How Can the Use of Goodwill, Meditation and Other Spiritual Practices
Support the Work of the United Nations?

A Roundtable

In Observance of World Invocation Day
The Festival of Humanity and The Festival of Goodwill
Friday, 9 June 2006; 1:15P.M. - 2:30 P.M.

How Can Culture and the Arts as a Spiritual Practice Contribute to the Healing of International Relations?

A Talk by Bart Cook and Maria Calegari

Beauty is the force that can bring Nations together. If the culture of spirit is to win, beauty must invade new regions, regions where now, there has been only ugliness. 1

These are the words of the great Russian painter and visionary Nicholas Roerich, who worked so tirelessly to bring the unifying aspects of the arts and culture to all of humanity.

The idea of spirit being so perfectly expressed through the beauty of art is not new and it can be used as a tool like the Great Invocation, to uplift and heal all peoples.

It's been our life's work to present the beauty of dance to many people throughout the world. As principal dancers with the New York City Ballet and now as teachers of George Balanchine's ballets, we travel to different countries like Russia and the Republic of Georgia, bringing a newer vision of this art form.

Balanchine himself did this as he traveled from Russia to America, bringing with him, as Roerich did, a culture and a discipline of spirit that helped bridge the gap between these two important nations.

Georgia, a small country near the Southwest tip of Russia, is still a place of struggle and tension. Reading through the local paper about our work in the ballet showed the high contrast between light and dark as the rest of the paper described intolerable political, economic and medical conditions.

Bringing beauty into these regions is truly needed.

The ballet is a perfect opportunity to create changes on the etheric level, which has its positive effect on the environment. When we train the dancers to perform, we prepare them to do the work of invocation and evocation. Incorporating music and ritual along with assistance from the devic-angelic kingdom, the quiet work of healing goes forward.

Describing this process of invocation further, in the book, Letters on Occult Meditation, the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul says, " In the true use of rhythmic movement the effect is to align the three lower vehicles with the causal vehicle and this linking up, when coupled with the intensest aspiration and ardent desire, results in a downflow of force from above. When an entire concourse of people is thus animated by a single higher desire, when their auras blend and form one united channel for the downflow, the effect is tremendously intensified and can be worldwide in radius."2

Culture and the Arts provide a common sharing of our One Humanity. It is a potent force that is being used throughout the world today. Using all the newer energies like the Shamballic impact of 2000, the Aquarian impulse and the incoming Seventh Ray, we empower our spiritual practices to do the work of healing, to create new strands of light and love that are bringing in the New Age.

Thank you.

1The Spiritual Journey of Two Great Artists and PeaceMakers, Ruth A. Drayer pp. 36, 41
2Letters On Occult Meditation by Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Publishing Co., p. 198

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