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The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity

Divine Purpose and the Work of the United Nations

April 2006

Over bright-yoked San Francisco… where brave hopes sought consummation, where men of goodwill in free cooperation, attending the embattled birth of a planetary aspiration for peace…joined in a new project, noble to dare, against the scourge of war….

and Earth's care becomes Universe's Care… So on and on and on through the stars and the planets: …I reach out and pluck of their light and their virtues. I pluck for the healing of the nations of Earth.

The Song of the Seraph of San Francisco, Mary Esther Crump, Spring, 1945

Dear Friends,

As far back as 2600 years ago, the Buddha taught that it is a privilege to be born as a human being for only human beings have the rare opportunity of liberation through their own decisive efforts. Only human beings can achieve liberation, as He said, through a “turning-about in the deepest seat of consciousness.”

If we allow our imagination to take wing and reflect and ponder on what life on our planet would be like, and further, what our own daily experience would be like if the United Nations were to fulfill the hopes and aspirations set forth in its Charter and in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we might agree that such a realization would in fact represent a “turning-about in the deepest seat of consciousness” for humanity as a whole.

The above quoted poem reminds us that the idea of the United Nations is indeed part of a cosmic plan—a cosmic plan that would see humanity aware of its high spiritual destiny and able to more freely cooperate in bringing about the Good, the Beautiful and the True—for all life on our planet.

The Ageless Wisdom as described in the text, Esoteric Astrology, indicates that “the goal of our system during manifestation is ‘initiation or release into the air,’ so that the bird of life out of time and space can fly free.”

This month, the energies emanating from the sign of Aries are flooding our planet. These energies can help humanity give birth to “divine ideas,” which can set free the “bird of life.” According to the above text, Aries “awakens the will to reach the lowest and there control, to know the uttermost and thus to face all experience.” Cooperating with the energies of Aries are the “Forces of Restoration”, which can stimulate the human intellect. The objective of these Forces is the production of the new Earth, reflective of an inflowing new life.

The goal and purpose of these energies and Forces is further described in The Secret Doctrine, which long ago taught that “Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence, and soul is the vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of spirit, and these three are a trinity synthesized by life which pervades them all." S.D.I. 80

Becoming impressionable to these energies and to the cosmic purpose of which these energies and forces seek to awaken humanity, requires a receptive consciousness and a willingness to cooperate with spiritual intention.

We therefore invite you to join us in meditation, especially on Thursday, April 13, when the energies of Aries are at a maximum on our planet and thereafter, every Friday, using the meditation, "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity."

Reflective of this month’s opportunity “to reach the lowest and there control,” we are happy to share news with you of the UN’s recently published report, ”Portfolio of Mine Action Projects,” which describes the problem of landmines and explosive remnants of war in mine-affected countries.

You can read the report at the following website, which also includes the Secretary-General’s message on the first ever “International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action,” in the six languages of the UN: The web site also includes a section on “How to Help.”

As reported in the New York Times, on April 4th, as a result of the UN’s work, it will take perhaps a decade, rather than the previously expected hundreds of years, to get rid of the millions of land mines now strewn over the lands of 82 countries. These landmines continue to prevent millions of farmers from growing crops, children from playing outside and displaced people from returning to their homes. In the late 1990s deaths and wounds from land mines were reported to kill 26,000/year.

Reflective of the intention to “set the bird of life free, we invite you to reflect on the current Quote of the Month and ponder the accompanying exhilarating photograph of the Pleiades star cluster interacting with the comet Machholz at:

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United with you in Loving Purpose,

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