The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Spiritual Welfare of the Planet
The Promise of the New Millennium: Revelation of the Soul in Humanity

Thursday, April 1, 1999


"We can only succeed in achieving world peace if there is a spiritual
renaissance on this planet
." Dag Hammarskjöld

Welcome friends. We are like Brothers and Sisters because we know we have such similar commitments. Many of us came to the United Nations inspired from within. Most of us here and many others focused on the UN system have felt the spiritual urge to come forward. What usually occurs is that we then need to translate that inner understanding into a mental perspective and lend our support to common causes and mutual concerns. There are even many individuals working within the system that also have a sense of a spiritual calling. The question is how do we honor the importance of this spiritual calling and begin to demystify the spiritual experience into common knowingness?

To begin with we can recognize that we are all Spiritual Beings in a human body. With this acknowledgement we collectively can experience with meditation and prayer that which encompasses energetic unity. To initiate this common unification, remembering that we are spiritual beings at the core of the self, we then can easily pursue the exploration of our cultural and hereditary differences. This process, from a common spiritual remembering, allows us to avoid creating separation and fragmentation. We can then begin to reflect on the external questions posed by life such as "What is the spiritual purpose of the United Nations?" and accept more easily differing perspectives. The possibility of differences leads to building a synergistic understanding, which validates holism. In discovering our world as a global society, we seek holism and reflect on humankind .

Nina Lynn Meyerhof

* * * * * * * * * *

Welcome and thank you for being here. Although signs of change exist on every hand, the focus of our modern life is yet overwhelmingly one of materialism. The physical plane holds us captive and enthralled. Many, if not most, within our modern society yet consider this plane as the ultimate, if not the only reality. Fortunately, as we can see from those of us gathered here today, great numbers of us are beginning to respond to a different vibration.

Many have been the Wisdom Teachers who have come forth in various places throughout the world and at different times in our history-all pointing the way to a more inclusive and lofty reality.

The sacred teachings these Teachers have left with us makes up what has been referred to as the esoteric wisdom, the Sacred Mysteries and the Ageless Wisdom. In this literature seven planes or levels of consciousness are described and each of these seven levels are themselves subdivided into seven additional levels.

What we normally refer to as life, is here described as experience in the three lowest levels of the seventh subdivision of the seventh and lowest plane of consciousness. That is, most of us are aware of and function on the physical, the emotional and the mental plane of the seventh Cosmic Physical plane.

What does that mean to us? It means that much more is possible to us, and many are the wise, illumined beings who have realized the possibilities and asked us to search them out.

So, our theme today is the Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Spiritual Welfare of the Planet. The promise of the new millennium is the revelation of the Soul in humanity.

There is really no way for us to resolve our many global problems and issues unless we are willing to recognize the inner spiritual essence and accept the true and lasting authority of the Soul-the divine essence at the heart of each human being.

What is meant by spirituality? Everyone here I think will have his or own definition. I would like to offer the thought that spirituality refers to the divine spark within each human being-the divine spark that creates the individual consciousness. It is that divine spark which connects the whole of humanity and makes of us as brothers and sisters, creating the family of humanity.

It is the spiritual which houses the good, the true and the beautiful.

And, Spiritual values are qualified by ever-widening horizons, synthesis, growth and wholeness, greater vision, understanding and integration.

There is no need for me to stress the importance of spirituality with this audience. We all know that it is the spiritual which impulses the whole of life, and even upon hearing or seeing the word, "spirituality," immediately we are put in contact with a part of ourselves that we normally don't experience. Yet, spirituality is rarely acknowledged or invited into our discussions, let alone even considered as the solution to our many global problems.

So, my hope is that we can be more open about discussing spirituality, inviting it into all our discourses and exploring it-in a thorough and scientific way, just as we have done with the outer, physical and material plane.

I would also like to suggest that spirituality is not synonymous with religion. Although we can express spirituality through our practice of a particular religion, I think spirituality impacts and encompasses the whole of life.

We know that without the physical sun, the world would be a dark, cold, dead place. Without the Soul-the heart of the inner spiritual wisdom-the inner sun, if you will, the world is full of psychological darkness in the form of ignorance, conflict and war.

The renaissance or resurrection that is needed today is for the liberation of the spiritual essence within the heart of each one of us.

We look upon today's event as an opportunity for sharing. We are eager to experience your contribution through the meditations and to hear from you via the group and plenary discussions.

Ida Urso

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