The Eternal Plan of Love and Light
the Work of the United Nations

Thursday, May 18, 2000, 3-6:00 p.m.

A Response to the Meeting from an Interested Person Who Could not Be Present


There is a note so pure that no ear that is made of earth can hear it; yet, every life tunes itself to it. It makes no ripple in the fabric of air, so gentle and delicate; yet, it moves mountains without our notice. It is so quiet that no device can find it; yet, the infinite universe resounds within its harmony.

The note is purity. The wonder of this note is its presence within the innermost heart of the human being.

Symphonic and majestic are human relationships based on this note. The orchestra of life is played with unending variations on fundamental themes. Each new being comes with the capacity to join in the chorus. Each new moment brings new possibilities. The fundamental themes are God's beautiful attributes placed in the human being as the great treasures of compassion, patience, justice, duty, and thousands of others, all within the scale of goodness.

When we live within the harmony of God's formless note of love the resonance of that tuning can be felt by all who have that sacred divine instrument to listen.

In celebration of that listening, we have gathered here. In celebration of that mystery and majesty we have gathered here. In celebration of being able to share in that note of love, we have gathered here.

May God make us worthy to gather and share love. For that love is purity. Purity is our way. Ameen.

The life lived within that purity is the life awakened into the fullness of meaning. Everything will change except what we discover within that purity. Where the heart is pure there is a permanent and most precious light.

That light of wisdom awakens us to remember to keep God's qualities as our focus. We are reminded through the examples of the blessed Prophets of God (may peace be upon them), by numerous Qutbs, saints, illuminated Sheikhs, and more numerous hidden servants who toil for others without recognition by the eyes of the world. I was blessed to be reminded by His Holiness Bawa Muhaiyaddeen. That awakened light of wisdom remembers its source as God, remembers our goal as God, and remembers reality as God. That remembrance tunes the heart to its source.

In this life there is heaven and hell; the difference is love.

To know the one note hidden in all moments, in all beings, in all sounds, is a secret that cannot be shown in its essence. It can and must be demonstrated in how we live.

May our gathering in this world, in this time together, in this life together, be filled with the love of truth, the purity of the light of wisdom, and the surrender to God's grace. May we become those who help others remember. May we demonstrate through love that there is One. May this good intention and all the unstated good intentions of the Guide be showered upon you and may your hearts forever sing with gratitude. Ameen. May God's grace tune us in His beauty. All praises are to God. Ameen.

With Deep Love, God's Peace be with you,
Ahamed Muhaiyaddeen (Jonathan Granoff)