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December 2016

he first of the methods which will lead to the eventual physical reappearance of the Christ has already been set in motion; disciples and initiates in all lands are starting the work preparatory to the outpouring of the Christ spiritual force, leading to the awakening of the Christ consciousness (as it is usually called) in the hearts of men. 
This outpouring will come as the result of three activities:    

1. The work and the teaching of the trained disciples and initiates, as each of them, in his own way, points out the surety of Christ's coming and thus implements the innate expectancy of the masses.    

2. The evocation of a united hierarchical response through the use of the Great Invocation. 
You will note how this invocation can be interpreted in terms of the three modes of the return of the Christ:    

a. "Let Light stream forth into the minds of men."
The influencing of the minds of disciples.
The enlightening of intelligent humanity. 
The mental plane.
Stanza I.    

b. "Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men."
The influencing of the masses everywhere.
The outpouring of the Christ spirit. 
The astral plane.
Stanza II.    

c. "The Purpose which the Masters know and serve."
The anchoring of hierarchical energy on Earth.
The physical appearance of the Christ. 
The physical plane.
Stanza III. 

November 2016

The bond with the Higher World enriches the consciousness bountifully. In manifold ways do the lofty sendings reach their mark—they may be apprehended in sleep, they may be received in wakefulness as a lightning flash of thought. One should not grieve if such thoughts sometimes seem to be immediately forgotten, rather, they have sunk into the consciousness. It may be that the thought was destined for the innermost consciousness. Only in due time will it be manifested; meanwhile it must live on and enrich the consciousness.    

It is said that growth of the consciousness is similar to the growth of a blade of grass. Man cannot notice the growth of grass by the hour, and just as imperceptibly appears a budding blossom. Only by periods is it possible to observe changes of consciousness; such a change will be indescribable. Consciousness grows by synthesis, it cannot move forward in a narrow manner. Advancement of the consciousness will proceed from the center encompassing successive circles of new understanding.    

Likewise, sendings to scientists will not be materially narrow; they will impel the thought toward an expanding horizon. The mind will act as a scabbard for the flaming sword. Thus, tasks with a broad range are presented from the Higher World. Earthly limitations reduce supermundane thought to the human word, yet in the depths of the consciousness is preserved the imprint of the heavenly hieroglyph. 

Aum, par. 88, Agni Yoga Society, NY.

October 2016

Man at this time is engaged in many pursuits and through the force of circumstances he is polarised entirely in the lower self, that polarisation being in either the emotional or mental body. One point of interest I would indicate:—as long as the polarisation is purely physical or purely emotional, no need for meditation is ever felt. Even when the mental body is active, no urge arises until the man has run through many changes and many lives, has tasted the cup of pleasure and of pain through many incarnations, has sounded the depths of the life lived entirely for the lower self and found it unsatisfying. Then he begins to turn his thought to other things, to aspire to that which is unknown, to realize and sense within himself the pairs of opposites, and to contact within his consciousness possibilities and ideals undreamt of hitherto. He has come to a point where success, popularity and diverse gifts are his, and yet from their use he derives no content; always the urge within persists until the pain is so severe that the desire to reach out and up, to ascertain something and someone beyond, overcomes all obstacles. The man begins to turn within and to seek the source from whence he came. Then he begins to meditate, to ponder, to intensify vibration until in process of time he garners the fruits of meditation. 

September 2016

Urusvati knows how to discern the veils of Maya. When We speak about veils, it is because there is something being veiled, and that is Primal Energy.  Wise is the one who can perceive in different manifestations where the eternal, indestructible foundation lies. Without this discernment everything will be Maya, a baseless mirage. It is impossible to live among such phantoms. The very foundation of eternal life requires a realization of where to find that steadfastness upon which the tired traveler can lean.  Inevitably man will come to seek the eternal foundation. Thought about immutability can inspire man to action, and this striving to action is a healthy sign.  We may be asked what conditions are required for Us to be able to help people better: of course, the answer is in action. We can say to those who ask for help, “Act!” for then it is easier for Us to help. Even a small unsuccessful action is better than no action, since We can then add Our energy to the energy shown by you. It is no wonder that a substance will blend more easily with one that is similar. When We wish to apply Our energy, We look for its most useful application. We send Our energy not just to awaken, but also to increase the power of those who strive. A person suddenly awakened can perform the most foolish actions. The sleeping one should not be disturbed unexpectedly, but when one is on a conscious vigil, We can help. 

Thus, when you are asked what to do, answer, “Act!” In such action Our help will reach you. We and Our Brothers ask you to act. Development of consciousness is needed, and refinement of the Primal Energy is needed, otherwise the veils of Maya will prevent all access.  

We often advise action. When you write to friends, advise them to act. At present the forces of nature are very tense. He who runs away will stumble, but whoever stands firm will find new strength. We help the daring ones, and in Our Abode everyone takes action. A new tension will not be exhaustion, but renewal. 

Supermundane I, par. 73, Agni Yoga Society, NY.

August 2016

As progress is made in the course of taking the higher initiations, it becomes apparent to the initiate that two major streams of energy enter our planetary life:

a. A stream of energy coming from the cosmic mental plane and from that focal point which is to Sanat Kumara what the egoic lotus, the soul, is to the spiritual man; it carries the life principle of our planet and centres itself in Shamballa. From there it is dispersed throughout all forms upon the planet and we call it LIFE. It must be remembered that this life principle embodies or is impregnated with the will and purpose of THAT which overshadows Sanat Kumara as the soul overshadows the personality.  

b. A stream of energy coming from the sun, Sirius; this enters directly into the Hierarchy and carries with it the principle of buddhi, of cosmic love. This, in a mysterious way, is the principle found at the heart of every atom.

The life principle follows the line of,[ray energies] whilst the buddhic flow follows the line of 2.4.6 [ray energies]. Thus atma-buddhi becomes the blended reality which is brought to full unfoldment as evolution proceeds. The energy of Sirius by-passes (to use a modern word) Shamballa and is focussed in the Hierarchy. Its effect is not felt until after the third initiation, though the Masters use this energy whilst training disciples for the second, the fourth and the sixth initiations.  

July 2016

The Teaching about sacrifice was already given to you. Sacrifice is power. Power is possibility. Consequently every sacrifice is first of all a possibility. It is time to cast aside the hypocrisy that sacrifice is deprivation. We do not accept deprivations, but We give possibilities.

Let us see what possibilities are born from the so-called sacrifice. Where is a true sacrifice which can demean? In Our Treasury there is a large collection of sacrifices, and each one was useful to the one who made it. We dislike to speak about sacrifices, because a sacrifice is the most profitable undertaking.

Small tradesmen love to cry about the expenditures and to feign a loss. But a real provider in life considers each expenditure as only a business guarantee. You have lost not through sacrifice but pillage.

Christ advised to distribute spiritual wealth. But, as the keys to it are far away, people have applied this advice toward the distribution of pillaged money. First to steal and then to give away with a tear and become enraptured by one's own goodness. As if in speaking of distribution the Teacher could have had in mind chairs and old coats! The Teacher meant imponderable wealth. Only the spiritual gift can move the cup of the scales.

Let us examine the row of coworkers. Was anyone deprived of anything? No, all have been enriched. Is it not enrichment to become a ruler of a new kingdom? So rich is that kingdom that without too much harm we can break a few dishes. Positively the hands are growing, and the book of gratitude can be examined.

I advise the providers in life to have substitutes for all positions. In large enterprises the business stands upon the business, and not upon personality.

Who can justly assert that he has been the giving one? We will open Our account books and show how much every one received. For it is not at all easy to sacrifice when a sacrifice is a possibility, and the possibility is a benefit, and the benefit is a sound cooperation, and a cooperation is the Alatir-Stone, which either resurrects or consumes.

But self-abnegation can open the Gates of Understanding, and the decrepit sacrifice of unneeded things will swing upon one branch with self-love.  

June 2016

I shall use the word quality as expressive of the second aspect, the Son of God, the cosmic Christ incarnate in form—a form brought into being by the relation of spirit and matter.  This interplay produces that psychological Entity which we call the Christ.  This cosmic Christ demonstrated to us His perfection, as far as the human family is concerned, through the medium of the historical Christ.  This psychological Entity can bring into functioning activity a quality within all human forms which esoterically can "obliterate the forms" and so engross the attention as to be regarded eventually as the main factor and as constituting all that is.  This truth as to life and quality and form is made most clearly apparent to us in the story of the Christ of Galilee.  He was constantly reminding the people that He was not what He appeared to be, neither was He the Father in Heaven, and He is ever referred to by those who know and love Him in terms of quality.  He demonstrated to us the quality of the love of God, and in Himself He embodied not only that which He had evolved of the seven ray qualities, but also—as do few of the sons of God—a basic principle of the ray of the Solar Logos Himself, the quality of Love.  This we shall study more closely when we take up the consideration of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.  

May 2016

Christ said: “Not in a temple, but in spirit shalt thou pray.” Verily, religious prejudice is the worst vulgarity. Often even religious ecstasies result in more harm than good. Out of them the crowd has made a vulgar spectacle. Therefore, it is important to show the vitality of Those Who stand upon all rungs of the Ladder.

It is time to cast off the diamonds which desecrate the holy Images. It is time to burn the relics, following the covenant of Christ. It is time to enter into the Temple of Spirit—understanding, consecrating one's forces which perfect the knowledge of the true power of spirit.

Not in remote laboratories, not in monastic cells, but in life shall you gather the truthful records. Where Christ, not in the folds of a chiton but in the beauty of toil, gathers the seekers of the freedom of the spirit.

Many times have saints returned to Earth because they had conveyed to the crowd too much of their exaltation instead of the structure of life.

We are absolutely averse to monasteries, as they are the antithesis of life. Only the seminars of life, communities of the best manifestation of labor, shall find Our assistance. Indeed, through life one must attain. It is precisely the generally-accepted religiousness that is unnecessary. The facts of conscious Communion with the Abode of Light are needed. Let us say we wish to bring help, so we proceed consciously without magic to the practical Source. In this simplicity is contained the entire current secret, as yet so inaccessible to men who walk up to their waists in prejudice. It is difficult for them to understand simplicity, beauty and fearlessness.  

April 2016

There is an increasing emphasis being given in the West by esotericists to the Full Moon of May, which is the Festival of the Buddha and is held at the time when He makes His annual contact with humanity. This emphasis, which will continue to increase for years to come, has not been brought about in order to impose recognition of the Buddha upon the Occident. There have been two main reasons why, since 1900, this effort has been made. One was the desire on the part of the Hierarchy to bring to the attention of the public the fact of the two Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ, both upon the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, Who were the first of our humanity to come forth as human-divine Avatars and to embody in Themselves certain cosmic Principles and give them form. The Buddha embodied the Principle of Light, and because of this illumination, humanity was enabled to recognise Christ, Who embodied the still greater Principle of Love. The point to be borne in mind is that light is substance, and the Buddha demonstrated the consummation of substance-matter as the medium of Light, hence His title of the "Illumined One." Christ embodied the underlying energy of Consciousness. The one demonstrated the height of the attainment of the third divine aspect; the other that of the second aspect, and these two together present one perfect Whole. The second reason was to initiate, as I have earlier said, the theme of the new world religion. This theme will eventually underlie all religious observances, colour all approaches to the divine centre of spiritual life, give the clue to all healing processes, and—using light scientifically—govern all techniques for bringing about conscious unity and relationship between a man and his soul, and between humanity and the Hierarchy.

…There is a third [function] which, in collaboration with the Christ, He [the Lord Buddha] has made possible; this is the establishment of a more easily achieved relation between the Hierarchy and Shamballa, thus facilitating the impress of the Will of God upon the minds of men, through the medium of the Hierarchy. This impress we interpret as yet in terms of the divine Plan. This is expressing itself at present in the keen recognition by men everywhere of the need to establish right human relations, culminating in the objectives for which the United Nations are fighting. These have been voiced for humanity by two great world disciples in terms of The Four Freedoms and The Atlantic Pact. These Four Freedoms relate basically to the four aspects of the lower self, the quaternary. Enough light has been permitted to penetrate by the efforts of the Buddha, to lead to a world-wide recognition of the desirability of these formulas; and there is enough love already in the world, released by the Christ, to make possible the working out of the formulas. Rest back on that assurance and—in full practice upon the physical plane—demonstrate its truth. I said "to make possible," for the working out lies in the hands of the New Group of World Servers and the men and women of goodwill. Will they prove adequate for the task? Will they brace themselves for the needed strenuous effort?    

March 2016

Urusvati knows the true meaning of self-liberation. One cannot liberate forcibly. A physician can forbid certain habits to a patient, but as soon as the danger has passed, the patient will usually return to his old ways.
Fear, irritation, lies, envy, slander and all other enemies of man must be banished, but without the free will it is impossible to conquer them. It is sometimes said that vices must be outlived, but in trying to prolong this transitory state people use this as an excuse to procrastinate. Therefore it is best to replace the idea of outliving one’s faults with a command to liberate oneself. Verily, a firm will can, like a sword, cut away bad habits.
It is especially easy to get rid of these vermin for one who has cognized the Supermundane World. Only with the realization of continuous life can one firmly drive away all harmful thoughts. For the sake of one’s unavoidable future, one must intensify one’s will for immediate self-liberation.
While crossing into the Supermundane World, one will value the liberation from the dark burden that impedes one’s flight. Truly, why torment oneself with small leaps when one can fly beautifully? Why remain behind when one can advance?
The Thinker advised, “Love the beautiful feeling of self-liberation!”   

Supermundane IV, par. 890, Agni Yoga Society, NY

February 2016

These ancient Mysteries were originally given to humanity by the Hierarchy, and were—in their turn—received by the Hierarchy from the Great White Lodge on Sirius. They contain the clue to the evolutionary process, hidden in numbers and in words; they veil the secret of man's origin and destiny, picturing for him in rite and ritual the long, long path which he must tread. They provide also, when rightly interpreted and correctly presented, the teaching which humanity needs in order to progress from darkness to Light, from the unreal to the Real and from death to Immortality….The Mysteries are, in reality, the true source of revelation, and it can be only when the mind and the will-to-good are closely blended and conditioning human behaviour that the extent of the coming revelation will be grasped, for only then can humanity be trusted with these secrets.  

January 2016

People do not want to understand that something can take place in the Subtle World before its earthly manifestation. Urusvati knows that occurrences in the Subtle and the earthly worlds are not necessarily simultaneous. This delay may be natural, for the purpose of shaping a distant earthly event, but it also can be caused by circumstances that intrude upon and deflect the order of events. A stormy sea can serve as the best example of the complexity of rhythm on the different worlds.
Most people are not able to make the idea of the Subtle World a part of their lives, and thus they obstruct evolution. It is difficult to reveal to the earthly consciousness that the Subtle World is the true source of events in the earthly world. Whole decades can pass between an event in the Subtle World and its counterpart in the physical world, even though by being formed in the Subtle World it became inevitable.  

Supermundane II,par. 703, Agni Yoga Society, NY

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