Using Meditation to Support the Work of the United Nations

Seminar; Saturday, February 7, 2004; 2-4:30 P.M.


"We need to do everything we can to improve the United nations—that is, to make it more useful to the world's peoples, in whose name it was founded, and more exemplary in applying the universal values that all its members claim to accept." Secretary-General Kofi Annan

Good afternoon friends and thank you so much for being here this afternoon. We very much appreciate your participation in this relatively new and experiential initiative that we refer to as "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity." I specifically like using the word initiative for this project because this word has the same root as the word, "initiating." And, that is what we intend: the carving of a path into a new way of life—one that is more lovingly reasoned and ever-conscious of the need to manifest the Good, the Beautiful and the True.

Energy Follows Thought. It is an ancient dictum, which used to be taught in the elite Mystery Schools of the past, but which in the Aquarian Age will be widely understood and consciously practiced. The Master M in the books of the Agni Yoga Society articulates this same concept by saying that "When humanity fills the space with its quests, space responds by sending the higher energies." Infinity II (441)

And further, "Each epoch has its own call." And, it is "the power of thought" that is the evocative principle of this evolving New Age. Signs of Agni Yoga (101)

And that will be the subject of Kathy Newburn's talk in the next while. First, we need to consider why it is that we would expend so much of our vital thought power in meditation to support the work of the United Nations. And, that is my role this afternoon—to take a look at the relationship between the United nations and the destiny of humanity.

Ida Urso

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