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March 2017

A manifestation must be understood as evidence not to the eye but to the consciousness.  In this lies the difference between your and Our understanding.  What you call a fact is a result, whereas We can discern the true fact, invisible to you.      
A blind one judges lightning by the thunder, but one who sees is not afraid of thunder.  Thus, it is necessary to learn to distinguish true facts from their effects.      
When We speak about a destined event We see its true origin; but whoever will judge according to visible effects only will be behindhand in his judgment.  When We say, "Go against evidence,” We mean, "Do not fall under the illusion of transitory events.”   One must clearly distinguish the past from the future. Indeed, humanity suffers from this lack of discernment, whirling around in the illusions of effects.      
A creative spark is contained in the process of an event, but not in its effects.  Occupied with effects, humanity is like a blind man who can sense the thunder only.  It is possible to set forth a distinction between those who judge by events and those who judge by effects.      
Speak to your friends that they should learn to observe the real according to the outbreak of the events.  Otherwise they remain readers of a newspaper edited by a knave.      
Strain the consciousness to grasp the starting point of events, if you wish to be associated with the evolution of the world.  One can name numberless examples of pitiful, culpable and tragic misunderstandings, as a result of which dates were jumbled.      
The oak grows from the acorn under the earth, but the fool notices it only when he stumbles over it.  Many stumblings sully the earth's crust.  Enough of errors and lack of understanding in the hour of world tension!      
It must be understood how carefully must one expend energy.  It must be understood that only the right doors will lead into the chamber of the Common Good.    

New Era Community, par. 77, Agni Yoga Society, New York.

February 2017

A point arises here which is one of real moment or perhaps, I should say that a question might here be asked:  How does it happen that one tiny non-sacred planet should be considered of such importance that these Lives should be concerned with the unfoldment of mind in humanity?  The answer is that they are not.  It is humanity which—under the urge of great inflowing and outflowing energies—is concerned with the problem of mental development.  In the last analysis, the problem of response to and interpretation of the environing contacts is one which is to be found on every planet and particularly upon the non-sacred planets.  This response must be evoked, not only in the fourth kingdom in nature but in all the kingdoms.  Our solar system is one in which sensitivity to contact is the dominant quality; it is in process of becoming cosmically aware; it is driven by need and environing cosmic circumstance to develop love-wisdom and both these words are descriptive and expressive of the consciousness aspect.  Love is response to contact and this—in the human being—means understanding, inclusiveness and identification.  Wisdom connotes skill in action as the result of developed love and the light of understanding; it is awareness of requirements and ability to bring together into a fused relationship the need and that which will meet it.  Service is essentially a scientific mode of expressing love-wisdom under the influence of one or other of the seven rays, according to the soul ray of the serving disciple.  The whole problem is one concerning our planetary Logos.  It might be said (in order to make our theme comprehensible to you) that the evolutionary process—from the standpoint of the ordinary human being—is to make the non-sacred planet, our Earth, responsive to cosmic impacts thus bringing more inter-related and inner integration into the logoic body of expression.  There are other purposes but it is only after the third initiation that a man begins to comprehend them.   

Esoteric Astrology, pp. 493-494.

January 2017

Urusvati knows how lightminded many people are about their own state of readiness. One would think that there exists a great number of heroes ready for self-sacrificing podvig.    

Readiness can be flaming, or can be lukewarm. The lukewarm people cheat not only those around them, but also themselves. They do not even notice their own lies, and thus worsen their condition. Truly, it is better for those who acknowledge their unreadiness; at least they can improve themselves. But the cunning one and the boaster close off the path of advancement. Thus, We must constantly remind you about the state of readiness. It alone gives one courage for overcoming all obstacles.   

Many speak of their readiness to work with Us, but at the first sign of difficulty they retreat in cowardice. One of the main causes for this is a lack of understanding of the meaning of life. They do not ponder upon the Supermundane Infinity, and are chained to the earthly mirage. Just as a horse kept always in a corral loses the ability to race, so also does the prisoner of Earth lose the ability for rapid advancement.    

Thus, when I speak of readiness, I am reminding you about advancement. One should be ever ready for podvig. One must think much about podvig, before putting it into action. It must first be performed mentally, and thought about with such conviction that its implementation in life is unavoidable. Only thus is that living cooperation, about which so many words have been spoken, created.   

The Thinker said, “Do you not think that lukewarm readiness is like one drop of nectar diluted by an entire sea?”   

Supermundane IV, par. 701, Agni Yoga Society, NY.

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