and horrific planetary crises, extant everywhere, in the book by Helena Roerich, Eastern Crossroads in "A Page from the Sacred History of the Lord Buddha Three Arhats" we are reminded of the tender and compassionate love that is continually showered on our planet:

"Verily, the feather which falls from the wing of a tiny bird creates thunder in the far-off worlds."

May each of you reading this letter identify yourself as being part of the divine circulatory stream of those Blessed Spiritual Energies now pouring into our planet, and may we each strive to radiate them into our environment—far and wide,

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