Preparing the Way for the Reappearance of the World Spiritual Teacher:
The Work of the United Nations and the World-Wide Esoteric Community

An Invitation to all Esoteric Students
March, 2001

There is a growing and developing belief that Christ is in us, as He was in the Master Jesus, and this belief will alter world affairs and mankind's entire attitude to life.
The Externalisation of the Hierarchy

Dear Friends and Co-workers,

As we know, this year is an auspicious time on our planet and one of compelling import. It is a time wherein Great Decisions will be made by certain of the Masters of Love and Light. For humanity and for students of the Wisdom Teachings, this period is also one of the parting of the ways. Will we be part of the regressive or status quo forces who seek the comfort and the seeming security of the present limiting conditions, or will we be part of the progressive forward movement-open and receptive to the inpouring new energies? Will we continue to be influenced by our personal and materialistic inclinations, or will we practice greater self-discipline and fiery striving in order to advance the energies of light, love and the will-to-good? Will we myopically seek our personal good, or will we submerge self-interest in the cause of the Common Good? Will we constrain and compromise the vision that lives in our heart of hearts, or will we do all in our power to express and actualize that vision?

The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, has told us that "esoterically speaking, a point of contact, a moment of 'spiritual intercourse,' is imminent, and out of that moment a new world can be born." In the Signs of Agni Yoga we read that "the time of gathering of treasures has approached."

Those of us who seek to serve the Plan of Love and Light know that it is the demand of the disciples of the world which will bring in that which the world needs. Depending on our answer to such questions as those above, we will either impede the externalization of the Masters of Wisdom and the Reappearance of the World Teacher or we will cooperatively and wholeheartedly aid and quicken the process.

Seeking to aid in the externalization and reappearance process, the Aquarian Age Community in cooperation with the New York Theosophical Society is holding a roundtable on Saturday, April 7th in New York City. Responding to the Aquarian "Law of Loving Understanding," we are inviting students of the books of the Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul, the Agni Yoga tradition and Theosophy, as put forward by Helena P. Blavatsky. May we encourage you to join us subjectively, think through the enclosed Agenda questions and, if possible, hold a similar roundtable in your local area?

The enclosed "Preparatory Thoughts" are offered as a modest introductory aid. You are encouraged to do your own research and consider additional ways that you can contribute to this endeavor. We would be pleased to receive your responses to the agenda questions or any other feedback you would like to send in to These will be included in this section of the website.

In the lighted love of Aquarius,

The Thinker often said, 'Can I be so fortunate as to have the privilege of helping my Teachers?'
(Supermundane, I, 257)

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