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December 2007

Is it worth while to speak of Infinity if it is unattainable? But it does exist; and everything great, even if invisible, compels us to think about the ways to it. Thus, even now let us ponder about the ways into Infinity; for it exists, and it is terrifying if it is not cognized. But even in the earthly life one can approach and can temper the spirit toward acceptance of the unfathomable.

A great deal remains unknown to us, yet we do overcome our ignorance. Thus, even if we do not understand the meaning of Infinity, we are able to realize it as something unavoidable and therefore meriting special attention. How else may we temper into commensurateness our thoughts and actions? Verily, by comparison with Infinity we realize the scope of our grievances and triumphs.

Hence, the levels of thinking in many countries should be stabilized just now, since the reminder about Infinity is especially important when arguments over falsehoods are taking place.

Therefore, we shall offer the radiance of the rays of Infinity, into which there is carried not only the spirit but even stones, in a blending, as it were, of loftiest creation with grossest matter. But in the whirlwind of Eternity the stone and the spirit are imponderable, for they are drawn into the same magnet. The very realization of the magnet increases the attraction, focusing it upon intensification of currents. These same vortices conquer space, and you do not know from what spheres the indivisible electron-nucleus of Tamas and Teros-reaches you.

Ponder to what extent you can understand My language and express it in your tongue. Similarly understand your reciprocative feelings and express them in the language of your heart. This language of understanding and sympathy will open the first Gates to Infinity.

Infinity I (Preface), Agni Yoga Society, New York

November 2007

Esoterically speaking, the Pole Star is regarded as the "star of re-orientation" whereby the art of "refacing and recovering that which is lost" is developed. This eventually brings a man back to his originating source. It might, therefore, be correctly inferred that this Pointer and the energy emanating from it guides humanity upon the involutionary path, and is constantly active in its influence upon the man who is still upon the Mutable Cross. Then the energy of the Pointer furthest from the Pole Star begins to make its presence felt and a sense of right direction or guidance is registered by the disciple upon the Path, and such guidance (when followed) leads man nearer to the Hierarchy. It is here that the divine necessity of achieving alignment is portrayed for us in the symbolism of the sky and when it has been achieved then there is a direct inflow of divine energy and man is linked up in a new and creative manner to sources of divine supply.

Esoteric Astrology, Alice A. Bailey, pp.196-197

October 2007

Broadly has spread the praise of daring. The least of the disciples have turned to the path of searching and have approached Us, asking that We judge their striving. Each brought his dreams: "I will destroy all earthly temples, because Truth needs no walls. I will water all deserts. I will open all prisons. I will demolish all swords. I will blaze all trails. I will wipe away all tears. I will travel through all lands. I will inscribe the book of humanity."

But the least one of them turned to the shining stars and said, "Hail to you, brothers!" And in this salutation of daring his ego vanished.

Let the path of the Universe be acknowledged in this daring greeting!

Agni Yoga, par. 12, Agni Yoga Society, New York

September 2007

The first thing, therefore, of which I would like to remind you is that The Hierarchy stands. Behind all that is going on today, the same group of spiritual Forces and the same Elder Brothers and Masters are to be found as heretofore, guiding humanity along the path of life and bringing us safely and satisfactorily to our present point of development.

... The second thing I would have you all remember is that mankind has marched steadily forward from a state of blind ignorance and unawareness to one of an intelligent preoccupation with life and a growing sense of responsibility. This sense of responsibility, which is awakening in all of you, is—on its present large scale—relatively new and is one of the factors definitely increasing the distress and pain you are all feeling. You ask yourselves, where, as a race, have we failed and what can we do to rectify our mistakes? In spite of everything, however, men have gone from stage to stage of intelligent and spiritual unfoldment and no matter what the outer happenings have been or may be, the race has made real progress. There has been no turning back, and there will be none. Mankind has weathered many storms and survived many difficulties; men have emerged from periods of crisis better and stronger, purified "so as by fire" and definitely nearer the goal.

The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Alice A. Bailey, p. 80

August 2007

Urusvati knows the true meaning of willfulness. Some people do not understand the difference between willfulness and the free will, though there is a distinct difference. Free will, properly applied, acts according to the law of cosmic rhythm. It produces good, whereas willfulness produces disharmony. One who lapses into willfulness can cause unimaginable calamities.

Ignorance is the mother of willfulness. A person in this miserable state knows nothing about the Supermundane World. He believes that he is, in every way, a self-willed creator of his own fate. When the supermundane laws become known, it will be seen that the path of willfulness is a wrong one. The process of Cosmic Justice cannot be set aside. It would be like a diver trying to find pearls in the depths of the ocean without being properly trained. Willfulness is a bad adviser, and carries destruction with it.

The teachers must tell children about the difference between the victorious free will and destructive willfulness. Let the children understand how beautiful is the way of free will, when man, through universal law, will be the builder of the Future.

Supermundane IV, par. 899, Agni Yoga Society, New York

July 2007

What the goals are upon the Higher Way is as yet utterly unknown to you; what divine qualities and objectives may be revealed to the Master and to the Christ as They tread the Way which leads Them off the cosmic physical plane altogether, you cannot know or sense, and if you could, you would not comprehend the meaning. "Eye hath not seen nor ear heard" the things which God will reveal to those who tread the way to the innermost centre, to those who love. This ancient writing can be paraphrased as follows: It is impossible to realise the wonder of the future which the planetary Logos will unfold before those who have unfolded the second divine aspect, Love, and who are therefore full Members of the Hierarchy, the centre where the energy of Love is anchored.

It is interesting to realise that the unfoldment of the love nature is that which opens the door which leads to the Way of the Higher Evolution and that nothing else will open it. This Way leads the Master off the cosmic physical plane on to the cosmic astral plane or to a level of cosmic awareness whereon is generated that cosmic impulse which we call Love.

The Rays and the Initiations, Alice A. Bailey, pp. 327-328

June 2007

Urusvati knows that in ancient communities service to mankind was considered to be a lofty and difficult test. The tested one did not have to change his activity, but its essence was to be dedicated not to himself, not to his city, not to his country, but to the entire humanity. Thus, the scope of his activity broadened and resulted in good for all.

It was not easy in ancient times to imagine the magnitude of humanity, and the possibilities for expansion of mental transmissions. We say this because at the present time humanity finds itself in a similar state of mind about the Supermundane World. We advise you not to withdraw from earthly activity, but to preserve thoughts about the Supermundane World, which will cease being seen as abstract and will enter life. It should be remembered that all one’s earthly labor can be dedicated to the Supermundane World. The greatness of the Highest World will inspire the highest quality in every human endeavor.

High quality can only raise the consciousness of mankind and bring it closer to the Supermundane World. The consciousness will affirm the meaning of the Higher World, but also, the inner, indescribable feeling will help, with a single sigh, the approach to the Highest. The improvement of quality in every activity will become an invisible bridge toward beautiful achievement.

The reasoning mind should not cloud the creative feeling, which will be of real service to mankind and to the Supermundane World. Especially now, with mankind in a state of confusion, hope should be given that everyone is destined to come closer to the Higher Worlds. Any labor is a trustworthy path. Only in commitment to high quality can one succeed on the path of ascent.

The Thinker used to say to His disciples, “Let each one of you affirm yourselves in quality of labor. Each one will labor in service to the Supermundane World.”

Supermundane IV, (775), Agni Yoga Society

May 2007

At the time of this Wesak Festival, I would call your attention to the fact that the annual return of the Buddha to bless His people everywhere and to convey the message of wisdom, light and love to humanity—coming as He does from the very Heart of Deity Itself—is the outer evidence and guarantee of inner divine guidance and revelation in this present world cycle of 2500 years. Year by year He returns. For a brief minute He reminds us that God exists and ever loves; that He is not unmindful of His people; that the heart of the universe is unalterable compassion, and that man is not alone. To bring this recognition about and to make this appearance possible, a living Triangle of Energy is created and focussed through three great spiritual Individuals, Who evoke recognition both in the East and in the West. They are known to believers of every faith and all nationalities. These Three are:

1. The Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, the planetary Logos, Melchizedek, He to Whom Christ referred when He said, "I and My Father are One."

2. The Buddha, the Illumined One, the Revealer of the light and the wisdom which come to us from sources far greater than our planetary Life, a Messenger of the Gods.

3. The Christ, the Son of the Father, the World Saviour, the Redeemer, He Who has remained with us and Who is gathering His sheep into His fold, the Lord of Love.

The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, Alice A. Bailey, pp. 286-287

April 2007

The Hindu tale of cosmogony recounts as follows:

There once lived a deadly monster that devoured people. Once the monster pursued his marked victim. The man, seeking to save himself, dove into a lake. The monster followed.

Still seeking safety, the swimmer leaped on the back of the monster and tightly seized the upright comb. The monster could not turn over because his belly was unguarded.

It started to rush about in a raging flight, anticipating that the man would become exhausted. But the man bethought himself that by his own desperate plight he was saving humanity. And under this universal vision his strength became intense, indefatigable.

Meanwhile the monster increased his speed until sparks formed a fiery wake. And amid the flame, the monster started to rise above the earth.

The universal thought of the man had raised up even the enemy. When men see a comet they are grateful to the valiant one, eternally striving. The thoughts of people hasten on, giving new force to the rider of the monster. White, yellow, red, and black peoples turn their thoughts to him who long since became aflame.

On Eastern Crossroads: “Legends and Lore: A Tale of Cosmogony”

March 2007

The planetary Spirit is a Being Who, ages ago, passed through the state of consciousness which we call the human state and has left it far behind. He (using the personal pronoun simply for the sake of terminological clarity) has an origin which lies outside the solar system altogether; his life is focused in the planet; his consciousness lies in realms beyond the concept of the highest adept in our planetary Hierarchy. The planetary Entity is the sum total of the forms which constitute the form through which the planetary Spirit is manifesting, and therefore is the synthesis of the planetary physical, astral and mental elementals. For the purposes of our consideration, this Entity is the sum total of all physical, vital, astral and mental forms, which, blended and fused, constitute our planet. Each is the embodiment of energy, and these two major streams which produce the form and the consciousness aspects of our planetary existence make their impact on the human being. The life of the planetary Spirit makes its impact via the soul; and the life of the planetary Entity is registered through the medium of the personality mechanism.

A Treatise on White Magic, Alice A. Bailey, p. 432

February 2007

Broadening of consciousness is occasion for congratulation. No laboratory can give this perception of continuity of endless possibilities. Only personally, consciously and freely is it possible to adapt out of space uninterrupted steps. The Teaching may open the door, but one can enter only by oneself. Not reward, nor justice, but the incontestable law carries the incarnate spirit upward, in an ascending spiral, provided that it has realized the necessity of motion. The Teacher can in no wise advance this consciousness for any suggestion would violate the personal attainment.

It is one thing to discuss abstractly distant worlds; it is another to realize oneself a participant there. Only he who has not closed for himself the path to beauty may understand how near to him is the manifestation of the far-off worlds.

The ear can catch fragments of the Great Breath, but the knowledge of the spirit gives man a place in Infinity.

It is useful to look back upon remote epochs, when this consciousness was awakened. We see that not in a day of flowering of science but during the proclamation of religion was the cosmic consciousness awakened; for not hypotheses but only knowledge of the spirit leads to the starry paths. I regret that no astronomical calculations could advance the moment of communication, for the same reason that the ant does not shoot with a gigantic cannon. It is indeed essential that such achievement be manifested by means of the spirit. Here we are speaking materially, as it were, but without the spirit it is impossible to apply this energy. Indeed the spirit gives a certain quality to matter. The condition of the Earth requires an extraordinary physician. The planet is sick, and if efforts to push it forward do not succeed, then it may be better to remove it temporarily from the chain—it may become as the moon. Hotbeds of the lower strata of the Subtle World have become dangerously intolerable. Also it is impossible to forget how humanity has fallen under the influence of the lower levels of the Subtle World.

The community will help all, but broadening of consciousness will help the community.

Community (30), Agni Yoga Society

January 2007

All who—in quiet reflection, focussed appeal and with a true background of knowledge—are able to ‘think through’ into a higher state of consciousness than the one of which they are normally aware; in that higher state they arrive at those intuitional and spiritual ‘discoveries’ which can produce the seed of a new creation, or which can open up (for those unable thus to meditate) a new field of possible awareness. The motive of all such group meditation must be selfless service; the keynote of all such groups is creativity; they are all of them demonstrations of the perfected third aspect of active intelligence, plus other developing aspects; all of them are in direct relation or alignment with one of the Buddhas of Activity, Who embody within Themselves the essence of the third Ray of Active Intelligence, through which the third aspect can successfully project and express itself. It is these three Buddhas Who were instrumental in the amazing and occult process of implementing the mental principle upon our planet, and Who—through Their creative meditation—brought our planet, the Earth, and the planet Venus into direct alignment. This made possible the coming of the Sons of Mind and the formation of the fourth kingdom in nature, Humanity. They are Embodiments of the intuition, and control the inflow of intuitional energy into the minds of men.

Discipleship in the New Age, Vol II, Alice A. Bailey, p. 200

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