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May 2017

he purification of religions predicates a new direct relation with the spiritual world.  Christ, Budda and their closest coworkers did not use magic formulae but acted and created in full blending with the spirit.  Therefore, in the new evolution the former artificial methods must be abandoned.  Remember cause and effect.  The mechanics of yogism are no longer suitable for the regeneration of the world.  A teacher who sits under a tree and forbids does not conform to the need.
      Whence does one derive strength and wisdom?  In union with the Great Spirit, recognizing cause and motive, we build an immediate consequence.  We evoke Those who earlier did set out on the great path of personal realization and responsibility.  And our appeals, through thousands of raised hands, reach Them.  There is no need to implore, no need of terror, but unity moves masses. Desiring the good, we accept the heritage of the Great Carriers of good.  We leave our spiritual vessel open for reception of beneficences. Nothing of evil will touch us, for we desire only that good which has been affirmed by the spirit. And carefully shall we deliver the web of writings into the treasury, because we are going to the Sources.
      To be prepared, to be self-denying, to be abused, to be calumniated, to be joyful, to be silent, to be jubilant, to be the bringing and the bestowing one, and to be in this life taught by the light of the sun, is to be as We wish to see you; and as such We are dispatching you. Thus has your spirit accepted the mission.
      Not with a royal domain, not out of the alchemist's cellar, not with conjurations of magic, but in the midst of life, do we go and come to You, our Elder Brothers and Sisters, to receive the treasures preserved by You, accumulated by us, because we go into the simple Temple of the Supreme Spirit. Thus we shall return to You, because thus do You wish to see us; and the load imposed by You we shall safeguard as the Chalice of Immortality.      

Illumination, II:III:7, Agni Yoga Society, NY.

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