The Spiritual Work of the United Nations:
Building a Planetary Consciousness

Thursday, October 21, 1999, 3-5:30 p.m.


Led by Ida Urso

The opening guided meditation is based on the raja yoga method of meditation. This is basically a method of focusing the mind and all one's energies on a chosen seed thought. Over time this concentration begins to qualify one's life and eventually, one's environment. So, as we focus on the concept of light, for example, over time, we become qualified by our understanding of light and we then radiate that understanding into our environment.

The meditation that we will be using includes three mantras that everyone is invited to sound out loud. The last one-the Great Invocation-includes two terms that I'd like to explain. One is "men," a word derived from the ancient Sanskrit term, manas which means the mind-a positive and therefore masculine principle relative to the more receptive and feminine principle of the Soul or Higher Self.

The other term is Christ, which is one way of referring to the World Spiritual Teacher recognized and known by many additional names such as the Thinker, the True Aquarian, the Bodhisattva, etc. If you prefer, please substitute the name with which you are comfortable.

The purpose behind this and the other mantras is to consciously and with full intent invoke the energies of light, love and the will-to-good and some of you may prefer to silently do that. However, there is benefit to the use of the voice and to collectively sounding an invocation. So, for those who are comfortable with it, we invite you to sound them out loud. We'll end by sounding three times the sacred word, OM that symbolizes the union of spirit and matter.

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