The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity

The United Nations: Reorienting Itself to the Life of the Soul
and Emerging Triumphant

October 2007

It is necessary to return often to the thought about humanity as a single heart. There is too much ignorance and impediment where there should be amiable cooperation.

Aum, par. 175, Agni Yoga Society, NY

The world is changing in the United Nations' favour—as more people and Governments understand that multilateralism is the only path in our interdependent and globalizing world. Global problems demand global solutions—and going it alone is not a viable option. Whether we are speaking of peace and security, development or human rights, demands on our Organization are growing every day.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's Message for United Nations Day, 24 October 2007

Dear Friends,

Recently, on 19 October, the UN Wire, the on-line periodical of the United Nations Foundation presented two articles featuring the diametrically opposed remarks of two U.S. presidential candidates about the United Nations. One of the articles, reported on 18 October in presented the views of Governor Bill Richardson, who, having served as a past U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, strongly supports the United Nations: "Richardson to Republicans: We need the U.N.".

The other article, reported in presents the view of Governor Mitt Romney, who, in the article, "Romney Calls United Nations a 'Failure'" stated that, instead of the UN, he would support a new coalition of the free nations of the world: "We should develop some of our own…forums and alliances or groups that have the ability to actually watch out for the world and do what's right."

These opposing views and the readers' comments posted in the CNN website in response to Governor Richardson's remarks, are reflective of the world community's divergent opinions about the viability and success of the United Nations. Preparing to mark its 62nd anniversary this October 24th, these conflicting views are reminiscent of the reports that tell us that in 1945, many doubted that the then 50 nations convening at the United Nations Conference on International Organization could ever be brought to agreement. Instead of marking the end of the second world war, it was generally thought that the nations of the world might, within the following 30 years, embark upon a third world war.

However, as we realize today, the naysayers and doubters were proved wrong. One of the U.S. delegates, Governor Harold E. Stassen, reported that the tide turned as a result of regular explanations to the media and the nongovernmental representatives who increasingly went to San Francisco to witness the proceedings of the Conference. According to Mr. Stassen, the addition of the preamble concept of "We the People" caused a turn in the tide so that by June 26th, after nine weeks of intensive and fiery discussions and debates, all 50 delegations agreed and signed the 10,000 word Charter of the United Nations.

Recognizing the importance of public opinion and mindful of Eleanor Roosevelt's oft-quoted statement that the UN is a piece of machinery and it is up to the people of the world to insure that it will work; and, aware of the many myths, misperceptions, misunderstandings and lack of true knowledge that is evident in public opinion and in media reports about the United Nations and its work, it seems fitting on this 62nd anniversary to consider the question, what does the average citizen know about the work of the United Nations? And, what can those who support this organization do to educate and enlighten world public opinion about its work? To this end, we provide the following resources from the UN website and the flyer (at present, available only in English), "How Can I Support the Work of the United Nations?" which we hope will inspire additional ideas and projects.

We begin with the Organizational Chart of the United Nations, which provides active links to the UN Principal Organs and their subcommittees.

Also available on-line in the United Nations website:

1) Basic Facts about the United Nations

2) Facts About the United Nations Oil-for-Food Programme

3) Fact Sheets, Frequently Asked Questions about the United Nations and Briefing Papers, such as the one on "October 24: United Nations Day"

4) Facts About the United Nations

As always, there is the inner esoteric heartbeat and the outer appearance.

Before mentioning one of the prominent and esoterically significant features of the General Assembly Lobby, on this anniversary date, we want to bring attention to the inspired poem, The Song of the Seraph of San Francisco that was written by Mary Esther Crump in 1945 as she avidly followed the proceedings of the United Nations Conference. Within this poem, Ms. Crump mystically and poetically refers to the United Nations as part of a "universal plan." This interpretation and viewpoint is supported by the esoteric wisdom.

In the writings of the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, we understand that the Great Spiritual Beings who watch over humanity's plight and evolution also were overseeing the proceedings in San Francisco. This esoteric truth becomes more understandable when we consider the fact that humanity's exercise of its free will has consequences well beyond the planet. See, for example, the paper on the "Spiritual Impulse Behind the United Nations."

Pointing to the fact that the UN is part of a "universal plan" is the Foucault Pendulum displayed prominently and beautifully in the General Assembly Lobby. A gift given to the United Nations by the Netherlands in 1955, two years prior to the transformation of the United Nations Meditation Room, under the leadership of Dag Hammarskjöld, this gold-plated sphere gives visual proof of the rotation of the Earth. The Pendulum also serves as a striking reminder of the relationship existing between the United Nations in which it is housed, and the earth to Polaris, the directional star, also known as the "north star," aligned with the Earth's axis of rotation.

Within the esoteric wisdom, Polaris, "the Star of Direction," governs that highest realm of consciousness on Planet Earth known as Shamballa—the place of Divine Purpose and "the place of serene determination and of poised quiescent will," as the Old Commentary expresses it. (The Rays and the Initiations, p. 314)

All of this is to say that if spiritually aligned, and realizing its Soul-inspired objective to practice right relations on a planetary scale, the United Nations can be responsive to Divine Purpose. As the flyer (available in English and Spanish) on the "Solar Festival Meditations at the United Nations" indicates, because it officially came into existence on October 24th, under the sign of Scorpio, the United Nations is influenced by the energies of this sign and its esoteric keynote: "Warrior I am and from the battle I [the Soul] emerge triumphant."

The sign of Scorpio in our current stage of evolution governs the Path of Discipleship and influences the turning point in the life of the individual and of humanity. As a result of the many tests, which the energies of this sign evoke, the individual and humanity as a whole reach a turning point through which the problems of the tests can only be solved by the use of the reasoning mind, under the inspiration of the Soul's directional will and purpose. Under this sign, a focus on desire and emotional responses only further deters from the light, imbedding one further in the darkness of uninspired matter. Thus the questions arise, "Will the world Hercules…'elevate the Hydra' of passion and hate, of greed and aggression, and of selfishness and ambition up into the region of the soul? Or will it carry the whole matter down on to the physical plane with the inevitable corollary of world disaster, world war and death?" (Esoteric Astrology, p. 217) Will humanity and the United Nations turn towards the northern star of Divine Purpose or will we stay mired in the status quo?

The answer lies in the choices that each of us make and in the strivings in which we engage.

Will you therefore add your focused, meditative thoughts to ensure a strengthened United Nations that is reorienting itself to the life of the Soul, thus emerging triumphant in its ability to help restore the Plan of Light and Love on Earth?

We ask those of you who live in the New York area to join us in silent meditation in the United Nations Meditation Room on Thursday, 25 October from Noon until 12:30 p.m. and for discussion outside the Meditation Room from 12:30-1:15 p.m.

Others of you who cannot join us in person, we count on your meditative thoughtforms to strengthen this work. Will you join in meditating on the [Divine] Purpose that seeks to guide the work of the United Nations on October 25th and weekly, every Friday? If you would like a copy of the meditation outline, "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity," in English, Portuguese, Polish, Russian or Spanish, please inquire. For those who may need it, this letter is also available in Spanish.

This month we are pleased to announce that this meditation will be part of a week (22-26 October) of Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns. Information about the other activities taking place during this week is posted in the following website:

Your responses to this letter, the work of the United Nations and/or the results of your work with the UN meditation outline are welcome. You may share these responses by posting them in the UN Discussion Forum or by using the e-mail address, also listed under the greeting below.

May We Recognize the Single Heartbeat Inspiring and Sustaining Our Common Purpose,

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