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November 2017

hough the good effects of good intentions, of good thoughts and actions are elusive, still, according to the law of causality, everything produces an effect.  This law is immutable and sublime.  The affirmation of causality in each action gives a broadening of consciousness; for not fear, but discernment of actions gives the proper direction.  How beautiful is the law which gives life to every good and to each creative beginning!  Indeed, the structure of the Cosmos is aggrandized by all the origins of each hour.  Verily, the heroes of the spirit know how their striving of each day links them with the construction of life.  Thus the law of causality can direct the thinking towards an understanding of the infinitude of the Fiery World; when the spirit senses that it is a link in a Cosmic Chain, as the effect of a cause and the cause of a new effect. Man will be able to realize a great deal through this simple understanding of the law of cause and effect. On the path to the Fiery World let us remember about the eternal motion of our actionigence applied to all states through the full conscious utilisation of the faculty of discriminative love.      

Fiery World III, par. 46, Agni Yoga Society, NY.

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