Preparing the Way for the Reappearance of the World Spiritual Teacher
The Work of the United Nations and the World-Wide Esoteric Community

Responses from the Global Community to the Agenda Questions

Roundtable: April 7, 2001

(These responses are not necessarily fully endorsed by the Aquarian Age Community)

A Co-worker in Pennsylvania, USA Writes:

It seems as though slowly but surely the mideaevel myth is being worked through. "When the Kingdom lay waste and the King wounded and unable to rule, who was there to ask the question, 'why does the king lay waste; what is the nature of the wound?" Little by little we are discovering the kingdom has expanded and the wounds are multiple and the pains horrendous. But, the questions are being asked and answered and the King is on His way of Re-appearance.


Maria Cristina Amaral-Brasil's Triangles and World Goodwill and Unit of Service for Holistic Education:

Dear co-workers,

I would like to thank you for the invitation received by post to the roundtable held last 7th of April. I would like also to congratulate the group for the initiative and tell the group that the selection of thoughts for pondering, were also inspiring (all of them but very useful the ones about the UN).

Our groups have had a weekend intergoup meeting in preparation for the 3 major festival (one week before Aries festival and the roundtable), and we have meditated to give subjective support to your meeting. If it were possible I would have come to attend to it objectively.

Our groups have been meditating to give subjective support to the UN itself (to strengthen it and to convey spiritual energy to it), along with the UN days and year meditations (Intuition in Service Initiative).

If it is possible, I would like to know the thoughts and conclusions brought about after the meeting.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards and loving thoughts from
Maria Cristina


Gita Brooke, Co-Founder Operation Peace Through Unity-New Zealand:

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your letter of February 2001, inviting co-workers to join you subjectively at your Roundtable on the 7 April 2001, where you will seek fuller light and understanding on the questions outlined in your mailing.

I would have loved to be with you in person on that day, listening to and learning from the mutual sharings. However, I will be among the many others who will no doubt join you subjectively.

As a small contribution may I offer a copy of a paper for a United Nations Association of New Zealand Seminar in 1993 with the daunting title,: "Philosophical Reflections: The UN and a New World Order-Sovereignty and the balance between national/political independence and global economic and humanitarian interdependence"* (!) In this paper I sought to approach quite a few of the issues re "Preparing the Way for the Reappearance of the World Spiritual Teacher and the Work of the United Nations." In love and in the one work. (Gita Brooke)

* For a copy of the paper, please write to Gita Brooke at Operation Peace Through Unity, Te Rangi, 4 Allison Street, Wanganui 5001, New Zealand.


Brett Mitchell, Esoteric Publishing, California, USA:

I can be with you in spirit at that time on that day.


Gillian Weir-New Zealand:

Dear Friends and Co-Workers,

Thank you for your letter and invitation. I studied the enclosed "Preparatory Thoughts" with care and made an attempt at the questions and enclose my effort. Our group will be banding together at the Easter Festival. I will be happy to join you subjectively. In the One Work, With Light and Love, Gillian Weir:

  1. Masters of the Wisdom-Those who have mastered the human earth life becoming advanced Souls are members of the Occult Hierarchy. Their task is to direct the evolutionary process (the Plan) under the guidance of the Christ.
  2. The UN-gathering the nations together, setting standards to bring about goodwill and right human relations among all peoples of the world (setting them on the Path). It has had a number of successes and a number of failures but is slowly progressing. Q: How Can We Help Strengthen the UN? A: By personal right relations and making others aware of the UN presence and its aims. Knowledge of what is going on worldwide Meditation and prayer; Listening to Talk-Back radio sessions; Joining groups of like minds; e.g., Amnesty International.
  3. The Reappearance of the World Spiritual Teacher-All the great religions are expecting the Return of Their Leader. The same great Identity we know as the Christ. The role and task of this Planetary Teacher is the redemption of humanity which will u0lift all kingdoms.
  4. The World-Wide Esoteric Community-Our role is to live the life of love and light as best we can.
    Responsibility. Respect.
    Endeavoring to supply humanity's need in harmony with the environment.
    Dogged persistence working through all crises in life.
    Living truth expressed in creativity.
    To teach love and understanding, meditate, study and serve and to listen to the Silence.
    Visualizing the light and love and expressing its joy.
    Aquarian breaking down the barriers of separation leading to purification: "Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men."
    Respect and understanding to others of a different persuasion.
    Christed One. Breath of Christ in the heart.
    The overshadowing by the Christ of the Master Jesus.


Mrs. E. Joyce Green-Ireland:

Thank you for your letterenclosing those very relevant extracts from the Teaching, "Preparatory Thoughts" for this very special year.

I will join with you all in taking them deeply into my mind and heart, and will do my best to pass them on, not least as a member of the Irish United Nations Association.

All good wishes to the Round Table gathering on April 7th and to the Community at this very promising time. In loving companionship.


René V.L. Wadlow, Geneva, Switzerland:

I send my best wishes to the participants in the 7 April 2001 Roundtable. I am just leaving Geneva for 10 days for a World Citizen Assembly in Taiwan and do not have time to write a more structured presentation. Thus, I will touch only one of your agenda points: the role of the United Nations, as I have long experienced as NGO representative to the UN Geneva.

The point I would stress is that we within a theosophical-New Age framework must use the UN agenda of issues to infuse a spiritual dimension into world politics. It is true that many working within the UN system-government representatives, secretariat, NGO representatives-do not see the New Age dimension of the work, but there are a good number who do. However, we must be prepared to use the political and socio-economic terms, which make up "UNese." There are some NGOs working in the UN for a long time who have found the right balance of a spiritual thrust and a widely understood language: the Quakers and the Baha'is being the best examples. In the last few years, the Brahma Kumaris have also been working along this line. As a women-led movement, they have built on the growing power of women's issues in the UN.

I will divide these comments on the UN into two:
The UN General Assembly sets certain yearly or decade-long themes. This year 2001 is that of the Dialogue among Civilizations. This theme has many possibilities for spiritual input. I enclose two brief articles* on the theme as well as a paper prepared for two conferences of teachers in Russia. Thus, this text is translated into Russian, and I would be glad to send it to your Russian-speaking contacts.

The UN will be holding the "World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance" in South Africa in September with a large NGO conference just before. It is an opportunity to stress common human identity, brotherhood, etc. I have been active in the preparatory phase, largely on the need to strengthen the prohibitions against genocide.

There will be a UN Special Session of the General Assembly in New York this Fall devoted to children-10 years after the Summit Conference on Children. This is also a theme, which lends itself to input on the spiritual dimension of the child, of education, etc. I enclose the recently drafted "Global Declaration of Soul Education"* which is endorsed by the Theosophical Order of Service Peace Department. I have also signed it as the editor of Transnational Perspectives. Although I do not care for the term "soul" as it excludes all the Buddhist world and it highlights the body-soul-spirit divisions which I think is Piscean and will not be the Aquarian approach, I am not in a position at this point to offer alternatives. So I think we can use this statement and use it as an entry point into the Special Session on Children. It would probably be useful to have some seminars in New York on other aspects of the spiritual development of the child-perhaps family life-and also use the results at the time of the Special Session.

There are possibilities of using other UN themes and years but these three are real possibilities for 2001.

Conflict Transformation

I enclose a review* of a book, The Courage for Peace by Louise Diamond of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy in Washington, DC. It is a good book, which can be shared with people interested in esoteric-spiritual efforts but who have little experience in conflict resolution work.

The review is from a regular series I write, "The Alchemy of Conflict Transformation," in New Hope, a journal published in Kashmir, India, scene of a long-lasting conflict. The introductory passage is published as an introduction to each of my reviews in New Hope and sets out my view on crystallized conflicts so I will not repeat it here. There are many such crystallized conflicts in the world. However, I believe that there is a particular possibility of working on the conflicts of what I call the Piscean Period Heartland-the Middle East-Mediterranean-Black Sea area. For my efforts, I divide this into four geographic segments:
  1. Israel-Jordan-Lebanon-Palestine-Syria
  2. Iran-Iraq-Turkey-Syria, plus the issue of the Kurds in all four States
  3. Greece-Turkey-Cyprus
  4. Yugoslavia-Albania-Bulgaria-Romania
I need not stress the danger spots nor the need for efforts at peacemaking. The UN is working on each of these conflicts. I enclose a review* of a recent study on the Greece-Turkish-Cyprus tensions. The review was sent widely to newspapers and journal in Greece-Turkey-Cyprus. I do not know if any will publish it as the New Age aspect is "up front," but at least it will be read by the editors. I would be glad if you would share it with Greek and Turkish associations in the New York area-one never knows how seeds are planted.

In addition to efforts on the Piscean Heartland conflicts (there are a good number of Arab and Jewish groups in the New York area which you can contact as they may have some influence on events in the Middle East), there are those conflicts which have special karmic ties to the theosophical tradition and thus which need to be addressed specifically by those working within a theosophical framework. I think in particular of Sri Lanka and Central Asia. The [past] President of the Theosophical Society, Henry Steel Olcott played an important role in the revival and modernization of Buddhism in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Today, many (fortunately, not all) Buddhist monks are the most militant, "right wing" and anti-Tamil elements in the open conflict whose most recent phase began in 1982. What role can Theosophists play there today?

Central Asia is closely associated with the work of Nicholas Roerich who pointed out the energies of the coming era there. Today, Central Asia is in a period of transition and tensions, notably the 1980 to present conflict in Afghanistan and tensions within the Central Asian States of the former USSR. What can Theosophists do there?

Again, my best wishes for the Roundtable. I look foreword to reading the report.

(*If readers would like more information on the materials mentioned in this response, please write to Mr. René Wadlow at the following address: Transnational Perspectives, Case Postale 161, CH-1211, Genève 16, Suisse.)


Lynne Murguia-Phoenix, Arizona, USA:

  1. The Masters of the Wisdom are those Beings who have passed the 5th Initiation and are thus able to mediate between Shamballa and humanity.
  2. Their planetary task is to step down Shamballic energies for transmission to humanity via mental Impression upon the New Group of World Servers, trained to manipulate the energy to the benefit of the Whole by transmuting the ideas thus received into ideals that humanity can develop into vision and action upon the physical plane.
  1. Its role in planetary redemption and the liberation of humanity lies in its role within the New Group of World Servers, particularly that of its leaders, through the extensive presence of the United Nations upon the planet . The task lies in presenting and carrying out the vision -- of the one humanity and of the Golden Rule. Manifest on the physical plane this includes equalization presentation of the spiritual principles humanity is crying for and equalization of resources which eventually will offer the masses the time and inclination for pursuit of these principles.
    Such activity is currently manifesting through the General Assembly Committee on Finance for Development --reflecting the growing recognition and commitment of -- and to -- the Whole, as that is represented by delegates from all countries on the planet and reflecting [at least] two of the Preparatory Thoughts for this meeting:
    The thrust of this committee is development of a program to be refined and finalized at an international conference of Finance for Development scheduled to be held in Mexico in the Spring of 2002, to the end of equalizing resources for development of those areas in need -- thereby initiating the Aquarian principle of sharing. In the two years that this Committee has been in process, it has stimulated participation by many groups both within and outside the United Nations, including related actors, and is an initial foray into the teachings on Love to which we here are all committed -- and clear verification that the Plan of Light and Love is working out through (to again quote a Preparatory Thought) "food for the hungry, nursing for the sick, rebuilding of ruined cities and restoration of 'scorched earth'.
  2. Its success to date has been considerable, looking from the cosmic view. In a few short years (since the end of the World War) the United Nations has succeeded in:
  3. Our group support of the United Nations can be on various broad-based levels to the end of balancing the material aspect so long extant with that of the soul -- thus giving rise to Aquarian purpose worldwide
  1. This Being is the only Human thus far in our history to have reached synthesis with the planetary logos, as a result of which he has sacrificed His personal progress to that of humanity.
  2. His role is to impart to humanity the reality of the 5th Kingdom (Heaven on earth) and to this end has appeared in the bodies of various disciples and in the realm of various cultures throughout the Ages, wherein it has seemed most propitious to transmit the Teaching appropriate to the time.

    His task 'next' time will be to validate the equality of all people and departments of living, while demonstrating the need for Will in the application of love to these ends -- thereby leading to the harmonic circulation of energy (and consequent right human relations) reflective of the 5th Kingdom.
  1. Our responsibilities to:
    1. the Plan of Light and Love - sensitivity to impression of the Plan itself and our part in It; progressive relinquishing of concerns with the personal to concern for the Whole
    2. Humanity - to step down the energy and ideas impressed upon us to the degree comprehensible by the masses -- demonstrating, by example, the Aquarian principles of unity, sharing, cooperation and soul-awareness.
    3. To Each Other - sensitivity to individual essence, thereby developing the group sensitivity necessary to effective group work within the Plan, and skillful thought control within ourselves.
    4. To the Masters of the Wisdom and the Planetary Teacher - receptivity to Their 'impression' in order to facilitate cooperation with Them - spreading awareness of Their basic teachings for humanity both to facilitate Their work and the progress of humanity - development of discipleship qualities such that usurpation of the Masters' energies may be avoided
  2. The Path of Light radiates in proportion to dissipation of glamour, itself dependent upon alignment, mental focus and accompanying thought control, soul awareness / manifestation, and awareness and maintenance of the highest possible point of tension; in other words, sustained livingness on the inner planes -- with its consequent outer effect.


Jean Fields Galla-West Virginia, USA:

Thank you for the information concerning the round table group in your area on April 7th. I am able to bring together eight or ten people in my area who can address the topics you set forth. These are advanced esotericists, coming from various disciplines.


Joaquin Tamames, Madrid, Spain:

Thank you for the preparatory thoughts. They are very illuminating rather than a modest introductory aid. Your service is most appreciated and gives us new energy. With your approval, I would like to send them to part of my e-mail list. In loving companionship

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