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September 2018

ow, let woman—the Mother of the World—say, "Let there be Light," and let her affirm her fiery achievements. What will this Light be like, and which of her achievements will be the great fiery ones? The banner of spirit will be raised, and upon it will be inscribed "Love, Knowledge and Beauty." Yes, only the heart of the woman, the mother, may gather under this Banner the children of the whole world, without distinctions of sex, race, nationality and religion.

Let us, therefore, without delay raise the great Banner of the New Era—the Era of the Mother of the World. Let every woman enlarge the boundaries of her hearth to encompass the hearths of the whole world. These countless fires will strengthen and embellish her own hearth.
Woman, the bearer of sacred knowledge, can become a calling power, kindling with fiery words the souls that are ready. It is necessary to give to every woman according to her consciousness and without impeding her natural and individual growth. It is necessary, with careful touches, to broaden the mind on the foundation of the Teaching of Life. Let every soul develop in a natural way, bringing out the best she can according to the level of her consciousness. Beauty is in variety, but all should have one general foundation—the foundation of striving toward the General Good. The broadest cooperation is inscribed on the Banner of the Mother of the World. Therefore, let us display the utmost tolerance.

Sisters of the Golden Mountain, a dangerous but beautiful time is ahead of us—a time of great achievements. I send you the call of my heart. Let us arm ourselves with flaming striving and with courage, and over all obstacles we shall carry the Banner of the Mother of the World—the Banner of Love, Self-Sacrifice and Beauty—so that in the hour of victory we shall plant it on the Summits of the World..

(Letters I, 7 October 1930)

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