The Spirit of the United Nations: Universal Harmony through Rapprochement

The Imperative Need for a Transformation of Consciousness*

Thursday, October 28th

1:30-3:30 p.m.


 UN Foundation Conference Room, 13th Floor, Suite 1300

801 Second Avenue, New York, New York

(Between 42nd and 43rd Streets)



AGENDA—and Links to the Available Transcripts


“We can only succeed in achieving world peace if there is a spiritual renaissance on this planet."

Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld, 1953-1961



  1. I.  Moment of Silence and Welcome 

  1. II.  Panel Presentations 

A.   Keynote Address:  UNESCO's Strategy for Building a Framework for Commonly Shared Values
            Philippe Kridelka, Director NY Office and UNESCO Representative to the United Nations 


  1. B.  The Universal Spiritual Values at the Heart of the Millennium Development Goals 

Danilo Parmegiani, Co-Chair, Working Group, Spiritual Dimensions of Science & Consciousness


  1. C.  Arriving at Universal Values through the Science of Meditation 

Ida Urso, Ph.D., Co-Chair, Working Group, Spiritual Dimensions of Science & Consciousness


  1. III.   Audience Participation with Global Links—Facilitated by Susan MacNeil, Ph.D. 

  1. IV.  Premiere of the DVD: The Great Invocation in the Six Official Languages of the United Nations 

(Write to, for information about this DVD)

  1. V. Meditation (Write to for information about using meditation to support the spiritual work of the United Nations.) 


  1. VI.  Closing

Audience Participation Questions


 1. What would a transformation of consciousness look like and how would such a transformation affect the work of the United Nations and life on our planet?

(Global Link Response: Dr. Cornelia Schaum, Hamburg, Germany)



2. "We are the ones we are waiting for.”  What actions must we take to develop a higher, more inclusive consciousness?

(Global Link Response:  Dr. Suzana Jovcevska, Skopje, Macedonia)



3. What can we do in all departments of life, such as Education, Religion and Politics to inspire a higher level of consciousness for future generations?

(Global Link Response: Mintze van der Velde, Sainte-Gemme, France)



4. How can UNESCO and the UN Community lead in this transformation process?  

How can we help?


*This Seminar was sponsored by the Working Group, The Spiritual Dimensions of Science and Consciousness.  For further information, please read the transcript of the “Welcome” remarks.



The Spiritual Dimensions of Science and Consciousness; Evolving Mission Statement

Recognizing that a problem cannot be solved at the same level at which it was created and that a higher, more inclusive and synthetic consciousness is required; and, recognizing that violence and hatred are not eliminated by further violence and hatred, but by love, we understand that the spiritual dimension must be brought to bear on the global problems that the United Nations was created to solve.  


Further recognizing that “We the peoples of the United Nations [are]…determined to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom” (from the Preamble of the Charter of the United Nations), we realize that this larger freedom resides in the higher levels of consciousness possible to all who strive to attain them.  That is, world transformation is the result of individual transformation.  Thus, we encourage personal striving and the daily practice of chosen spiritual disciplines. The greater the number of individuals who strive to thus attain, the more likely we are to attain the planetary vision, as set forth within the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  For this we work.

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