The Spiritual Work of the United Nations:
Building a Planetary Consciousness

Thursday, October 21, 1999, 3-5:30 p.m.


By Deborah Moldow, World Peace Prayer Society

Recognition of two special people:
Dr. Wally N'Dow of UNDP and S-G of Habitat II Conference
Serves as bridge between NGOs and UN
Sees need to include spiritual dimension at UN

Avon Mattison originally invited to speak
Founder of Pathways to Peace
Spear-headed the "We The Peoples" Initiative
Direct vision of planetary consciousness over 15 years

Planetary Consciousness - what does it mean?
Gaia Hypothesis - are we cells within a living planetary body?
Mystical teaching: "as above, so below"

Deepak Chopra - consciousness resides in each cell
As we develop our consciousness, we add to that of the planet.

Sister Miriam Therese MacGillis of Genesis Farm:
Evolution of universe from divine spark of programming
Unfoldment of conditions according to natural law
Conscious beings, gradually becoming aware of our powers
Planet has been on "automatic pilot," but now we are taking controls
Need to learn wise use of our powers
At this moment - given extraordinary gifts to make a great shift

New Millennium
Opportunity for a clean slate, for a whole new way of being - if we consciously choose it
Can be a rite of passage into human adulthood
2000 years ago, awakened planetary consciousness not possible
Sharing of feelings bringing us into sense of human family
Now shared sadness (Princess Di), shared fears (nuclear destruction)
Shared love - movie stars, Dalai Lama

Next step: love & appreciation of all people, plants & animals
Early eras - tribal identity
Modern era - individualism
Next era: universal responsibility

Instruments of Planetary Consciousness

1.United Nations (which I'll address later)

2.The Interfaith Movement:
Enormous importance of joining at the heart level across boundaries
Conferences such as Parliament of the World's Religions,
Important Millennium World Peace Summit at UN,
The United Religions Initiative - grassroots level
Prayer "May Peace Prevail on Earth"

3. The Internet:
Widespread grassroots communication and exchange
Global prayer and meditation events
Also alerts for mobilizing public opinion

The UN
Codification of trans-national values and standards
Documents: Charter, Univ. Declaration. of Human Rights, conferences
Practices - democracy, women working alongside of men
Networking base - for governments and NGOs
NGO committees, caucuses, Millennium Forum
Idea of creating a Spiritual Forum (Luciano will address)
The Culture of Peace initiative:

The Culture of Peace is an easily accepted term for the transformation of planetary consciousness
Endorsed by the UN, but up to us to make it happen
Commitment 2000 - Appeal of the Nobel Peace Laureates
A simple global ethic
Special role of DPI NGOs to get the word out
Everyone can see our own work in the context of how it helps create a Culture of Peace

The Development of Planetary Consciousness is in our hands
As we succeed, we will know it by its expression as love, compassion, justice, sharing, abundance - in other words, a Culture of Peace
As above, so below: let us manifest heaven on our beautiful planet

May Peace Prevail on Earth!