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December 2008

Your joy is Our joy.
When the enchanted flower of tenderness unfolds on
     earth, a new star is born in the Infinite.
Numberless are the stars.
The Milky Way of happiness bridges all the worlds.

Lord, the bird of happiness would sing at my window.
I shall not understand its words but I will dare.
In the morning hour one word will come to me,
And my heart will sing:
Forgiven, forgiven, forgiven.
Is it possible that for one word, for one act of tenderness,
I could be freed of guilt by Thee?
By Thee, Who has spun the web of eternal Universe
     and Glory?
My son, tenderness is part of Truth.
And Truth is in Beauty and Love.
Comprehend this, My son, in the midnight hour.
I shall knock upon thy door at dawn.

Each new day, your flower grows.
And simply do you pronounce the words of the
     building of the Temple.
I see a smile; I hear even laughter.
Blessed are you if, laying the stones,
     you can cement them with laughter.
Joy to the worlds! I said it.

Leaves of Morya's Garden I, The Call, 334, Agni Yoga Society, New York

November 2008

Human beings, without initiated vision, are apt to interpret all the signs and their effects in terms of individual man, whereas the purpose of their coordinated influence is both planetary, solar and cosmic. The initiate who has taken the three lower initiations is occupied henceforth with the effects of the cosmic influences upon the planet and incidentally upon the fourth kingdom in nature and with the higher mental study of their effects as they produce basic and fundamental changes in the systemic life which, in its turn, affects our planet, its kingdoms in nature and incidentally human beings. You can see from this, therefore, that as the evolutionary changes are brought about and as human, planetary and solar consciousness progressively develops, the influences pouring from the constellations, via their intermediaries, the planets, will produce very diverse changes and significant happenings to which man will consciously or unconsciously respond according to his point of development.

Esoteric Astrology, Alice A. Bailey, p. 331

October 2008

Man cannot make evolution, but must participate in it. He must harmonize himself with it. Again we come to the rhythm of labor and understand that those who just talk only encumber life. During this time of intense transformation of the world there is no place for empty talk or bigotry.

You may ask why such intense labor is needed in Infinity, and whether Infinity is co-measurable with the labor of a single individual. To the amazement of many, I must say that it is so. Each person is a living particle of humanity, which is the most powerful force on the planet. This “master of the planet” has no right to indulge in idle talk. He carries an immeasurable responsibility, and may not escape it. For him the only way is to turn as a friend to the Supermundane World.

Supermundane III, par. 641, Agni Yoga Society, New York

September 2008

The problem of duality is the problem of existence itself, and cannot be solved by the man who refuses to recognize the possibility of two occult facts:

  1. That the entire solar system embodies the consciousness of an Entity, who originates on planes entirely without the solar ring-pass-not.
  2. That manifestation is periodical and that the Law of Rebirth is the method that evolution takes in dealing with a man, a planetary Logos, and a solar Logos. Hence, the emphasis laid in the Proem of the Secret Doctrine on the three fundamentals (S. D., I, 42-44.),
    1. The Boundless Immutable Principle and
    2. The periodicity of the Universe.
    3. The identity of all souls with the Oversoul.

When scientists recognize these two facts then their explanations will take a different line and the truth, as it is, will begin to illuminate their reason. Few men are yet ready for illumination, which is simply the light of the intuition breaking through the barriers that the rational faculty has erected. The duality of the solar system will eventually be recognized as dependent upon the following factors:

  1. Existence itself.
  2. Time and space.
  3. The quality of desire or necessity.
  4. The acquisitive faculty inherent in life itself. This faculty, by the means of motion, gathers to itself the material whereby it achieves its desire, whereby it fabricates the form through which expression is sought, and whereby it confines itself within the prison of the sheath in order to gain experience.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Alice A. Bailey, pp. 238-9

August 2008

Just as We watch over you, so do We watch the development of children throughout the world from the cradle on, weighing their best thoughts. Of course, spirit does not often reach its best development, and the number of deserting ones is great, but We rejoice at a pure thought as at a beautiful garden.

Therefore, do not be astonished that the Great Teacher repeats simple sentences, because by fixing these thoughts We sometimes provide opportunity for an excellent flower of spirit to become stronger.

Therefore, along with great cosmic discoveries and world events, We just as carefully cultivate the flowers of the spirit. Thus diversified is the labor of Our Brotherhood.

July 2008

The expansion of the human consciousness which will take place as a result of the coming Great Approach will enable humanity to grasp not only its relation to the spiritual life of our planet, the "One in Whom we live and move and have our being," but will also give a glimpse of the relation of our planet to the circle of planetary lives, moving within the orbit of the Sun and the still greater circle of spiritual influences which contact our system as it pursues its orbit in the Heavens (the twelve constellations of the zodiac).

Reappearance of the Christ, Alice A. Bailey, p. 153

June 2008

You ask how is one to understand that "Teros and Tamas must work like brothers," (Illumination, page 91). Teros is synonymous with spirit, motion, or light. Tamas is synonymous with matter, inertia, or ignorance. The life of the Cosmos is composed of the equilibrium of these two elements. The predominance in nature or in a human being of one of these elements leads to decomposition and final destruction. The necessity for equilibrium of these elements can be seen in all of life. Thus, today we can see most clearly in the life of entire countries and nations what comes of violation of equilibrium. People think that they have advanced in many ways, and they proudly point to their mechanical achievements. But they are very little advanced in the knowledge of spiritual and ethical foundations. Man has perfected himself in ways and means of fratricide, but he has lost the ability to think about the foundations of existence. Indeed, those problems which could improve life remain neglected. Try to question the world at large and you will behold a shameful spectacle. Only a minority will manifest some striving toward the foundations mentioned above, and even this minority will timidly whisper about the Subtle World, about the continuity of life, about the significance of thought and the need for ethical concepts. Acceleration of mechanical discoveries does not lead to concentration of thought. If we were to write the history of knowledge concerning these foundations, it would speak clearly about the immobility of consciousness. Therefore, if humanity wishes to flourish, it should think of the foundations, and it should speedily intensify the actions of Teros, even at the expense of those of Tamas, for otherwise it is impossible to re-establish the lost equilibrium.

May 2008

The first thing, therefore, of which I would like to remind you is that The Hierarchy stands. Behind all that is going on today, the same group of spiritual Forces and the same Elder Brothers and Masters are to be found as heretofore, guiding humanity along the path of life and bringing us safely and satisfactorily to our present point of development. The Buddha, Whose festival we are celebrating, and the Christ, Who expresses to us the unchanging love of God, are still with us, and the Hierarchy stands as a bulwark of strength between us and possible disaster; this centre of spiritual life is "like the shadow of a great rock in a weary land".

The Externalisation of the Hierarchy , Alice A. Bailey, pp. 79-80

April 2008

The subjection of the lower to the higher lies at the foundation of cosmos. In regard to the subtle energies, they should be accepted in their entire assertion of the cosmic law. The subordination of the lower to the higher leads to purification. That which should be dominant, humanity subjects to the lower. When the higher dominates, then the lower, through transmutation, is regenerated into a quality of a higher order.

For an Arhat, annihilation does not exist. Cosmic creation knows no annihilation. The Mother of the World knows no annihilation. But only regeneration will create that precious chain which extends endlessly. In calling the yielding of the lowest to the highest "transmutation,” We wish to affirm the human consciousness in the process of advancement toward Infinity.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Alice A. Bailey, pp. 437-438

March 2008

One permanent cosmic Ray is the ray of our Logos Himself, and the subrays of this ray permeate His entire system. Six other cosmic Rays, animating other systems, influence ours, finding their reflections in the subrays of our logoic Ray. To these six cosmic influences our Heavenly Men respond. They absorb the influence, being centres in the body logoic, pass it through Their schemes, circulate it through Their own centres (chains), and transmit it on to other schemes, coloring it with Their Own peculiar shade and qualifying it by Their own peculiar tone or note. The whole system of ray influence, or radiatory warmth, considered both physically and psychically, is one of an intricate circulation and interaction. The radiation or vibration passes in ordered cycles from its originating source, the One Ray, or systemic Logos, to the different centres in His body. Viewed from the physical standpoint this ray force is the energising factor in matter. Viewed from the psychical point of view it is the qualitative faculty. From scheme to scheme, from chain to chain, and from globe to globe, this force or quality passes and circulates, both adding, and at the same time abstracting, and returns to its focal point with two noticeable differences:

a. The radiatory heat is intensified.

b. The qualitative character or colour is increased.

The effect on the form side is equally noticeable, and the warmth or quality of a Ray not only affects the psyche of a man, a planetary Logos, and a solar Logos, but has a definite effect on material substance itself.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Alice A. Bailey, pp. 437-438

February 2008

Urusvati knows well that the most difficult task is to harmonize the currents of human free will. There are no cataclysms destructive enough to turn the attention of humanity to the true nature of its deeds. Let us recall how those who survived the great cataclysms of the past did not care to think about the causes of the disasters, preferring to consider themselves innocent victims of some cruel fate. They did not want to purify their consciousness and instead began once more to indulge their free will gone mad.

The currents of will come into rapid collision, and undisciplined thinking fills space with destructive explosions. Probably the ignorant will again declare that We threaten and frighten them, but they should turn to the pages of history in which they can trace the calamities of humanity. These calamities are not sent by heaven, but are caused by human society. People persecute their own Saviors, acting like a mad musician who tears out the strings of his instrument before the concert!

When We point out the natural consequences of ignorance and madness We are well prepared for accusations of cruelty. But there are no words in human language that can warn people sufficiently against self-destruction, the destruction of the planet, or the pollution of space. It is Our patience, acquired over centuries, that helps Us to continually offer salvation to humanity, in spite of its ingratitude and cruelties. Each day and every hour We are cursed, and Our helping Hand is rejected.

One can imagine what violent currents of willful madness inundate every movement for good! Why think about remote hierophants of evil when ordinary people, who seem to be struggling against evil, are actually increasing it to the maximum. Such is the situation on Earth. The ungrateful sons of Earth are hastening to bring catastrophe closer, and each warning is taken as an offense. Thus the world has inscribed the truth about Golgotha.

Therefore you must know this aspect of Our Inner Life. Realize it and work with a proper understanding of existence.

Supermundane I, (94), Agni Yoga Society

January 2008

I would remind you of a basic fact in the evolutionary process which astrology will eventually prove scientifically and past all controversy. This is the fact that energies and forces are pouring upon our system and our planetary lives ceaselessly, potently and cyclically. Yet they are only regarded today as existing when definite response is evoked. They come from all kinds of sources, extraneous to our system and planetary schemes, but until man responds and registers them both scientists and astrologers fail to recognise them and they are as if they were not.

Esoteric Astrology, Alice A. Bailey, pp.198

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