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October 2020

he sign for the Aquarian Age is that of a man, carrying on his shoulders a jar of water so full that it pours over to all and sundry, and yet it diminishes not.  The sign for this Law of Service is very similar, but the difference lies in this; that the man stands, perfectly balanced in the form of a cross, with arms stretched out and with the water pot upon his head.  In this difference there lies much of real significance.  The jar of water, posed upon the shoulders, is a sign of the burden of service.  It is not easy to serve.  Man is today only beginning to learn how to serve.  The jar of water upon the head of the man, who has been upon the cross of sacrifice for so long a time that the position has become to him perfectly natural, indicates that the cross, which has upheld him for so long, has now disappeared.  The man with the water jar upon his head indicates to us poise, equilibrium and balance.  For this balance, the understanding of the Law of Magnetic Impulse has prepared him.  That is the Law of Polar Union and its symbol is the originator of the zodiacal sign for the constellation Libra—balance and service.  These are the two expressions of Divinity which are, today, man's next great objective.

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