The Spiritual Work of the United Nations:
Building a Planetary Consciousness

Thursday, October 21, 1999, 3-5:30 p.m.


Planetary Consciousness, Spirituality and Economic Development Alfredo Sfeir-Younis, Special Representative to the United Nations

Alfredo is a citizen of Chile who has been working at the World Bank for the last 23 years. Now he is the Special Representative of the Bank at the UN. Unfortunately, he is moving now to Geneva where he will, in addition to the UN, be the Special Representative to the WTO. Alfredo has been working on the spiritual dimensions of economic thinking for a long time and he is not an unknown person here at the UN. His interest in economics and peace are to be noted. Recently he got an International Peace Award, as A Lifetime Ambassador of Peace.

The Development and Expression of Planetary Consciousness Deborah Moldow, World Peace Prayer Society

Deborah is the Director of the New York world headquarters of the World Peace Prayer Society, as well as its Representative to the United Nations. At the UN, she has served as chair of the Values Caucus (which she currently co-chairs) for four years. In her personal life, Deborah is an ordained interfaith minister, and she is also currently assisting in the birth of the United Religions Initiative.

Creating a United Nations Spiritual Forum Luciano Meira, Legion of Goodwill

Luciano is the Director of the NY office for the Legion of Goodwill. He's assistant to the spiritual teacher Paiva Netto. The Legion is one of the largest non-profit organizations in South America which is serving 4 million needy people a year.