The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Spiritual Welfare of the Planet
The Promise of the New Millennium: Revelation of the Soul in Humanity

Thursday, April 1, 1999


What Is the Spiritual Purpose of the United Nations? Dorothy R. Tilson

What Opportunities Can the UN Offer Humanity? Deborah Moldow

How Can We Better Fulfill the Spiritual Purpose of the UN? Prof. Ewert Cousins

What Is the Spiritual Purpose of the United Nations?

Transcript of the Presentation by Dorothy Tilson

I believe all of us here today are aware of the vast struggle encountered as the Charter of the United Nations was being wrought out. The world then in 1945 was still at war. However, after much severe birthing sufferance, the United Nations has emerged as the spiritual energy center of humanity. "The disruption, disintegration and the completely chaotic conditions existing for the past five hundred years have at last worked their way out," but we still have a long way to go.

There are many facets when considering world problems, but let us take a plunge and go on a visualization journey together. Let us visualize a wheel-a bicycle wheel, a wagon wheel-see its hub, the many spokes and the outer rim. Let us envision the United Nations at its center as the hub, the many nations including its many individual members and groups of people as the spokes, and all joined together through communication at the rim. Let us look at the condition of this wheel today. Although we have made much progress we are still looking at many cleavages. The spokes of nations are somewhat twisted as some nations try to impose their will on others; or the spokes of nations are bent through internal strife. The rim is somewhat bent and broken as communication of nations is disrupted through their frailties of fear, greed, hatreds, etc. The central hub-the focussed energy center-the United Nations itself is flawed through the entrance of totalitarian and separative thinking of some nations. And then there is the imperfect flow of communication between the hub-the United Nations, and the spokes-the nations. Therefore we are looking at a rather imperfect wheel.

What can we do about this? One thing we can do, no matter where we live, is help the United Nations build and increase the energy at the center so that it is a more focussed power-so that it can radiate more strongly throughout the nations and, in return magnetically attract nations to greater cooperation. Each one of us is given the power of meditation. We should learn to use this power, and envision a greater central energy focussed within the General Assembly of the United Nations, radiating throughout the world.

So let us go on another visualization journey. Let us visualize a more ideal scenario for our wheel. Let us see the central hub, which is the United Nations as being in complete integration internally, fulfilling its spiritual purpose-can we also say relationship purpose-in relation to its deep spiritual inner center, and in relation to all of us existing on earth. Imagine all members of humanity in closer contact with the United Nations. From this central power penetrating the nation spokes, a greater security for all peoples on earth can become a reality. As the spokes are straightened and strengthened, people living in peace and economic security can be free from the fear of war, and be able to pursue their potential creative expression. With the rim in perfect shape all peoples on earth can visit and communicate freely with each other, and as the UN Charter states, "practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbors..."

As Kofi Annan commented in his address to the Council of Foreign Relations in January 1999: "For the United Nations, the challenges that lie ahead are humanity's challenges-to secure peace, to defeat poverty, to protect human rights, and to widen the circle of freedom so no one-regardless of color, nationality or belief-is denied the chance to lead a life of their own choice."

May we say that this scenario connotes a more perfect expression of the spiritual purpose of the United Nations-this more perfected wheel moving as One towards its destined purpose. And what is this purpose? As the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, has stated, "When the United Nations has emerged into factual and actual power, the welfare of the world will then be assured. What is that welfare but love in action? What are right human relations but love among men, groups and nations? What is international cooperation but love on a world scale?"

Therefore, let the United Nations become the eye of the wheel-and the eye of humanity-let it help each one of us attain a new world and spatial mind-set-let us all look forward to "the best that is yet to come." Thank you.

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1 Professor Ewert Cousins of Fordham University and Deborah Moldow of the World Peace Prayer Society also addressed the group. As they did not speak from a written text, a transcript of their remarks was not available. A brief summary of their remarks is included in the summary of the meeting that follows.

What Opportunities Can the UN Offer Humanity?

Summary Notes of the Presentation by Deborah Moldow

Second speaker, Deborah Moldow of World Peace Prayer Society and also an interfaith minister, reminded us that this was the first day of Passover which calls to mind the traditional reading at the Seder table from the book of Abraham. Abraham recounts how the Jews first developed the idea of "the one God". Deborah identified this as "the first global thought". She then spoke of the UN as the birth of the new era of global awareness: 25 years before the photo of earth hanging in space was taken - the icon of global awareness-the UN had already precipitated the idea. So this speaker identified the first purpose of the UN as, "To express the consciousness of the one world." She spoke of the success of the UN in the fields of human rights, development, children, and in the prevention of conflicts. Once conflicts break out, the UN is not so successful and this has to do with what the UN was set up to do: transfer the scene of conflict resolution from the battlefield to the conference table. She identified another purpose of the UN as caring for one another: "When global consciousness is expressed we take care of one another, we don't hurt one another." The UN has become the repository of our highest human values, she said. She then described the history of humanity's warfare as a perverted means of getting to know one another. That is, after conflicts die down and integration occurs between victor and vanquished, the newly combined group then turns to another groups of "others," wages war, gets to know them, etc. etc. Now we're at the point where people recognize the absurdity of going on in this fashion, hence the UN. She then referred back to Dorothy's opening talk and the image of the wheel and said that "spirit is the spoke at the center of the hub". The recognition of the importance of getting to know one another via peaceful, rational, intelligent means is exemplified also by the United Religions Initiative, she said. "The subject of religion and spirituality is being brought up in relation to the UN and it's about time."

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How Can We Better Fulfill the Spiritual Purpose of the UN?

Summary Notes of the Presentation by Prof. Ewert Cousins

Speaker Prof. Ewert Cousins of the World Commission on Spirituality organized by Robert Muller, also teaches religion/philosophy at Fordham University. He began by explaining that in 1975 the Temple of Understanding invited him to oversee part of a five-day conference it was hosting at the United Nations in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the United Nations. "Since then I think my spirituality has been shaped by the UN." He spoke of a 4-5 year period working with Native Americans and how one summer he felt his consciousness go out of his head and into the consciousness of the Sioux (Lakota)-a mind expanding experience whereby he could then understand the Lakota "from the inside". Another major influence for him was Teilhard de Chardin. He also spoke of Teilhard's influence on the work of Mr. de Breuverie, an early leader of the UN's economic development program. Prof. Cousins recounted how Teilhard de Chardin and Mr. De Breuverie roomed together and how Teilhard's influence helped him develop a global perspective and helped him see the larger purpose of the UN. Prof. Cousins seemed to be saying that we can better fulfill the purpose of the UN by exposing its leaders to points of view they may not otherwise come across in their everyday lives. He also spoke about his friendship with Robert Muller and what he has learned from Dr. Muller about the work of the UN.

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