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December 2006

After the details of the everyday routine one should turn to manifestation of the great Motion. One should fly upwards and thus tear oneself away from Earth. Bring the realization of the great current to your work bench and give wings to your labor. How else will you infuse perfect technic into your craft? Saturation with the tremor of possibilities will give rhythm to the labor. From each seed consciously manifested rises a silver thread to the far-off worlds. Thought pierces the strata of the atmosphere and weaves the web.

How to explain that without the unity of the worlds life on the earthly crust is an absurdity! Realization of the smallness and imperfection of the Earth can aid toward gravitation to the far-off worlds.

Let us not forget that we are micro-organisms populating the folds of the planet's crust. One must learn to think. No lecture can teach how to think. The quality of thinking is formed in solitude through rational striving. Indeed, thought strikes the spark of life from the substance of matter.

Community (135), Agni Yoga Society

November 2006

The centres in the human being deal fundamentally with the FIRE aspect in man, or with his divine spirit. They are definitely connected with the Monad, with the will aspect, with immortality, with existence, with the will to live, and with the inherent powers of Spirit. They are not connected with objectivity and manifestation, but with force, or the powers of the divine life. The correspondence in the Macrocosm can be found in the force which manipulates the cosmic nebulae and which by its whirling rotary motion eventually builds them into planets or spheroidal bodies. These planets are each of them an expression of the "will to live" of some cosmic entity, and the force that swirled, that rotated, that built, that solidified, and that continues to hold in form coherent, is the force of some cosmic Being.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Alice A. Bailey, p. 165

October 2006

When the propelled seed is attracted by the cosmic seed, fusion occurs through intensification by the Magnet. When the propelled seed is attracted by the cosmic seed, the direction of the path of the seed is determined. Upon the fusion depends the creativeness of the potential.

When Uranus draws into coalescence the currents of the subtlest energies, it may be said verily that Uranus confirms all manifested paths and that its currents impel evolution forward. Thus the currents of the luminaries quicken the march of events, and the spirit of Our Uranus accelerates the movement of the chain of evolution. Thus, acute are the angles of correlation. Powerful are the sun's rays at a direct angle, and likewise the attraction of Uranus. A fiery assimilation then takes place. It is a very serious time. Uranus is acting! We are preparing that step.

Infinity I (334), Agni Yoga Society

September 2006

Realise further that the bodies of all these sentient intelligent cosmic, solar and planetary Logoi are constituted of living sentient beings, and the brain reels, and the mind draws back in dismay before such a staggering concept. Yet so it is, and so all moves forward to some unfathomable and magnificent consummation which will only in part begin to be visioned by us when our consciousness has expanded beyond the cosmic physical plane, and beyond the cosmic astral until it can "conceive and think" upon the cosmic mental plane. That supposes a realisation beyond that of the Buddhas who have the consciousness of the cosmic physical plane, and beyond that of the planetary Logoi. It is the consciousness and knowledge of a solar Logos.

To the occult student, who has developed the power of the inner vision, the vault of Heaven can therefore be seen as a blazing fire of light, and the stars as focal points of flame from which radiate streams of dynamic energy. Darkness is light to the illumined Seer, and the secret of the Heavens can be read and expressed in terms of force currents, energy centres, and dynamic fiery systemic peripheries.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Alice A. Bailey, p. 1059-1060

August 2006

The anguish of the heart over the far-off worlds creates a special type of anguish. Hearts that have been tested many times cannot be confined to a fixed earthly aura. And their experience indicates how the Teaching summons them to the expansion of understanding. But nothing will erase the memory of the far-off worlds in those who have approached them in the fiery body. As countless as the stars, as inexpressible in words, is the memory of the far-off worlds. So, too, the heart will not forget about the silver thread, which is like a ladder to Infinity. The earthly body cannot withstand many fiery revelations. But the same thread of the heart retains the consciousness of the far-off worlds.

Heart (252), Agni Yoga Society

July 2006

This "central sun" of the Occultists, which even Science is obliged to accept astronomically, for it cannot deny the presence in Sidereal Space of a central body in the milky way, a point unseen and mysterious, the ever-hidden centre of attraction of our Sun and system—this "Sun" is viewed differently by the Occultists of the East. While the Western and Jewish Kabalists (and even some pious modern astronomers) claim that in this sun the God-head is specially present—referring to it the volitional acts of God—the Eastern Initiates maintain that, as the supradivine Essence of the Unknown Absolute is equally in every domain and place, the "Central Sun" is simply the centre of Universal life-Electricity; the reservoir within which that divine radiance, already differentiated at the beginning of every creation, is focussed. Though still in a laya, or neutral condition, it is, nevertheless, the one attracting, as also the ever-emitting, life Centre.

The Secret Doctrine, Vol 2, H. P. Blavatsky, p. 240

June 2006

You understand both the work of reality and the work of Maya. Spatial thought is reality, while what people generally pay attention to is Maya. Bear in mind that each of Us could grieve over the low level of those on Earth; but this would have no effect on the evolutionary plan because it is thought that creates. Images of Truth provide to each body, whether it be evolving or disintegrating, new possibilities for flight to higher spheres. Each Teacher of life bases His power only upon images of Truth, and creates the future by His thought, not by the consciousness of the crowd.

Signs of Agni Yoga (122), Agni Yoga Society

May 2006

The Buddha focusses in Himself the downpouring forces, whilst the Christ focusses in Himself the outgoing demand and the spiritual aspiration of the entire planet. This makes a planetary alignment of great potency. Should the needed work be accomplished at the Wesak Festivals, the needed adjustments in the world can be made. The success or failure lies largely in the hands of the New Group of World Servers. Creative thought, do not cease to adorn space with thy flowers of light!

Esoteric Psychology, Vol II, Alice A. Bailey, p. 699

April 2006

Let us end with a legend: "Let us look at the stars. We were told that the vessel of Wisdom poured its contents from out of Tushita, and the drops of the miraculous draft became aglow in space. But the Teacher said, 'Thus glow the tips of the arrows of thought, because thought pierces the radiant substance and creates worlds.'" Creative thought, do not cease to adorn space with thy flowers of light!

Signs of Agni Yoga (135), Agni Yoga Society

March 2006

There is much that must be done to change conditions, institute new values and produce the bringing in of an entirely new civilisation—a civilisation which will permit the externalisation of the Ashrams, or of the Hierarchy, and a restitution, therefore, of hierarchical or spiritual control as it was known in old Atlantean days, only this time on a much higher turn of the spiral and with the intelligent cooperation also and the wise assistance of humanity, which was a factor lacking in the earlier civilisation. Once this has been dealt with in the reflective, concentrated meditation of the individual aspirant, in the united reflection and meditation of the many spiritually inclined groups in the world today, and once the New Group of World Servers and the Hierarchy are working in the closest kind of cooperation, then the visualisation and the projection of the intended civilisation will have reached a definite and a most important point of precipitation. Then, the invocative appeal of the united Hierarchy and of the New Group of World Servers will be so potent that it will evoke a response from humanity and a cycle of organisation, of planning and of effective expression will follow. Reflection, meditation and visualisation will give place to scientific thinking which is essentially meditation and to the needed physical plane activity.

Discipleship in the New Age, Vol II, Alice A. Bailey, pp. 218-219

February 2006

Modern Science is secure only in its own domain and region; within the physical boundaries of our solar system, beyond which everything, every particle of matter, is different from the matter it knows: which matter exists in states of which Science can form no idea. That matter, which is truly homogeneous, is beyond human perceptions, if perception is tied down merely to the five senses. We feel its effects through those INTELLIGENCES which are the results of its primeval differentiation, whom we name Dhyan-Chohans; called in the Hermetic works the "Seven Governors," those to whom Pymander, the "Thought Divine," refers as the Building Powers, and whom Asklepios calls the "Supernal Gods." That matter—the real primordial substance, the noumenon of all the "matter" we know of,—even some of the astronomers have been led to believe in, and to despair of the possibility of ever accounting for rotation, gravitation, and the origin of any mechanical physical laws—unless these Intelligences be admitted by Science.

The Secret Doctrine, Vol 1, H. P. Blavatsky, p. 601

January 2006

Why is Earth in a state of illness? Because the rays of the planets cannot penetrate the contaminated aura. Into what will man be reduced if he ceases his intercourse with the supreme consciousness and sinks into the basest ignorance? From the Raj planet to the microcosm, the law is one. Losing the realization of the great worlds, people have wandered away from the understanding of perfection. The worlds have become for them a mad dream; and their self-perfectment has become an unnecessary and perilous pastime. Slaving for the daily wage, people hope only for the end of the way.

Religions have frightened humanity by their verdicts and have bereft it of daring. A man who has succumbed blindly to the state religion is like a donkey who bears an unknown load. Can one accept a religion as a police order? Can one accept on faith the verdicts of strangers who receive fees for communing with heaven?

The importance of the yogi in affairs of a state religion is very great. Fearless, testing, indefatigable, the yogi must help humanity to remember the law of Unity. Like a smiting sword, the thought of the yogi flashes through space. Ready to alter the ways of communion, ready for achievement, ready for the condemnations of ignorance, the yogi bids humanity contemplate the causes of reincarnated existences. By this thought will the quality of labor and understanding be changed. Contemplating the possibilities inherent in people, who would not wish to dare valiantly? Is not the victor's crown his who teaches courage to humanity? Otherwise the heads of people, like swine, will remain stuck to the refuse of Earth.

Signs of Agni Yoga (135), Agni Yoga Society

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