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May 2019

ruly, guard the Teaching as a pearl. Hold high Our Books, the joy of your day and the labor of your ascent. Extol the Teaching as a sword of vigilance. Can carelessness be permitted to creep around the Teaching of life? By what other means can we transform our lives? How else can we find application of the realm of spirit abiding within us? Let us count the days we spend unworthily and be stricken with remorse. Let us count the hours not given to the Teaching and bewail. Can the hour given to the Teaching be sold for a sack of gold? Can one be satisfied with a garment of ignorance after beholding a chiton of beauty, adorned with the flowers of the Mother of the World? How can we devote our days to ordinary routine, when treasures are strewn along our path? One must become accustomed to the unusual manifestations of life. Just as a magnet attracts iron and then magnetizes it, so is sustenance given to the magnet of the individual spirit. Without nurture the spirit will not see how many doors are open to it.

According to the law of the interchange of matter, it is necessary to create a steady current of receiving and giving. One should not think that whatever is read once stays in the mind. The gardener is not worthy who visits his garden only once. It is necessary to understand the signs, but for this one should accept them as one's own. One's own Book lies at hand. Wondrous is the realization of reverence through which one's life is transformed.

We send Our wish that the Teaching be treated with reverence.

 (Agni Yoga, 377)

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