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July 2014

rusvati knows how lightning-fast, resounding spirals of thought envelope the planet. The resulting sheathe can be either beneficial or harmful. Through free will man can cause healing or destruction. Man cannot say that he suffers without cause. It is man himself who at some point in the past introduced poison into the cosmic fabric.
Cosmic soundings are already being studied and it is understood that every thought, every word expressed by man is engraved on indestructible tablets. The time is coming when human thought must be studied. It is quicker than light, and forms a tenacious cover over the Earth. But how often are thoughts benevolent?
People already know how to grasp the superficial expression of thought, but are not yet fully capable of understanding its meaning. In the future, there will be sensitive apparatuses that can record the precise meaning of a thought. People whose thoughts are devoted to the Common Good will rejoice at this research, but all those who live in hatred, malice, lies, and envy, will oppose it by all means. The scientist with enough resolve to conduct the research leading to this discovery will hardly be called a friend by contemporary humanity.
Simple is the admonishment that one should not live in hatred, but the proclamations of today's leaders often encourage it. They do not know the power of thought and of karma. He who thinks that evil can be exterminated by evil is gravely mistaken. Even the horror of war cannot be stopped by hatred. It is noble thoughts that will save mankind. Heroism is shaped not by hatred, but by fiery good will.
The Thinker said, "A fiery warrior knows no obstacles."

Supermundane IV, par. 734, Agni Yoga Society, NY

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