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September 2014

he self-sacrificing heart of an Agni Yogi contains the pain of the world, but it is a rare manifestation.  As is said in a most ancient psalm, “I shall encompass within my heart the sorrow of the world.  I shall incandesce the heart as the womb of Earth.  I shall saturate it with lightnings.  The new heart is the shield of the world.  I shall inscribe upon it the sign of the Earth-Mother.  The Cross of the Mother will be the sign of My fire.”  Thus knew the ancients.
And again a loyal heart is in the Service of the world.  Therefore I say—health must be guarded.  A vessel filled to the brim must be carried with caution.
One may rejoice at the kindling of the fire of the heart.  Let us not forget how unexpectedly new fires are kindled.

Hierarchy, par. 102, Agni Yoga Society, NY

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