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December 2015

Lead us, O Lord, from death to Immortality;
From darkness to Light;
From the unreal to the Real.  

The beauty of this synthesis and the wonder of this opportunity are surely apparent as we study what is here written and consider these aspects of the divine Plan. Great Forces, under potent spiritual leadership, are standing ready to precipitate Themselves into this human world of chaos, confusion, aspiration and bewilderment. These groups of energies are ready to focus and distribute themselves, and the Hierarchy is closer to mankind than ever before; the New Group of World Servers are also "standing attentive to direction" in every country in the world, united in their idealism, in their humanitarian objectives, in their sensitivity to spiritual impression, in their united subjective purpose, in their love of their fellowmen, and in their dedication to selfless service; the men and women of goodwill are also to be found everywhere, ready to be guided into constructive activity, and to be the agents (gradually trained and educated) for the establishment of what has never yet truly existed—right human relations.  


November 2015

Of all energies, thought is the subtlest. It can be truly asserted that thought outlives everything. Thought is immortal; it lives on by creating new combinations. Hence, when the power of psychic energy is intensified, nothing can block it. When the consciousness of a people demands new steps, the power of psychic energy must be asserted and then propelled into space. The realization that thought is eternal and invincible will evoke in humanity the striving for the generating of creative thought. When the thought saturates the space, its impelling magnetism creates. Limitlessly is the space thus cemented!

Infinity,par. 398, Agni Yoga Society, NY

October 2015

The theme of the living consciousness of the planetary Logos is forever and unchangeably the great Hierarchy of Being, that chain of life in which the smallest link is of importance, and the greatest link is related to the smallest through the electrical interplay of spiritual energy. There is naught—from one important angle of life—but Hierarchy, linking sun with sun, star with star, solar system with solar system, planet with planet and all planetary lives with each other. The major keynote of every single planetary initiation, even to the very highest, is RELATIONSHIP. What other qualities may be revealed to the Initiate on other paths we know not, but the goal of all endeavour upon our planet is right relations between man and man and between man and God, between all expressions of divine life, from the tiniest atom up and on into infinity.


September 2015

Urusvati knows that calmness is required for higher communion. The stirring of water may be necessary for some experiments, but should you wish to study the depths of a well, you must have a calm surface and clear water.
People are often confused as to whether calmness is possible when the world is in such commotion.  But We have in mind a calmness of consciousness which, if attained, becomes inviolable.  Then, although one may express indignation through the outer centers, or in words, the consciousness will remain serene. Such a state is not easily attained, and will not come from mechanical methods.  One can extinguish outer flames by means of rhythm, but the steadfast consciousness is born of the link with the Highest.
Every spark of consciousness must be safeguarded, for violent whirlwinds rage around it.  Tempters will come that cannot even be imagined by the human mind.  They cannot tolerate the serene consciousness, for every broadened consciousness is for them an obstacle on their gloomy way.  But we should not regret that the broadened consciousness is a target for dark beings; we should rather rejoice that these beings of gloom will stumble against the clear consciousness.
One who has experienced the serenity of a broadened consciousness can imagine cosmic storms, but knows that they cannot upset the equilibrium of the Universe. These words should be a reminder of Our calmness, which is based upon long experience, and in which collaboration plays an important part. It reinforces every advance.
Do you hear Me?  I am speaking of collaboration! Every transgression against it serves darkness. Hear Me! All cooperation with darkness serves destruction. Remember Our Towers, where the Hearth of Collaboration shines.
The Thinker said, “Each of you is surrounded by universal collaboration.”

Supermundane II, par. 447, Agni Yoga Society, NY

August 2015

Under the Law of Correspondences….each one of us, in due process of evolution, forms part of one of the Heavenly Men, Who Themselves form the seven centres in that greater Heavenly Man, the Logos.  Yet, though we are merged with the whole, we do not lose our identity, but forever remain separated units of consciousness, though one with all that lives or is.  In like manner our Logos loses not His identity, even though He forms part of the Consciousness of the Logos of Sirius.  In His turn, the Sirian Logos forms one of the seven Grand Heavenly Men, who a

July 2015

The Mind of Cosmos is omnipresent. In all Space its rule is manifest. Incalculable are all its effects and new combinations. From the chemism of the luminaries to the functions of life’s manifestations, it rules the principle of Being. This question has troubled many consciousnesses. It is difficult to deny the almighty Mind of Cosmos, which suffuses all strata of the firmament with its Breath. But people usually turn away from the truth consciously. When the spirit attracted to delusive Maya strives for momentary rest, it dissipates the best light rays of Cosmos. Illumination can frighten him who does not desire enlightenment. 

Infinity I, par. 28, Agni Yoga Society, NY

June 2015

In each of the Crosses of the Heavens there is one sign and influence which, in any world cycle, dominates the other three.  Such dominating effects necessarily change when a world cycle changes, but for the present cycle, Gemini determines the paramount influence within the fourfold influence of the Mutable Cross.  The main objective of these four energies is to produce that constant flux and periodic change in time and space which will provide a field of adequate experience for the unfoldment of the Christ life and consciousness.  This is the case cosmically speaking, and also from the standpoint of a solar system, of a planet and of a human being.  The field of development for the lower three kingdoms is dependent upon the status and energy-distributing power of humanity as a whole….Because the Ray of Love-Wisdom, the second ray, pours through Gemini it becomes apparent how true is the occult teaching that love underlies the entire universe.  God is love, we are assured, and this statement is both an exoteric and an esoteric truth. This underlying love of Deity reaches our solar system primarily through Gemini, which forms, with the constellation of the Great Bear and the Pleiades, a cosmic triangle.  This is the triangle of the cosmic Christ and is the esoteric symbol lying behind the cosmic Cross.  There is ever the eternal triangle to be found behind the fourfold phenomenal appearance. 

Esoteric Astrology, pp. 345-348

May 2015

Urusvati knows about salutary rhythm or the so-called “natural” yoga. In the Middle Way of Buddha's Teaching, in Plato's writings on ethics, and in the schools of the Eye of Horus in Egypt, we can find instruction about the yoga that is linked with earthly life. Especially at the present time one should pay particular attention to the natural development of psychic energy, which should be studied and also applied in life. It is true that psychic energy acts independently, but now I am speaking of its conscious application.

You should assure people that each one of them possesses this treasure and can utilize it in thought, amidst daily life. But for this one must first of all understand the process of thinking, which continues unceasingly whether one is asleep or awake. However, there are two currents of thought, one in the brain, and another that registers in the depths of the consciousness. Usually, people are not aware of the deep consciousness, and do not realize that the most precious knowledge is not received through the brain. People should learn about the process of ceaseless thinking, which works like a pulse and generates a beneficial rhythm. This description is instructive. It indicates that good thinking is also healthy thinking, and produces a benevolent inner fire.

Urusvati knows that the healing flame can easily be brought into the darkness of the astral world. The subtle body is like a chalice filled with phosphorus. It can be an inexhaustible source of light and beneficial rhythm.

We love to pass through the dark spheres to scatter the sparks of Light. Every man, no matter in what condition, can be a source of Light.

The Thinker said, “Goodness is Light." 

Supermundane II, par. 386, Agni Yoga Society, NY,

April 2015

Resurrection is the keynote of nature; death is not. Death is only the ante-chamber of resurrection. Resurrection is the clue to the world of meaning, and is the fundamental theme of all the world religions—past, present and the future. Resurrection of the spirit in man, in all forms, in all kingdoms, is the objective of the entire evolutionary process and this involves liberation from materialism and selfishness. In that resurrection, evolution and death are only preparatory and familiar stages. The note and message sounded by the Christ when last on Earth was resurrection, but so morbid has been mankind and so enveloped in glamour and illusion, that His death has been permitted to sidestep understanding; consequently, for centuries, the emphasis has been laid upon death, and only on Easter Day or in the cemeteries is the resurrection acclaimed. This must change. It is not helpful to a progressive understanding of the eternal verities to have this condition perpetuated. The Hierarchy is today dedicated to bringing about this change and thus altering the approach of mankind to the world of the unseen and to the spiritual realities.   

March 2015

The incompatibility between spirit and matter compresses itself like a rushing vortex. When the spirit is burdened by contacting imperfection through the shell, it begins a battle which discloses this imperfection. The shells that impede the spirit are like encumbrances obstructing the path. Truly, encumbrances! The cosmic creativity incessantly clears away strivings toward darkness. Humanity's chief lack, lack of understanding, lies in this expressed disharmony. When the spirit and the shells which clothe it will be in harmony, humanity will come closer to the cosmic union. Thus, when the striving to the fiery process will be assimilated a new step will be affirmed. The striving of humanity to the manifestation of imperfection is developed upon the principle of light-mindedness. Speaking of the highest harmony, it is said that Cosmos creates upon the principle of unity of life. Therefore, one may attain only through unity. Thus, the Infinite summons spirit and matter. 

Infinity II, par. 72, Agni Yoga Society, NY

February 2015

An ancient days it was believed that the earth was the centre of the solar system and that around it revolved the sun and all the other planets.  This was the exoteric knowledge and position, though not the esoteric understanding. Later, when further discoveries brought more light to the human mind, our planet was decentralised and the truth was more clearly seen, though much remains as yet to be discovered and may even be of as revolutionary a nature…Astrology is a science which must be restored to its original beauty and truth before the world can gain a truer perspective and a more just and accurate appreciation of the divine Plan, as it is expressed at this time through the Wisdom of the Ages….

Astrology is essentially the purest presentation of occult truth in the world at this time, because it is the science which deals with those conditioning and governing energies and forces which play through and upon the whole field of space and all that is found within that field.  When this fact is grasped and the sources of those energies are better comprehended and the nature of the field of space is correctly understood, we shall then see a far wider and at the same time a more closely related horizon; the relationships between individual, planetary, systemic and cosmic entities will be grasped, and we shall then begin to live scientifically. It is this scientific living which it is the immediate purpose of astrology to bring about. 

Supermundane II, par.617, Agni Yoga Society, NY

January 2015

Urusvati knows that a crude thought can forever drive away a beautiful, subtle thought. One can ask, “Is it possible? How rough the force must be to drive away a supermundane thought!” But the effect of the dense on the supermundane is obvious. One would be astonished to see how the supermundane guest flies away from a crude touch. People do not value supermundane messages. They cannot imagine how much labor is needed for the Supermundane Friends to push a thought through dense, earthly matter. The Supermundane Friends seek the best atmospheric conditions to better transmit their messages.They wait for a time when the earthly dwellers can open their psychic ears in a calm mood. But, even if the best conditions are present, some messenger from the bazaar can appear, and the most subtle thought is driven away.

People brush away Our messages as if they were annoying flies. They complain that some kind of nonsense has come into their heads, not realizing that Supermundane Friends are trying to save them from misfortune. They will not admit that someone is trying to help them solve difficult problems in their lives. The earthly mind cannot imagine the cooperation that exists beyond the boundaries of Earth.

It is difficult for Supermundane Friends to send messages to Earth, even the most urgent ones. Evil scoffers do what they can to outrun a good thought. Unfortunately, the recipient is often inclined to listen to their cunning voices. The consciousness of the recipient is rarely developed and refined enough to distinguish the quality of the message. The concerns of everyday life obscure the Voice of Silence. Thus, it is difficult for Us and other Supermundane Friends, when people turn a deaf ear to Us and prefer the bazaar. The Thinker instructed His disciples, “Be on guard day and night. You do not know the moment when a supermundane message will come to you. It is possible that you will drive it away!”

Supermundane II, par.617, Agni Yoga Society, NY

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