How Can Global Consciousness Respond to the Cry of the Least Developed Countries?

In Observance of World Invocation Day
The Festival of Humanity and The Festival of Goodwill

May 31, 2007; 3:00-6:00 p.m.

Dag Hammarskj÷ld Room, Millennium UN Plaza Hotel

Welcome and Introduction to the Seminar

Ida Urso, Ph.D., President, Aquarian Age Community

Good Afternoon Friends. Welcome and thank you all for coming.

It is most auspicious that of all the conference rooms we tried to obtain for this seminar—and believe me there were many who put much effort into this task—we find ourselves in this Dag Hammarskj÷ld conference room. As one of the most famous and distinguished of the UN's Secretaries-General—the one who set the bar by which others have been measured, we also know Secretary-General Hammarskj÷ld as the designer of the UN Meditation Room as it is today.

His dedication of that Meditation Room is inlcuded in your packets and it is Dag Hammarskj÷ld, often referred to as a modern day mystic, who stated that unless there is a spiritual renaissance on our planet, there will be no peace on earth.

We have a full program ahead of us and thus, I'm going to jump in, asking you at the outset to be bold and creative in your thinking, to search the fullness of your heart and to aspire to the heights of inspiration, for the next three hours, so that together in cooperative unity we may truly accomplish on behalf of those the UN has designated as the 50 Least Developed Countries of Our Planet.

Although we are featuring two keynote talks and one multimedia presentation, this work of "Attaining Global Consciousness" in order to help meet the needs of the 50 Least Developed Countries, can only be accomplished as each one of us takes this responsibility to heart. Only as each of us take up our own Mastery, can Global Consciousness be attained and Planetary Conditions changed.

As one person takes a step forward in this direction, so he/she inspires the rest of us—who then, in turn inspire those within our circles—and so on, and on—in ripple-like fashion, the one who inspires becomes the one who is inspired and so the circle grows, becomes enlivened and eventually, encompasses the planet.

We are counting on your contributions to help make the next three hours dynamic, inspiring, productive and joyful, for as one of the quotations in your packet indicates, what could possibly weave a better smile than the desire to see the very last child laughing?

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