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December 2002

Constant contact with the Higher Reason draws the spirit to higher cognizance. Constant application of higher laws brings the spirit to the orbit of the Cosmic Magnet. Invincible is the path that is built by the Command of the Higher Will. The Power of Hierarchy is the Might saturated with the fire of creativeness. Submission to the Power of Hierarchy means the offering of fire to the General Good. How dimly this concept burns in human understanding! The consciousness that does not absorb this understanding can only mumble the great words, being incapable of applying them to life, because only a heart saturated with the greatness of Hierarchy can understand the entire majesty of the cosmic law. Thus, the attraction to the Magnet can take place only through the realization of Hierarchy.

Hierarchy (194), Agni Yoga Society

November 2002

As the etheric substratum which is the true substance underlying every tangible form is understood, certain great revolutions will be brought about in the domains of science, of medicine and of chemistry. The study of medicine, for instance, will eventually be taken up from a new angle, and its practice will be built upon a comprehension of the laws of radiation, of magnetic currents, and of the force centres found in men’s bodies and their relationship to the force centres and currents of the solar system.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Alice A. Bailey, Foreword, p. xiii

October 2002

The destiny of man on this planet is but little understood. The existence of a cosmic being certainly should have its predestination, but humanity is striving so blindly to its own narrow horizon that it cannot discern its cosmic destination. The creativeness of Cosmos grants a purpose for being to even the smallest worm. Everything in Cosmos creates with a purpose, and, as the relative connection between man and the lower beings is evident, so does there exist the relative connections of the higher spheres. The creativeness of the Cosmic Magnet predetermines each action, as well as the role which the beings are predestined to enact. Thus, the human spheres are designated for cooperation. The Great Reason strains all cosmic spheres; hence, the destiny of man has as its basis the cooperation and beauty of Infinity.

Infinity, Vol. I, Agni Yoga Society (316)

September 2002

It might be stated that the esotericist is occupied in discovering and working with those principles which energise each level of the cosmic physical plane and which are, in reality, aspects of the qualified life energy which is working in and through unprincipled substance. His task is to shift the focus of his attention away from the substance-form side of existence and to become aware of that which has been the source of form production on any specific level. It is his task to develop within himself the needed responsiveness and sensitivity to the quality of the life dominating any form until he arrives eventually at the quality of the ONE LIFE which animates the planet and within Whose activity we live and move and have our being.

Education in the New Age, Alice A. Bailey, pp. 64-65

August 2002

Why is humanity in such a frenzy? The Universe shudders from the manifestations produced by man. And can one expect that man will advance without allegiance to the Cosmic Magnet? For harmony, form must correspond to form. The affirmation of evolution will increase only when man shows affinity with the development of the Universe. Either man will grow and very clearly indicate an advancement by entering the stream of evolution and adopting the process of self-perfecting, in order to win a place of higher tension in the Cosmos, or the realm governed by man will be destroyed. All the strivings of man promote evolution but little. If his striving is not in attunement with the Universe, for betterment, for unity, for the affirmation of the General Good, then the chain of his actions is unworthy.

We shudder at the many structures and many battles. How many of the cosmic inceptions are destroyed--without end! But the Universe is boundless, and the coming new race will bestow the Cosmic Fire in highest manifestations.

Infinity, Vol. I, Agni Yoga Society (198)

July 2002

As the human being develops, the faculty of awareness extends first of all beyond the circumscribing walls that confine it within the lower kingdoms of nature (the mineral, vegetable and animal) to the three worlds of the evolving personality, to the planet whereon he plays his part, to the system wherein that planet revolves, until it finally escapes from the solar system itself and becomes universal.

Initiation Human and Solar, Alice A. Bailey, p. 8

June 2002

The consciousness of the majority of people does not penetrate into the depths of the cosmic structures. Not reflecting upon the significance of principles, people become isolated from the Fiery World. All creative abilities are in need of this cosmic association, for this association affirms the co-measurement which humanity has lost. Man, who has been predestined by the Cosmos to be a builder and co-creator, has turned himself away from this crown. Completing his circle of actions, man has not adapted the cosmic principles as a basis; therefore the Fiery World differs from the world created by man. Everything is refracted in the consciousness in non-conformity with the laws of the Cosmos. On the path to the Fiery World one must manifest realization of adherence to cosmic laws.

Fiery World, Vol. III (374), Agni Yoga Society

May 2002

It first it is the force of the plane substance, which directs him, causing him to identify himself with the grosser substance and to consider himself a man, a member of the fourth Kingdom, and to be convinced, therefore, that he is the Not-self. Later, as force from the Ego pours in, he begins to consider himself as the Ego, the Thinker, the One who uses the form. Finally, energy from the Monad begins to be responded to and he knows himself to be neither the man nor the Angel, but a divine essence or Spirit. A man is then seen as he is truly-a network of fire with flaming focal points, transmitting and circulating fiery energy.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Alice A. Bailey, pp. 1157/8

April 2002

The meaning of life is affirmed in the human consciousness when the understanding of man's role in the Cosmos is revealed. The world is then designated by Us as a field for action in the name of the good of humanity. When the spirit apprehends the truth that Macrocosm and microcosm are inseparably bound together, a conscious bond is established, and cooperation with the cosmic energies becomes possible. But how helpless people are when they lead a form of life isolated from cosmic currents! Indeed, life is transformed when the spirit consciously ascends, understanding the leading principle--Hierarchy. Only when the perception of a guiding Hierarchy is consciously affirmed will humanity realize its true role in the Cosmos. Each link is connected with the next link leading upward. How poor is humanity, in whose consciousness the concept of the great cosmic laws is not affirmed! Only the creativeness of the spirit manifest will bring the worlds closer together. On the path to the Fiery World let us remember about the connecting law of Hierarchy.

Fiery World, Vol. III (67), Agni Yoga Society

March 2002

Again and again would I reiterate the apparently simple truth, that only similarity of vibration will draw a man to the higher group to which he may belong, to the Master Who represents to him the Lord of His Ray, to the World Teacher Who administers to him the mysteries, to the One Initiator Who effects the final liberation, and to the centre within the Heavenly Man in Whose Body he finds a place. …. Therefore the work of the probationer is to attune his vibration to that of his Master, to purify his three lower bodies so that they form no hindrance to that contact, and so to dominate his lower mind that it is no longer a barrier to the downflow of light from the threefold Spirit. ….All this is brought about by meditation, and there is no other means for achieving these aims.

Letters on Occult Meditation, Alice A. Bailey, pp. 268-269

February 2002

Urusvati knows how great earthly achievements could be if true collaboration were practiced.

….earthly egoism makes cooperation impossible. Yet, without cooperation, how can one hope to learn about the higher spheres? It is essential to recognize the higher realms, and to begin thinking about them, so as to revive the memory of the entrusted grains of Goodness. One should recall that in the early dawn of mankind it was ordained that subtle and beautiful ideas be brought to Earth. Indeed, everyone who is ready to incarnate is instructed to fulfill a task for the Common Good according to his individual capacity. Each one may reject these instructions in the whirlpool of free will, but someday will have to return to pick up the scattered grains.

Supermundane, Vol I (105), Agni Yoga Society

January 2002

The aim of this work may be thus stated: to show that Nature is not 'a fortuitous concurrence of atoms,' and to assign to man his rightful place in the scheme of the Universe; to rescue from degradation the archaic truths which are the basis of all religions; and to uncover, to some extent, the fundamental unity from which they all spring; finally, to show that the occult side of Nature has never been approached by the Science of modern civilization.

The Secret Doctrine, H. P. Blavatsky, preface

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