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The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity

Right Human Relations: the Hallmark of the New Group of World Servers

December 2005

In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations has stated in clear and simple terms the rights which belong equally to every person. These rights belong to you. They are your rights. Familiarize yourself with them. Help to promote and defend them for yourself as well as for your fellow human beings.

Introduction, Universal Declaration of Human Rights
(Universal Declaration of Human Rights in other languages:

The era ahead of us—under evolutionary law and the will of God—is to see the establishment of right human relations....the only ideology that will prove finally and generally effective [is] that of right human relations.

(Problems of Humanity, by Alice A. Bailey, pp. 27/30)

Dear Friends,

On 10 December 1948 humanity achieved a new and important landmark. Hailing it as "the protest of humanity against oppression," as "a positive landmark in human progress" and as "the international Magna Carta of all men everywhere," the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (For an historical account of the Declaration see,

As is true in every field of human endeavour, we can look back over the past 57 years and note how much has been achieved in this area of human rights and we can also take note of how much yet needs to be accomplished.

The esoteric wisdom indicates that the energies of this Aquarian Age into which we are moving are such that what has been envisioned as the ideal over the past 2000 some years of the Age of Pisces, out of which we are emerging, will become anchored and expressed in the day-to-day life. What was held in the abstract and in thought, will become real and tangible.

And thus, today, we understand that human rights are not simply a lovely ideal that we envision, but we recognize that human rights are an imperative and a necessary cornerstone or pillar of international security and world peace. This recognition was affirmed by Secretary-General Kofi Annan as he assessed the proceedings of the recent UN Summit:

"I think in a way we did make a sort of intellectual breakthrough at the Summit, as the Member States accepted, or acknowledged, for the first time the indivisible links between security, development and human rights....It was clear that security cannot be enjoyed without development, that development cannot be enjoyed without security, and neither can be enjoyed without respect for human rights."

This recognition is also exemplified in the world focus on the eight Millennium Development Goals—a set of precise Goals that commit the international community to improving the quality of all human life on the planet. (For information on these Goals in English, French and Spanish:

Thus, this month, in continuing to honor and celebrate the upcoming Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers—a cyclical opportunity that occurs every seven years, we are pleased to welcome Iris Spellings who will address the theme of "Right Human Relations: the Hallmark of the New Group of World Servers."

Please join us, either in person or subjectively to add your contribution to the pool of lighted energies as together we will contemplate the above theme and meditate on “The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity.” Please feel free to request the meditation outline available in Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and in English.

As we have noted at other times, the seven year cycle is an important spiritual cycle. Some lives change their rhythm and mode of activity every seven years and the esoteric wisdom indicates that it is at age seven that the Soul "takes hold" of its instrument, the personality and again, in a more comprehensive way at future seven year periods.

In that this meditation initiative, focusing on "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity" has reached its seven year mark, having been initiated in the Fall of 1998, we thought it might be encouraging and inspiring to note the many newly formed groups and activities of which we are aware that have been initiated over the past seven years, which today focus on the spiritual work of the United Nations. Along with web site addresses, these are listed at the end of this letter. We welcome news about other activities/projects with which you are familiar.

At this seven year mark, we also wish to announce a new mode of activity for this meditation initiative that will begin in the new year. Because many of you who meditate on and subjectively support the spiritual work of the United Nations live outside of the New York City area, we are working to create a reflection and contemplation web forum where you will be able to share your thoughts and planned activities evolving out of your reflective meditations on the spiritual work of the United Nations.

We will continue to send out this monthly e-letter, focusing on a new theme each month and we will continue to hold physical plane meetings at propitious times, sending you enough advance notice so that those of you who are able to travel to the New York City can join us.

At the end of this letter you will also find further information on activities planned for the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers—in New York, London and Geneva.

This month we are working with the cosmic energies coming from the sign of Sagittarius and we leave you with the following information regarding this fiery sign: "In Sagittarius, the intellect which has been developed, used and finally illumined, becomes sensitive to a still higher type of mental experience and to this we give the name of intuitive perception. There come flashes of light upon problems; a distant yet possible vision of attainment is seen; ....[the individual] walks no longer in the dark, for he[/she] sees what he/[she] has to do and ...therefore makes rapid progress and travels fast upon the Way." (the Tibetan Master in Esoteric Astrology, by Alice A. Bailey)

We wish each of you light-filled, joyous holidays, full of all which is sacred to you and a Blessed, Happy New Year!

In loving service,

Aquarian Age Community
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