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December 2003

This is all that I have to say about the response of the centres in the human being to the activity of the planetary centres under systemic and zodiacal stimulation. I am not here writing a treatise on the individual training of the disciple but am attempting to demonstrate the fact of cosmic, zodiacal, systemic, planetary and human interplay which in its turn constitutes a great and living Whole—the life expression of a Being of Whom we only know that love and the will-to-good, expressed through the Universal Mind, are the outstanding characteristics and that these are steadily emerging into increasing radiance.

Esoteric Astrology, Alice A. Bailey, p. 452

November 2003

It may be said that Cosmos is in a perpetual state of fiery transmutation. The law and the motion are established by reciprocal attraction. Each energy attracted to the striving seed produces its effect. These effects enwrap the entire planet. Certainly the discovered law of electricity is connected with the Fire of Space. Indeed, all manifestations of cosmic records abroad in space are open to human understanding. Knowledge is so relative that humanity must embrace the cosmic understanding with a universal eye. The creativeness of a fiery transmutation is based upon the striving of the fire toward the higher intensity. These cosmic seeds are strongly attracted toward the magnet of the form. Space abounds in these seeds.

Infinity, Vol. II (25) Agni Yoga Society

October 2003

For even great adepts (those initiated of course), trained seers though they are, can claim thorough acquaintance with the nature and appearance of planets and their inhabitants belonging to our solar system only. They know that almost all the planetary worlds are inhabited, but can have access to -- even in spirit -- only those of our system; and they are also aware how difficult it is, even for them, to put themselves into full rapport even with the planes of consciousness within our system, but differing from the states of consciousness possible on this globe; i.e., on the three planes of the chain of spheres beyond our earth. Such knowledge and intercourse are possible to them because they have learned how to penetrate to planes of consciousness which are closed to the perceptions of ordinary men; but were they to communicate their knowledge, the world would be no wiser, because it lacks that experience of other forms of perception which alone could enable them to grasp what was told them.

The Secret Doctrine, Vol 2, H. P. Blavatsky, p. 701

September 2003

It might be stated that the disciple has to become consciously aware of the planetary influences and begin to use them for the carrying out of soul purpose. The initiate has to be aware of the zodiacal influences which emanate from outside of the solar system altogether.

Esoteric Astrology, Alice A. Bailey, p. 23

August 2003

The planetary tension permits the penetration of only those currents which are identical with the atmosphere surrounding the Earth. The currents existing around the Earth obstruct the transmissions of space; thus the spheres engulf the most substantial power. The attraction of these spheres is based upon their substance. These spatial spots are being born as storms and clouds. The emanations of the spheres are the result of human engenderments; the currents of this issue generate their own forms, and humanity wonders how the earthly chastisement occurs. The law of the spheres is immutable, and creativeness is manifested through the highest impulse.

Infinity, Vol. II (23) Agni Yoga Society

July 2003

The three manifested Persons of the logoic Triad seek full development by means of each other. The will to be, of the Mahadeva aspect, seeks, with the aid of the intelligence of Brahma, to develop love-wisdom, or the Son aspect, the Vishnu aspect. In the microcosmic system, the reflection of the threefold Logos, the man is endeavoring through the three vehicles to attain the same development on his own plane. On higher planes the Heavenly Men (through atma-buddhi-manas) aim at a similar progression. These two, the Heavenly Men plus the units in Their bodies, which are composed of deva and human monads form, in their totality, the Grand Heavenly Man. When man achieves, then the Heavenly Men likewise achieve; when They reach Their full growth and knowledge, and are self-conscious on all planes, then the Son achieves, and the solar system (His body of manifestation and experience) has served its purpose. The Son is liberated. Extend the idea of this threefold development of consciousness to the Logos in a still larger cycle (to that of the three solar systems of which this is the middle one) and we have repeated on cosmic levels in connection with the Logos, the process of the development of man in the three worlds.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Alice A. Bailey, pp. 244-245

June 2003

The essential nature of man can be transmuted by the invocation of better vibrations. Only such a reminder will give man access to a higher status. At the present time humanity is found to be continually in the vibrations of the lower spheres; therefore the lower Manas motivates life. The contact of the Ray of the higher spheres will truly give that vibration which will rouse the consciousness. Perception of the spark of Divine Fire in the seed of the spirit will lay the foundation for a new humanity. Precisely it is necessary to establish in the spiritual structure that in which religion has not succeeded, and to apply to each affirmed manifestation the law of attraction. For realization of the Light in the heart will propel toward the Light, but darkness will dwell in darkness. Thus let us remember on the path to the Fiery World.

Fiery World, Vol III (253), Agni Yoga Society

May 2003

All the Lords of the rays create a body of expression, and thus the seven planets have come into being. These are their major expressions.

  • The Sun (Veiling Vulcan)
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • The Moon

The energies of these seven Lives however are not confined to their planetary expressions, but sweep around the confines of the solar system just as the life impulses of a human being - his vital forces, his desire impulses, and his mental energies - sweep throughout his body, bringing the various organs into activity and enabling him to carry out his intent, to live his life, and to fulfil the objective for which he created his body of manifestation.

Esoteric Psychology, Vol. I, Alice A. Bailey, p. 62

April 2003

...To observe the life of space is knowledge; it is partaking in the life of the Cosmos. Human life cannot be torn loose from the laws of psychic energy. Still more absurd is it to suppress one's consciousness. It is difficult to remain without water even for a day. It is likewise difficult for our consciousness to remain without illumination from far-off worlds. As with food or water, one may become used to thoughts of a great life.

...Not a day nor an hour should pass without partaking in the application of the Teaching. Guard the Yoga as the way of Light, knowing how bountiful are the sparks of its Radiance! We shall not sever the bond but shall sustain it.

As the sun is untiring, so shall Agni be inextinguishable!

Signs of Agni Yoga (407), Agni Yoga Society

March 2003

The work starts at Individualisation, and continues through the two final stages of Initiation and Identification. These three stages mark the progress of the soul consciousness from that of identification with the form to that of identification with the Self. These three words—individualization, initiation and identification—cover the whole process of man's career from the time he emerges into the human kingdom till he passes out of it at the third initiation, and functions freely in the fifth kingdom, the kingdom of God. By that time, he has learnt that consciousness is free and unlimited, and can function in form or out of form according to the behest of the soul, or as the Plan can best be served. The soul is then in no way conditioned by form. Just as man can express himself in what is called three-dimensional living, so, by the time he takes the third initiation, he can function actively and consciously in four dimensions, and in the final stages of the Path of Initiation he becomes active fifth-dimensionally.

Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II, Alice A. Bailey, p. 27

February 2003

The renaissance of a country is always created through cosmic influences. The agglomeration of propelled thoughts attracts from space the necessary layers of manifested sending. Cliches of great discoveries float in space. Those who can intensify their psychic energy with the rhythm of cosmic energies will absorb treasures into their consciousness. The broadening of consciousness will propel toward the chain which connects all creative forces of Cosmos.

The decline of a country that has already accumulated much from the treasure house is the result of its denial of the causality of cosmic actions. When human conceit drives the consciousness to the turning point and the Ego becomes an idol, then are the Gates closed. The personality becomes a reflection of the smile of cosmic action when it considers itself as an inseparable part of the existing, manifested Cosmos.

Verily, man is the highest manifestation of Cosmos. Verily, he is chosen as the predestined builder and collector of all treasures of the Universe. Verily, the term "man" means the affirmation of creativeness. Long ago was the key entrusted to man, but when revelation illumined him there appeared the extinguishers of the fires.

We shall say that when our paths converge within the sun, then you will realize the entire grandeur of Cosmos. Conceive the sun as a guarantee of a new science. Accept the Fire of Infinity as an illumination, as a manifestation of Our real presence. Accept what is ordained by Us.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Alice A. Bailey, p. 1211

January 2003

The trend of the evolutionary process is to make each unit, microcosm and macrocosm, an intelligent co-operator, responsive to forces impinging upon it externally, and aware of its own internal economy and of the latent forces and energies which it has to contribute to the good of the whole.

Infinity, Vol. I, Agni Yoga Society (25)

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