The Eternal Plan of Love and Light
the Work of the United Nations

Thursday, May 18, 2000, 3-6:00 p.m.

Small Group Discussions-Introduction

Dr. Nina Lynn Meyerhoff

(Dr. Meyerhoff is the President of the Children of the Earth. She is presently focusing her efforts on the voice of children in designing a better future and the establishment of a Spiritual World Forum as a permanent structure to examine and resolve global issues.)

I think it's very interesting the connection we've had in the buildup to this point because we have three questions and we want to break up into small groups to have our own input into these questions-but the questions are posed as a challenge to each participant. And for me the challenge really is how do we come into a circle to assert not our opinion but, rather, build a collective whole. If we believe in this concept that we're building a culture of peace, that we are these pieces; we are "beings of peace"-how do we experience what that means and model that for ourselves and others? We need to begin to experience ourselves as "beings of peace," to work on actualizing this, learn from this and move on this. So as we look at these three questions, I think it behooves us to look at how we integrate everybody's experience and understand that truth comes from wholeness-and then experience what we are collectively. We can bring that experience back into the plenary and discuss it further. So, if we could take this opportunity to attempt to do this and to do this in a new fashion, rather than just in terms of self-expression and the 'win-lose' concept, but much more how do we hear each other, bring each other together and understand that every person has some truth within their expression? That would be really wonderful.

I would like to suggest that we get into groups of six or eight people, that you take this sheet-you see the three questions-that you divide the three questions up into 20 minutes apiece, have somebody that records the discussion and that then we bring it back to the whole group.

  1. What Keeps Us as Individuals, Groups and Organizations from Expressing & Actualizing the Highest Good that We Know?
  2. How Does this Impact the Work of the United Nations?
  3. What One Action Can I as an Individual, as Part of My Group, and/or Organization Pledge to Accomplish to Help the UN Realize & Fulfill Its Spiritual Objectives & Goals?

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