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January 2020

rusvati knows how essential is the joy of life. It is not only a healing remedy but also the best helper for communion with Us. Where does this stimulating feeling, called the joy of life, arise? It does not come from wealth or self-satisfaction, but is often experienced amidst the most grievous difficulties and persecutions. In times of stress, joy is especially valuable and healing. We call it the joy of Be-ness, for it does not depend on personal circumstances, success, or profit. This joy has no earthly reasons; it comes as a forerunner of the highest currents, which spiritualize the entire surrounding atmosphere.
Can there be feelings of joy when one is afflicted with disease or when one is the victim of injustice and insult? Indeed, for even in such circumstances the eyes may sometimes fill with fire, the bowed head may rise, and new strength may be experienced. Then one will begin to rejoice at life, perhaps not at one’s own life, but at real Be-ness.

What strong thoughts will come to those who perceive the joy of Be-ness! The atmosphere around them will be purified, those near them will feel relief, and We will smile from afar and approve the better currents. We shall even be grateful, for each preservation of energy is benevolent.
Everyone who wants to succeed should remember the joy of life. Each person who wants to contact the better currents should know the path that will bring him to Us. One need not fabricate special scientific reasons for such joy; it comes through the heart, and is absolutely real. This joy will enable one to better hear Our calls.
Sometimes the Thinker gathered His disciples for a discourse, which He called a Festival of Joy. Only spring water and bread were served. On such occasions the Thinker said, “Let us not besmirch the joy with wine and rich food. Joy is above everything.”

 (Supermundanepar. 281, Agni Yoga Society, NY.)

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