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September 2019

here are many signs by means of which one may form an opinion as to the loyalty of a disciple. One sign is the persistence being exerted by the disciple on all the paths—when a disciple manifests his firmness amid storms and whirlwinds, when amidst plots and showers of stones he is not afraid to continue the designated path. Another sign is the invincibility of his faith, when the path indicated by Hierarchy is the only one. Also, in seeking signs of fidelity one should observe how the mutual relations are developed. One should understand how important is a manifest nucleus of two or three co-workers fortified by a fiery esteem for Hierarchy and for each other. By these signs may a fiery loyalty to Hierarchy be determined. Loyalty between friends, co-workers, is a pledge of devotion to Hierarchy. A nucleus of two or three friends, co-workers, can manifest the strongest support for great works. You have spoken correctly about merited favoritism, which We call the bonds of spirit and heart. Thus is affirmed the chain of loyalty which inevitably leads upward. On the path to the Fiery World one should recognize the beauty of loyalty. This wonderful path excludes that active poison which We call spiritual bribery and spiritual corruption. These ulcers are incomparably worse than physical ulcers. Thus, let us esteem loyalty on the path to the Fiery World.

 (Fiery World III, , par. 80)

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