The Eternal Plan of Love and Light
the Work of the United Nations

Thursday, May 18, 2000, 3-6:00 p.m.

Welcome and Introduction*

Dr. Ida Urso

Welcome friends and thank you for coming. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Ida Urso and I am most pleased to welcome you and I'm delighted that so many of you have chosen to help us consider the work of the United Nations in context of the Eternal Plan of Love and Light.

There are many who could not be here today but who are linking up with us mentally-joining us in meditation and sending us their subjective support- that I would like to take a moment to acknowledge them. We know of individuals and groups who are joining us in New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, up and down the state of California, and elsewhere throughout the United States. These individuals and groups join us in the recognition of the existing symbiotic relationship between the Plan of Love and Light and the goals and objectives of the United Nations.

I also want to acknowledge and thank our guest speakers including Dr. Wally N'Dow. Dr. N'Dow has not only agreed to share with us his wisdom arising from his long years of service at the UN, but his good office-the State of the World Forum, 2000-is co-sponsor of this program, making it possible for us to meet in this very elegant setting.

As the dream that arose from a nightmare, the United Nations gave hope to the world at a time when people were in despair. Pronouncing an end to the scourge of war and envisioning a world of justice, peace and progress for all peoples of the earth, the United Nations has been called humanity's most far-sighted and significant undertaking.

As most of us in here realize, it was on April 25, 1945 that delegates from 50 nations, met in San Francisco for a conference known officially as the United Nations Conference on International Organization.

Appalled at the atrocities they had witnessed and the hell they had undergone, their mission was to create an organization that would forever end the scourge of war and serve as a mechanism for future peace.

On the occasion of that first conference, Mary Esther Crump, a friend of an ABC radio correspondent who was doing an hour-to-hour reporting from San Francisco was so inspired by the accounting of the intended vision and plans being discussed that she wrote a poem entitled "The Song of the Seraph of San Francisco." I would like to read just a few lines from that poem:

"…and now, approaching our planet's night,
one of the Lord God's Seraphim
comes, Ambassador sent from Him,
to implement a cosmic Plan
in behalf of the Family of Man."

The Ageless Wisdom tells us that even the Lord Buddha, the Lord of Wisdom as well as the Christ, the Lord of Love for our planet were lending their energies and their support at that critical time in our planet's history.

The precarious, touch and go nature of that conference is described by a U.S. delegate to that conference who tells us that, "the cynics, the negators, the doubters, [and] the Armageddonites, among the public and...the media, were strident in their assertions that the 50 nations could never be brought to agreement and that a third world war by 1970 or 1975 was inevitable". He then gives the following account of how the tide was turned:

"As we began...regular explanations to the media and to nongovernmental representatives who increasingly came to San Francisco, public sentiment began to swing in a hopeful manner. Virginia Gildersleeve, one of the eight-member delegation from the United States, came forward with the preamble concept of 'We the People'. [From then on] progress in our work and in public opinion accelerated to the point where all 50 delegations agreed unanimously and signed the 10,000 word Charter on June 26. (Harold Stassen, New Realities Conference, 1993)

The chaos, uncertainty and conflict swirling around that conference are with us yet today. These forces arrayed against the UN-both from within and outside of this body seek to eclipse, thwart and render impotent its objectives and goals. These forces of separativeness, selfishness and greed are the common enemies of humanity. These are the common enemies that would obscure and resist the working out of the Plan of Love and Light.

The Eternal Plan of Love and Light-Our guest speakers will shortly address this subject, but I would like to make a few introductory remarks. The original Plan of Love and Light is symbolically referred to in the Bible as the Garden of Eden. And, as far back as some say 11,000 years ago, the Ancient Sage and Teacher, Patanjali, wrote down the sacred Teachings in the form of 195 Sutras that when practiced would transform the individual and insure the implementation of the Plan of Love and Light. That Plan calls upon humanity to express Love and it challenges us to "let our light shine."

Within the Ageless wisdom the collective center humanity is known as a Lotus Bud. Since the dawn of humanity only three petals of this Lotus Bud have opened-all having to do with our intelligence capacity. It has been prophesied that because of humanity's long evolutionary journey and the inspiration from the energies now available on our planet, humanity is beginning to open one of the inner petals of that lotus-the inner petal of love.

What does that mean? Love inspires cooperation, unity, and universality. In its true and deepest sense it is pure reason because it brings with it an indisputable recognition and understanding of the connection and in fact, interchangeableness of "I & Thou."

The goals and objectives of the UN as set forth in the Charter and in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are the very same goals of all the spiritual traditions of all time on our planet. The success and full functioning of the United Nations as set forth in these documents is the fulfillment of the hopes of all people of goodwill not only of today, but of all time. We live in an unprecedented time. Because of the energies now available on our planet and because of the growing maturity of humanity, these goals and hopes can now actually be realized.

In his report to the Millennium Assembly, Secretary-General, Kofi Annan states that the UN Charter is written in the name of "we the peoples". As he indicates, ultimately, it exists for, and must serve, the needs and hopes of people everywhere.

The suffering, deprivation, anxiety and distress within humanity can only be reversed as each of us seeks to implement the Plan of Love and Light.

Let us now turn to the agenda before you: As you will notice, after the opening meditation, we'll hear from three guest speakers who will soon be introduced to you by my colleague and friend, Iris Spellings. They'll share their thinking with us around three different aspects of our theme and by so doing spark and inspire our own thoughts around today's theme. Each one of us then will have the opportunity to carry forth the work as we break into small groups and consider the suggested questions written on the agenda. Nina Lynn Meyerhof, another colleague and friend, will walk us through this part of the program. The results of the small group discussions will then be shared in plenary. We'll end with a few closing remarks and a brief closing meditation led by Julia Grindon-Welch of the Brahma Kumaris.

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