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July 2017

rusvati acknowledged the cosmic nature of man. People often talk about Macrocosm and microcosm, and at the same time, do not see their main foundations.  They do not admit the existence of the primary energy, the Supermundane World and the spiritual basis of everything.  What kind of Macrocosm could it be without basic foundations?  It would be a poor ruin and the microcosm would be a pitifully deformed creature.
Some insightful scientists sense that even in their most brilliant discoveries something is lacking.  They understand inwardly that the laws discovered by them are only partial and can be extended to new boundaries.  But, since from their early childhood no one ever spoke to them about the law of the spirit, they do not find within themselves the courage to seek unlimited knowledge.  Examples can be cited of serious researchers who concealed their broad observations.  They were afraid to go beyond the boundaries of their limited science.  In secret they read the works of great thinkers but would never admit to their own new paths.
However, if we imagine that all of humanity is transformed from deniers into unrestrained observers, what scientific progress would take place!  It can be understood that the legend about "The City of Light" would then become reality. The Thinker said, "There will come a new scientist, bold and unlimited.".      

Supermundane, par. 934. Agni Yoga Society, NY.

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