The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity

Judiciously Weighing Cause and Effect and
Choosing the Way of the Soul at the United Nations

Libra Solar Festival—September 2007

Unlike national governments, the United Nations does not enjoy much power in terms of resources. We only work on the basis of a higher moral ground and a very sincere, genuine commitment to engage in dialogue.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Dear Friends,

On this day that we are writing to you—Friday, September 21, 2007—many throughout the world are observing the International Day of Peace. Although, by the time you receive this message the day will have ended, we do hope that those of you who are reading this letter were somehow involved in this international effort. Of the many dedicated activities occurring around the world, we have chosen a few to share with you that will be listed at the end of this message. If you were not able to somehow observe this day this year, we hope you will be inspired by the wealth of creative and diverse possibilities listed in the links at the end of this message to participate next year. And, of course, the hope is that the International Day of Peace becomes the stepping-stone towards a year and a life of planetary peace.

Friday is also the day set aside for the use of the meditation, "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity." Peace, as we know, is an effect. It will be realized as the result of humanity's practice of right human relations, observing the Golden Rule and recognizing that we each are our brothers' and sisters' keeper. This will happen as humanity is able to free itself from the yoke or burdens created by the oppressors of the Soul—known in the East as maya, glamour and illusion and in the West as materialism, selfishness or greed and separativeness. As humanity is able to fully understand the causative nature of these burdens and their disastrous effects, so it can wisely begin choosing a Soul-centered life, resulting in the experience of true liberation. (See, for example,

There is much activity at the UN these days and therefore much to share with you. The most important of these activities this month is the plenary meeting of the Sixty-second session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, which officially opened on Tuesday, 18 September. According to tradition and protocol, the President of the General Assembly led the entire Assembly in observing a "minute of silent prayer or meditation."

World leaders from more than 150 countries are gathering in New York City to participate in what is the first Assembly for the new Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon. Mr. Ki-moon is known to frequently cite the polling data indicating that over 70 per cent of Americans support the UN, but that less than 28 per cent view it as effective. One of Ban Ki-moon's major objectives as Secretary-General is to demonstrate that the UN can be effective.

Toward this end, he has scheduled several "high-level meetings" which will be held in the early days of the General Assembly, before the general debate that begins on Tuesday, 25 September. These meetings will focus on the world's most urgent problems and it is the hope of the Secretary-General that these smaller, more focused "decision-making" meetings will inform and influence the general debate and move the UN action agenda forward on a number of major global issues, such as: Africa and the Millennium Development Goals, Supporting Peace for Darfur, Galvanizing International Support for Iraq, Resolving the Conflict in Afghanistan and the Middle East, and Confronting Global Climate Change.

For a webcast of the General Assembly, visit: Also, note the "Archives" link that will allow you to return to the webcast of past meetings.

The General Assembly will convene under the influence of the sign of Libra and its attending energies. The symbol of the scales represents Libra, which is referred to as "the place of judgment" for it is under the influence of Libra that the decision is made as to whether the aim of a particular life will be the realization of a purely self-absorbed personal life or if the aim will be the realization of the greater Spiritual and Soul-centered life. It is under the influence of Libra that the balancing of the pairs of opposites must take place and reach solution through the activity of the judicial mind. All choices and all actions produce results and the judicial mind weighs cause and effect more correctly than any other.

Because of this ability to judge and weigh, Libra also upholds the law, legislation and justice. As humanity matures, the enforcing of laws based on fear of punishment will disappear as the law will be recognized as "the custodian of a positive righteousness and not simply the instrument of enforcement." (Esoteric Astrology, p. 236)

Finally, for the purpose of this letter, we want to mention that under the Libra influence, once the decision is made to lead a spiritual, Soul-centered life, so it becomes possible for the individual and humanity alike to effectively project the inner spiritual purpose into physical expression. As within, so without; as above so below will become a realized fact.

This is the vision we hold and energize as the world Heads of State deliberate and dialogue within the body of the General Assembly. For the spiritual welfare of the world and for the benefit of humanity, may they be inspired by the energies of the Soul; May they be judicious and wise, seeking justice and equity for all; May they choose the path of Light and Love, which alone will yield the global peace for which we all long.

Working with these thought forms and these energies, we invite you this coming Wednesday, 26 September for meditation and roundtable discussion from Noon until 1:30 p.m. in the Meditation Hall of the New York Theosophical Society, located on the ground floor next to the Quest Book Store at 242 East 53rd Street in New York City. Please note the change of venue for this month's meeting and also the addition of a half-hour for the discussion.

Because of security concerns, all who are not directly participating in the General Assembly debate or the high-level meetings with Heads of State or who work at the United Nations will not be allowed access to the UN Headquarters from Monday, 24 September until Wednesday, 3 October.

We realize that thought is non-local; it travels through the ethers irrespective of physical plane boundaries and thus, as in the past, we ask those of you who live outside the New York City area to strengthen this work with the power of your Lighted thoughts, remembering the Agni Yoga wisdom, "The law is that two concordant thoughts increase the power seven times." (Leaves of Morya's Garden, Vol. II, Par. 7, Agni Yoga Society, New York)

As always, a copy of the meditation outline, "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity" is available upon request, in multiple languages.

We would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to share your thoughts on the "Spiritual Work of the United Nations" in the UN Discussion Forum and to ponder the new quote of the month and the accompanying cosmic image, which will be available on the first of the month.

Thank you for reading thus far. We count on your thoughtful, heart-centered contributions so that humanity can judiciously weigh cause and effect and choose the way of the Soul.

With all good blessings,

Aquarian Age Community
A 501(c)(3) not for-profit NGO in association with UN/DPI

The International Day of Peace

Observed yearly, 21 September

"Peace is one of humanity's most precious needs. It is also the United Nations highest calling. It defines our mission. It drives our discourse. And it draws together all of our world-wide work, from peacekeeping and preventive diplomacy to promoting human rights and development. On this International Day, let us promise to make peace not just a priority, but a passion."

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Message
for the International Day of Peace, 21 September 2007

UN International Day of Peace at the United Nations in the six languages of the UN:

For additional information, please visit the following websites: —Meditative vigil in English —Meditative vigil in Spanish —click on "Calendar" —click on "Commitments"

Message from the Journal, UN Chronicle, On-line:

The General Assembly also invites all Member States, agencies, funds, organs and programmes of the UN system, including non governmental organizations (NGOs), to honour the International Day in creative ways. Each year, it is observed at UN Headquarters with a special ceremony by the ringing of the Peace Bell, cast from coins donated by people from some 60 countries, where the Secretary-General delivers a special message before ringing the bell, asking people throughout the world to observe a minute of silence and reflect on the universal goal of peace.

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