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April 2019

f it is realised by the student that manas and intelligent purpose are practically synonymous terms, it will be immediately apparent that karma, and the activities of the Lipika Lords, will be involved in the matter. It will also be apparent that only as the lower mind is transmuted into the abstract or higher mind and from thence into the intuition, will man be able to understand the significance of manas. We may perhaps ask why this must be so. Surely it is because the abstract mind is the agent on cosmic levels whereby the Entity concerned formulates His plans and purposes. These plans and purposes (conceived of in the abstract mind) in due course of evolution crystallise into concrete form by means of the concrete mind. What we call the archetypal plane in connection with the Logos (the plane whereon He forms His ideals, His aspirations and His abstract conceptions) is the logoic correspondence to the atomic abstract levels of the mental plane, from whence are initiated the impulses and purposes of the Spirit in man,—those purposes which eventually force him into an objective form, thus paralleling logoic manifestation. First the abstract concept, then the medium provided for manifestation in form, and, finally, that form itself. Such is the process for Gods and for men, and in it is hidden the mystery of mind and of its place in evolution.

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