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January 2018

nce, according to an old legend, there came a messenger from a distant world to give people equality, brotherhood and joy.  Long since had people forgotten their songs.  They remained in a stupor of hate. The messenger banished darkness and crowdedness, smote infection, and instituted joyful labor.  Hatred was stilled, and the sword of the messenger remained on the wall.  But all were silent and knew not how to begin singing. Then the messenger assembled the little children, led them into the woods, and said to them: “These are your flowers, your brooks, your trees.  No one has followed us.  I shall rest—and you fill yourselves with joy.” Thereupon, timidly they ventured into the forest.  At last the littlest one came to a meadow and sighted a ray of the sun.  Then a yellow oriole sounded its call. The little one followed it, whispering. And soon joyously he sang out, “The sun is ours!”  One by one the children gathered upon the meadow, and a new hymn to Light rang out.  The messenger said: “Man has again begun to sing.  Come is the date!”      

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