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March 2019

rusvati knows the true meaning of compassion. Maitreya, the Lord of Compassion, impressed this pan-human feeling on the future mind.  Yet the confusion of the present world is great! Many physicians will be needed to cure humanity.  Psychic epidemics are increasing, together with the bodily ones. Compassion can arm physicians for their urgent battle..

There are some feelings akin to compassion, but only compassion itself is without selfishness.  Pity, for example, can be somewhat patronizing, and even charity can have selfish motives, but compassion aids the suffering, taking the entire burden of pain upon itself.  It studies the cause of the pain and offers psychic energy to revitalize the ailing psyche.

Psychic illnesses should be understood in a broad sense.  People enter upon a path of confusion and thus grow helpless.  Much energy for good is needed to support, to not offend, and to express hope in the simplest of words.  A sick person can be quite vain and one should not give the impression that his faults are known.  Truly, compassion is the most tender and sympathetic feeling.  Let us not forget how a subtle feeling helps in the Supermundane World.  It reveals the magnet of the heart, and its power makes one invincible.

The Thinker asserted, “Compassion is the crown of the future.”

 Supermundane, 864

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