Preparing the Way for the Reappearance of the World Spiritual Teacher
The Work of the United Nations and the World-Wide Esoteric Community

Preparatory Thoughts for Pondering

I. The Masters of the Wisdom and the Plan of Love and Light

II. The United Nations

III. The Reappearance of the World Spiritual Teacher

IV. The World-Wide Esoteric Community

I. The Masters of the Wisdom and the Plan of Love and Light

The great Apostolic Succession of the Knowers of God is poised today for renewed activity-a Succession of Those Who have lived on earth, accepted the fact of God Transcendent, discovered the reality of God Immanent, portrayed in Their Own lives the divine characteristics of the Christ life and (because They lived on earth as He did and does) have 'entered for us within the veil, leaving us an example that we too should follow His steps,' and Theirs. We too belong eventually in that great Succession. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy,pp. 593

We are entering a scientific age, but it will be a science which passes out of the impasse which it has now reached and which - having penetrated as it has into the realm of the intangible - will begin to work far more subjectively than heretofore. It will recognise the existence of senses which are super-sensory and which are extensions of the five physical senses, and this will be forced upon science because of the multitude of reliable people who will possess them and who can work and live in the worlds of the tangible and the intangible simultaneously. The mass of reputable testimony will be incontrovertible. The moment that the subjective world of causes is proven to exist (and this will come through the indisputable evidence of man's extended senses) science will enter a new era; its focus of attention will change; the possibilities of discovery will be immense and materialism (as that word is now understood) will vanish. Even the word "materialism" will become obsolete and men in the future will be amused at the limited vision of our modern world and wonder why we thought and felt as we did. Destiny of the Nations, pp. 134-135

The slowly manifesting powers of the radio and the sensitive workings of the perfecting radio mechanisms and of television are but the response in physical matter of the perfected telepathic powers and television of the minds of the Masters of the Wisdom. Forget not, that such powers are inherent in all men. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p. 24

…Thus let us fill our days; let us become used to mobility and decisiveness. Likewise, let us not forget that there is nothing on Earth higher than the given Plan for the Common Good. Let us manifest understanding of the Teachings of life. As Moses brought forth human dignity, as Buddha impelled toward the broadening of consciousness, as Christ taught the good of giving, so now the New World is directed toward the far-off worlds! New Era Community (81)

One should not estrange oneself from the earthly, yet one must abide in spirit. For the mastery of the earthly formulae, one must possess a strong channel of the heart, because the reflex of the earthly signs carries dangerous sparks. But for Earth, all must be accomplished upon the earthly plane. Therein is the chief reason for the existence of the Brotherhood here. Therefore, upon Earth one must reach Us, discover Us, as silver ore-the best beneath the earthly crust. Leaves of Morya's Garden II, Illumination (8), p. 34

….People do not believe that great thinkers, such as Plato, Pythagoras, or Anaxagoras, lived the lives of ordinary beings.
….Indeed, you should not assume that Plato, when he was sold into slavery, did not react to all the turmoil of such a situation. Of course, he went courageously through all trials, but in his heart felt great bitterness because of the injustice, and it was because of this that he was able to speak so brilliantly about the best forms of government. Pythagoras too was persecuted, endured great poverty, and suffered all kinds of physical humiliation, but these tests did not diminish his ardor.
….Many lives must be compared in order to understand how the light that shines so brightly is kindled by the blows of destiny. Supermundane, II, (268)

Christ taught also that the Kingdom of God is on Earth and told us to seek that Kingdom first and let all things go for its sake. That Kingdom has ever been with us, composed of all those who, down the ages, have sought spiritual goals, liberated themselves from the limitations of the physical body, emotional controls and the obstructive mind. Its citizens are those who today (unknown to the majority) live in physical bodies, work for the welfare of humanity, use love instead of emotion as their general technique, and compose that great body of "illumined Minds" which guide the destiny of the world. The Kingdom of God is not something which will descend on earth when men are good enough! It is something which is functioning efficiently today and demanding recognition. It is an organised body which is already evoking recognition from those people who do seek first the Kingdom of God and discover thereby that the Kingdom they seek is already here. Christ and His disciples are known by many to be physically present on Earth and the Kingdom which They rule, with its laws and modes of activity are familiar to many, and have been throughout the centuries. The Reappearance of the Christ, pp. 603-604

The objective of the Plan is to reproduce upon the plane of earth the inner kingdom of the soul. This has the Master of the Masters long foretold. Prepare the way. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II p.596

We stand now on the verge of a similar but still more momentous event-the appearance of the fifth kingdom, as a result of the planned activity of the New Group of World Servers, working in collaboration with the Hierarchy of perfected souls, and under the guidance of the Christ Himself. This will usher in the New Age wherein five kingdoms in nature will be recognised as existing side by side upon earth. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p.32

Whence does one derive strength and wisdom? In union with the Great Spirit, recognizing cause and motive, we build an immediate consequence. We evoke Those who earlier did set out on the great path of personal realization and responsibility. And our appeals, through thousands of raised hands, reach Them. There is no need to implore, no need of terror, but unity moves masses. Desiring the good, we accept the heritage of the Great Carriers of good. We leave our spiritual vessel open for reception of beneficences. Nothing of evil will touch us, for we desire only that good which has been affirmed by the spirit. And carefully shall we deliver the web of writings into the treasury, because we are going to the Sources.
To be prepared, to be self-denying, to be abused, to be calumniated, to be joyful, to be silent, to be jubilant, to be the bringing and the bestowing one, and to be in this life taught by the light of the sun, is to be as We wish to see you; and as such We are dispatching you. Thus has your spirit accepted the mission.
Not with a royal domain, not out of the alchemist's cellar, not with conjurations of magic, but in the midst of life, do we go and come to You, our Elder Brothers and Sisters, to receive the treasures preserved by You, accumulated by us, because we go into the simple Temple of the Supreme Spirit. Thus we shall return to You, because thus do You wish to see us; and the load imposed by You we shall safeguard as the Chalice of Immortality. Leaves of Morya's Garden II, Illumination (7), pp. 48-49

We are easily able to replace the Torah with the hymns of the Vedas, and to merge the precepts of Buddha with the precepts of the Teachers, for We do not discern differences between Teachings emanating from the One Source. Signs of Agni Yoga (90)

Each instant, someone somewhere is undergoing terrible misfortune. Let us not forget these perishing ones; let us send them thoughts of help. Perhaps people do not realize that afflictions are forever taking place, without end. In the Brotherhood they are known, and benevolent arrows are sent. Even if you cannot determine precisely the place of its destination, nevertheless send your salutary thought into space. It will find the right course and will be joined magnetically with Our Help. Beauty is found when, from diverse quarters of the world thoughts of salvation come flying-in this each one will emulate the Brotherhood. Brotherhood (585)

Why can Our Community easily avoid irritation? We shall not overestimate the quality of consciousness; but still the fullness of labor remains as the foundation. In labor and in the utilization of prana lies the mystery of the possibility of unity of a group. Such cooperation is possible, and Our followers must not be confused by the varied characters of the co-workers. A sufficiency of labor and the use of nature will give the correct aspect to the nest of labor. Signs of Agni Yoga (134)

….The heart will not relinquish its dream about the Community of salvation, but will remember amidst sorrows that somewhere beyond the mountain peaks dwell the Protectors of the peoples. The very thought about them purifies the thinking and fills one with vigor. Thus, let us honor those who do not relinquish their best treasure. Brotherhood (593)

The major instrument of the Black Lodge is the organising power of the mind and not the coherent influence of love, as is the case with the Masters of the Wisdom. Yet in the natural process of form evolution, these workers on the darker side of life have their useful function. Because they are working predominantly through the mental principle, we find the susceptibility of the untrained masses to this mental imposition and the facility with which they can be regimented and standardised. They have no power to think with clarity for themselves and their minds are consequently plastic and receptive to the powerful forces directed by the two contributing groups - the spiritual workers of the planet and the material workers. Because the bulk of human beings are still materially focussed, the forces which work on the side of matter find a line of least resistance which is not available to the Masters of the Great White Lodge. This danger is, however, lessening decade by decade. Destiny of the Nations, p. 37.

The thought, or the mental attention, of the Christ and of certain of His great disciples, the Masters of the Wisdom, is directed or focussed at this time on human affairs, and that some of Them are also preparing to break Their long silence and may appear later among men. This necessarily has a potent effect, first of all upon Their disciples and on those who are attuned to and synchronized with Their Minds, and secondly, it should be remembered that the energy which flows through these focal points of the Divine Will will have a dual effect and be destructive as well as constructive, according to the quality of the bodies which react to it. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 4.

You will note how consistently the emphasis is laid upon consciousness and its progressive unfoldment, and not upon the form or the aggregate of forms which veil the conscious entity of whatever nature or grade of being. Just as A Treatise on Cosmic Fire endeavoured to give the psychological key to The Secret Doctrine and to interpret the underlying consciousness which the Beings (considered in The Secret Doctrine) express, so in A Treatise on the Seven Rays, I am carrying on the same idea and, at the same time, seeking to give the needed key to modern exoteric psychology and also some indications as to the astrological key to The Secret Doctrine to which H.P.B. refers. The Entities dealt with in her masterpiece of esoteric truth are here revealed as cosmic, solar and planetary influences evoking-in response to Their outpoured energy or vibratory activity-an awakening of consciousness in the form so that it becomes aligned to or closely related to Their Own. All revelations appear to emerge into the consciousness of the race in their lowest or most material form because the "ascent of knowledge towards wisdom" is always the key to progress, and, therefore, exoteric psychology and exoteric mundane astrology had to precede the revelation of their significance; the nature of the form had to be made apparent and man accustomed to it before the meaning behind the form could be revealed.
….In the evolutionary process there is, therefore, first the form, gradually prepared, adjusted, aligned and oriented during many eons of time; behind this active form, as it steadily improves and becomes more responsive to environment and contact, stands the slowly awakening consciousness. This is the thinking, intuiting, loving soul, which tightens its hold over its response apparatus, avails itself upon every possible occasion of every advance made by the form, and employs every influence for the perfecting of the great work which it undertook under the Law of Sacrifice. Esoteric Astrology, pp.290/2

I would like to remind you that the fact that you see the world picture as one of outstanding chaos, of striving ideologies and warring forces, of the persecution of minorities, of hatreds which are working out into a furious preparation for war, and of world anxiety and terror does not really mean that you are seeing the picture as it is in reality. You are seeing what is superficial, temporal, ephemeral and entirely concerned with the form aspect. The Hierarchy is primarily occupied, as you know well, with the consciousness aspect and with the unfoldment of awareness, using form as a means only for the accomplishment of its designs. Destiny of the Nations, p. 11

In connection with this discussion which governs and influences the leading nations of the world, the student should bear in mind the fact that all are today primarily conditioned by the Law of Cleavages; however, advanced groups in every nation are beginning to respond to the Law of Understanding.
….The functioning of the Law of Loving Understanding will be greatly facilitated and speeded during the Aquarian Age which we are considering; it will eventuate later in the development of a world-wide international spirit, in the recognition of one universal faith in God and in humanity also as the major expression of divinity upon the planet and in the transfer of the human consciousness from the world of material things to that of the more purely psychic. This will lead in time and inevitably to the world of spiritual realities. Destiny of the Nations, p. 47

It is in following this wondrous pathway faithfully, undeviatingly, undiscouraged by the many errors and mistakes that are inevitable to imperfect beings, and with indomitable courage that nothing can daunt, that men in due course of time become Great Seers, Mahatmans, themselves. Who then are these Sages and Seers? Are they Gods? No. 'Kosmic Spirits'? No. They are Men, grand Men, evolved Men, high-minded Men, magnanimous Men, spiritual Men: Men in whom the god within each one of them shines forth much as the sun shines forth in his own Kingdom. They are what they are because they have become 'at one' each with his own essential spiritual inner nature, and the result of this union, steadily progressing through the ages into unity, is a Mahatman, a Great Sage, a Great Seer, a Teacher of men and of the world, a Leader of Men on the Pathway to the Gods, and likewise an Initiate in the wondrous and majestic lore of the Universe.
….'Diamond-heart' is a technical term of the archaic Mysteries often used when speaking of these Mahatmans and it has its particular and symbolic meaning, as signifying their crystal-clear consciousness reflecting all in the world: reflecting the misery of the world, receiving and reflecting the human call for help, reflecting with equal clearness the dawning Buddhic Splendor in the heart of every struggling human soul on earth; but yet as hard as is the diamond for all calls of the personality, the self-personality, and first of all of the Mahatmans' own personal nature-for just because they are men they have their personal nature of course, although with them it is a willing and obedient instrument, and not as with most men the haughty, domineering, and cruel master. The Dialogues of G. de Parucker, Meeting 4, January 8, 1930

II. The United Nations

For the first time in human history, the lines of demarcation between that which is right from the angle of the spiritual values (the essential freedom of the human spirit) and that which is wrong (the imprisonment of the human spirit by materialistic conditions) are clearly perceived by the majority of the nations of the planet. Within the United Nations is the germ and the seed of a great international and meditating, reflective group-a group of thinking and informed men and women in whose hands lies the destiny of humanity. This is largely under the control of many fourth ray disciples, if you could but realise it, and their point of meditative focus is the intuitional or buddhic plane-the plane upon which all hierarchical activity is today to be found. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, p. 220

[The function of the Avatar of Synthesis] (in unison with the energy of Christ) is to generate spiritual will in humanity, the will-to-good; His potency works in three fields of activity at this time:

  1. Within the spiritual Hierarchy itself, revealing the nature of the divine will-to-good which the Kingdom of God must express, and the nature also of divine Purpose.
  2. Within the Assembly of the United Nations, though not within the Security Council; He is there generating a slowly growing will-to-unity.
  3. Within the masses of men everywhere, fostering the urge to a general betterment. His activity is necessarily a mass activity, for He can only channel His energies through the mass consciousness or through a group conscious entity, such as the Hierarchy, the United Nations or Humanity. The focal point of His effort and the Agent through which distribution of His energy can be made is the New Group of World Servers; this group is uniquely related to this Avatar of Synthesis. The Reappearance of the Christ pp. 77/8

The world today still remains divided into people of evil intention and great power and their victims, plus the negative reactions of the remaining nations. There is no nation in the United Nations which has attempted to swing the tide of evil by ranging itself and other nations on the side of freedom. There are only groups of unillumined men who seek to control national destinies. There is still emotional reaction to situations and the emotional exploitation of individuals and nations by those who are in no way emotional but who are mentally convinced that certain lines of activity must be followed, leading to their own individual good but which-in the long run-are not good for the peoples involved. We therefore come back to the problems of the astral plane, of the emotional level of consciousness, and to the second initiation; this initiation releases men from emotional control and enables them to shift their consciousness on to mental levels, and from that higher point of focus to control their normal and well developed emotional attitudes. The Rays and the Initiations, pp. 681-682

In June 1945, Christ set in motion the forces of reconstruction which are related to the Will aspect of divinity and which remain as yet the least powerful of the three streams of energy, released during the three Full Moon Festivals in 1945. These forces of reconstruction are effective mainly in relation to those entities which we call nations. The Hierarchy is at this time attempting to channel them into the Assembly of the United Nations; the use made of these impersonal energies is dependent upon the quality and the nature of the recipient nation, on its measure of true enlightenment and on its point in evolution. Nations are the expression today of the massed self-centredness of a people and of their instinct to self-preservation. These energies can, therefore, increase that aspect of their lives. They can, however, and in spite of this, increase the potency of the objective which the United Nations (at present) theoretically hold before the eyes of men everywhere. The main object of the Hierarchy is so to distribute these constructive, synthesising energies that the theory of unity may slowly be turned into practice, and the word "United" may come to have a true significance and meaning. The Reappearance of the Christ, p. 93

The arousing of the men of goodwill in every nation-men who see humanity as a whole and all men as brothers-is the only way in which this rising tide of hate can be stemmed. ….It will be offset by a great demonstration of practical love and understanding on the part of the United Nations-a love which will work out in the form of food for the hungry, nursing for the sick, the rebuilding of the ruined cities, and the restoration of the 'scorched earth'. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 371 [Written in the after-math of World War II.]

The family of nations, viewed as a unit, its correct and proper interrelation, and the shouldering of responsibility for the one, or for the weak, must be the realised goal of all national enterprise; the resources of the entire planet must be shared collectively and it must be increasingly realised that the products of the earth, the gifts of the soil, the intellectual heritage of the nations, belong to the whole of mankind and to no one nation exclusively. No nation liveth unto itself, any more than any individual can happily so live; the nation or individual who attempts so to do must inevitably perish off the face of the earth. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pp. 373-374

The peculiar genius of each nation must be evoked for the enriching of the entire human family; the new civilisation must have its roots in and emerge out of the past; new ideals must come forth and be recognised, and for that the events and education of the past will have prepared the people. Humanity itself must be the goal of interest and effort, and not any particular nation or empire. ...all that is done must be founded on one basic recognition-human brotherhood, expressing itself in right human relations. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pp. 376

The United Nations is still the hope of the world and can remain so; it is a great field of experimentation… The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pp. 376

When the 'little wills' of the intelligentsia, of those who serve the public in some capacity or other, and those above all who are working in some connection with the United Nations, become strengthened, stimulated and focussed on goodwill, the union of the two energies of Love-Wisdom and of Will can bring about the needed changes in the planetary life. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pp. 645

The United Nations need to learn to apply the Law of Love as enunciated in the life of Christ and to express the vitality of the truth that 'no man liveth unto himself' (Rom. XIV:7) and no nation either; the goal of all human effort is loving understanding, prompted by a programme of love and right human relations for all mankind. The Reappearance of the Christ, p. 132

Evidence, however, of the growth of the human intellect along the needed receptive lines can be seen in the 'planning' of the various nations, and in the efforts of the United Nations to formulate a world plan which will eventuate in peace, security and right human relations. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, p. 350

The Liberation of Humanity by the United Nations. We are participating in a great spectacular and symbolic happening and are watching it in process. Esoteric Healing, p. 261

For the first time in human history, the love of God was embodied in a man, and Christ inaugurated the era of love. That expression of divine love is still in the making; the world is not yet full of love and few there are that understand the true meaning of the word. But-speaking symbolically-when the United Nations has emerged into factual and actual power, the welfare of the world will then be assured. What is that welfare but love in action? What are right human relations but love among men, groups and nations? What is international cooperation but love on a world scale? Those are the things which the love of God in Christ expressed, and those are the things which we are working here today to bring into being. We are attempting to do it on a vast scale, and this in spite of opposition-an opposition which can only temporarily succeed, such is the potency of the awakened spirit of man. These are the things which the Hierarchy, in its already successful procedures, is aiding and will continue to aid. The Reappearance of the Christ, p. 603

III. The Reappearance of the World Spiritual Teacher

Chrestes, Chrestos, Chrestians: chrestos (Greek) Applied by the Greeks as a title of respect equivalent to "the worthy." Chrestes meant an interpreter of oracles. In the language of the Mysteries, a chrestos was a candidate or neophyte, and a christos (anointed) was an initiate. Christ is a mystical expression for the human inner god, while chrest is the good but as yet unregenerated nature; using here the language of the Mysteries, Christ may be likened to Dionysos, Osiris, or Krishna, who will deliver the suffering Chrest, mankind or Prometheus, in its trial. It is Christos that incarnates in Chrestos. These usages were taken over by the Gnostic schools out of which Christianity largely sprang, and there is abundant evidence to be found among the early Christian writers and the Gnostics themselves that the adherents originally called themselves Chrestians. Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary-On Line (Copyright © 1999 by Theosophical University Press.)

Christos (Greek) Anointed; applied in the Greek Mysteries to a candidate who had passed the last degree and become a full initiate. Also the immanent individual god in a person, equivalent in some respects to Dionysos, Krishna, etc. The Hebrew word for anointed (mashiah) is generally written in English as Messiah. What we know as Christianity is a syncretism of borrowings from Neoplatonism, neo-Pythogoreanism, Greek Gnosticism, and Hebrew religion. Christos was commonly used in the Greek translation of the Bible as a title of the Jewish Kings, those who had been anointed for reigning-a symbolic rite taken originally from the Mysteries. St. Paul's use of the word shows that he understood its true mystical meaning, but spoke with precaution in his public epistles or writings. Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary-On Line (Copyright ©1999 by Theosophical University Press.)

It may interest you to know that the Christ has not yet decided what type of physical vehicle He will employ should He take physical form and work definitely upon the physical plane. He waits to see what nation or group of nations do the most work, and the most convincing work, in preparation for His reappearance. The Rays and the Initiations, p. 705

The Christ suffers, however, far more from those in His Own household than from those in the outer world; His work is more impeded by the advanced aspirant than by the intelligent thinker. It was not the cruelty of the outer world of men which caused the depths of sorrow to the Christ; it was His Own disciples, plus the massed sorrow-spread over the entire cycle of living-past, present and future-of humanity. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pp. 607/8

…[In June, 1945], the Christ assumed two new functions: one is connected with the second mode of His physical appearance and the other with the mode of over-shadowing. Over the masses, light, love and power are being poured forth and the growth of the Christ-consciousness is, therefore, being constantly stimulated. By His physical Presence, He will become the "Dispenser of the Water of Life"; through the over-shadowing of those sensitive to His impression and of His focussed Mind, He becomes what is technically known as the "Nourisher of the little ones."
As Dispenser of the Water of Life and as Nourisher of the Little Ones, He enters upon His duties in the Aquarian Age, whilst as the centre of the Triangle above mentioned1, He influences, enlightens, and produces right relations in the masses of men. In the coming era, He will, therefore, be known as

  1. The Point within the Triangle.
  2. The Dispenser of the Water of Life.
  3. The Nourisher of the Little Ones.
These are descriptive of His threefold duties to mankind, and of the work which will be distinctive of His world service, throughout the Aquarian Age. The Reappearance of the Christ, p. 83

Jesus answered and and said unto her, 'Whosoever drinketh of this [well] water shall thirst again:
'But whosever drinketh of the water2 that I shall give him shall never thirst: but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.' (John 4:13-14)

Why this triumph of the Christ consciousness must always be spoken of in terms of religion, of church-going and of orthodox belief is one of the incredible triumphs of the forces of evil. To be a citizen of the Kingdom of God does not mean that one must necessarily be a member of some one of the orthodox churches. The divine Christ in the human heart can express itself in many different departments of human living-in politics, in the arts, in economic expression and in true social living, in science and in religion. It might be wise here to remember that the only time it is recorded that Christ (as an adult) visited the Temple of the Jews, He created a disturbance! Humanity is passing from glory to glory and, in the long panorama of history, this is strikingly observable. The glory is today revealed in every department of human activity, and the Transfiguration of those who are on the crest of the human wave of civilisation is very close at hand. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 605

Slowly, there is dawning upon the awakening consciousness of humanity, the great paralleling truth of God Immanent-divinely "pervading" all forms, conditioning from within all kingdoms in nature, expressing innate divinity through human beings and-two thousand years ago-portraying the nature of that divine Immanence in the Person of the Christ. Today, as an outcome of this unfolding divine Presence, there is entering into the minds of men everywhere a new concept: that of Christ in us, the hope of Glory. There is a growing and developing belief that Christ is in us, as He was in the Master Jesus, and this belief will alter world affairs and mankind's entire attitude to life.
The wonder of that Life lived two thousand years ago is still with us and has lost none of its freshness; it is an eternal inspiration, hope, encouragement and example. The love He demonstrated still holds the thinking world in thrall, even though relatively few have really attempted to demonstrate the same quality of love as He did-a love that leads unerringly to world service, to complete self-forgetfulness and to radiant, magnetic living. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pp. 592

The Son of God is on His way and He cometh not alone. His advance guard is already here and the Plan which they must follow is already made and clear. Let recognition be the aim. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 612

….The Thinker carefully watched the pilgrims and used to ask if He could be of help to them. When He was warned that they might be vagrants, He whispered, 'Who knows, they may be from Beyond.' When their poor attire was pointed out to Him, He smiled and said, 'Pilgrims are not used to luxury.' And when He was told that true heroes do not come from the lower classes, He became indignant and pointed out that the time would come when the common people would produce great things.
The Thinker directed attention to the people. Supermundane, II (301)

…People wish to see the Teachers just as they see themselves, and if the Teacher differs in some way they will disbelieve. The ignorant demand, never realizing that their demand is based on ignorance, and that the image they have invented is belittling. In general, most pictures of the Great Teachers are tasteless. People want to see their Teachers as exceptional, even in their outer appearance. If people have such an attitude toward true greatness it indicates that they would not have recognized the Great Pilgrim3.
He did not avoid mingling with people. He visited their festivals and discussed their daily needs, but few noticed the many wise warnings that were given with a beautiful smile and words of encouragement. His intimate tenderness was not always appreciated by the disciples, who sometimes even criticized Him for it, believing that He should not have given so much attention to people of no importance. However, wonderful souls were revealed and made manifest by His smiles. He was criticized for talking to women, yet it was women who preserved the Teaching. He was also criticized for association with so-called heathens by those who forgot that the Teacher came to all people, not just to one sect. It was part of His lofty achievement to accept insult with equanimity. We mention these condemnations because through them the Image of the Great Pilgrim is shown to be more human. If He had not come into contact with life and had not suffered, His deeds would not have been as great. No one realized how tormented He was by the many disturbed auras He came into contact with in this way, but the thought of great achievement never left Him." Supermundane I (152)

Christ expressed in Himself and refrained from putting it into form; He Himself was the truth, yet inevitably (because of its inherent life) that which He expressed took form and has greatly modified and coloured human thinking and planning, and this will be increasingly so. As the essence of Christianity emerges into expression (and in so doing destroys Churchianity) you have again a striking illustration of the truth of what I am seeking to emphasise. In the Christian Church, men have expressed themselves, not the Christ; they have imposed their interpretations of truth on truth itself; they have created a massive organisation in every land but a living organism is non-existent. In the new world religion which is on its way, Christianity will be expressed through the creative activity of the Christ spirit through the medium of the world disciples and initiates; we shall then see the full expression of hierarchical truth-of which the Christ today is the symbol and exponent. Neophytes and aspirants have "touched" that for which the Christ stood, and have then attempted to impose their comprehension of that which they contacted upon the rest of the world. Knowers, disciples and initiates express that which He represented (love-wisdom). This they do automatically and by force of habit, first in themselves and finally by a definitely planned creative activity in the outer world. The Rays and the Initiations, p. 296

The exclamation of the Christ, "Father, not my will, but Thine be done," indicated His monadic and realised "destiny." The meaning of these words is not as is so oft stated by Christian theologians and thinkers, a statement of acceptance of pain and of an unpleasant future. It is an exclamation evoked by the realisation of monadic awareness and the focussing of the life aspect within the Whole. The soul, in this statement, is renounced, and the monad, as a point of centralisation, is definitely and finally recognised. Students would do well to bear in mind that the Christ never underwent the Crucifixion subsequent to this episode, but that it was the Master Jesus Who was crucified. The Crucifixion lay behind Him in the experience of the Christ. The episode of renunciation was a high point in the life of the World Saviour, but was no part of the experience of the Master Jesus. The final words of the Christ to His apostles, gathered together in the upper chamber (in the Hierarchy, symbolically) were, "Lo, I am with you all the days, even unto the end of the age," or cycle. Here He was speaking as Head of the Hierarchy, which constitutes His Ashram, and also speaking as the Monad and expressing His divine Will to pervade or inform the world continuously and endlessly with His overshadowing consciousness; He expressed universality and the ceaseless continuity and contact which is the characteristic of monadic life-of life itself. It was also a tremendous affirmation, sent forth on the energy of the will, and making all things new and all things possible. The Rays and the Initiations, p.314-5

"I and the Father are One." This constituted the real achievement of the Christ, Who was the first of our humanity to achieve the complete realisation. This point is of vital interest. Our present Masters of the Wisdom have also entered into this same recognition. The distinction between Them and the Christ is that He added to this realisation the capacity to be a channel, pure and undefiled by any form of self-identification, for a cosmic principle-that of Love. Only those Masters, however, Who reached adeptship in Atlantean times are dowered with this occult unfoldment. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, pp. 468.

The emphasis in the future will be upon the "livingness of the Christ nature"-the proof of which will be the Risen Christ-and upon the use of the will invoking this "living display." The glory and the radiance of the Transfiguration initiation will eventually be relegated to its destined place, and what is meant by the "display of life" will dimly be sensed in its unimaginable beauty.
The line or the path or the Way of Resurrection is the "Radiant Way" to which we have given the cumbersome name of the Antahkarana; this Way leads straight and directly from one great planetary centre to another-from Humanity to the Hierarchy and from the Hierarchy to Shamballa. This is the Way of Resurrection. It is a Way which is composed of the light of intelligent substance, of the radiant attractive substance of love, and the karmic way which is infused by the essence of inflexible will. Forget not that karma is essentially the conditioned will of the planetary Logos as He orders all things toward the ultimate goal of life itself through the process of livingness, of loving understanding, and of intelligent activity. The Rays and the Initiations, p. 318

In connection with all the three Great Powers-the U.S.S.R., the U.S.A. and the U.K.-certain major conflicts are being specifically precipitated; these will fundamentally affect the destiny of humanity. These three nations constitute the three points of a most potent world triangle of energy, and once there is a free circulation and a true understanding established between them, then world peace will be assured and the Christ can come. This understanding and this free harmony (if I may use such a term) will come as the result of each of the three Nations arriving at a real measure of internal harmony as a result of their own particular conflict, and then moving forward in an effort to harmonise with each other and the rest of the world. The Rays and the Initiations, p. 630

This decision [to re-appear or to return to visible presence on earth] was necessarily made in consultation with the Lord of the World, the "Ancient of Days" of The Old Testament, and the "One in Whom we live and move and have our being" of The New Testament. He is the Custodian of the Will of God. It was also made with the full understanding and cooperation of the Masters and the senior initiates. This was inevitably so, because Their participation and help were imperative. They also necessarily had to be with Him in thought, and cooperating mentally, because His reappearance connotes a great hierarchical approach to humanity and a great spiritual event. The Reappearance of the Christ, p. 69

Christ is the great dispeller of world glamour when He comes, and in this work the Buddha has previously prepared the way. The possibility of such a dispelling and dissipation is therefore definitely centred in the two Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ. One of the essential things at this time is to bring home to humanity and to the nations of the world the nature of the work undertaken by the Buddha and the Christ, and to re-emphasise the truths projected by Them into the arena of world thought. The work of the Lord of Light and of the Lord of Love must be presented anew to a needy world. In this connection, it might be said that some nations need to grasp the teaching of the Buddha which He enunciated in the Four Noble Truths; they must be brought to the realisation that the cause of all sorrow and woe is the misuse of desire-desire for that which is material and transitory. The Reappearance of the Christ, pp. 131-132

Christ is the World Healer and Saviour. He works because He is the embodied soul of all Reality. He works today, as he worked in Palestine two thousand years ago, through groups. There He worked through the three beloved disciples, through the twelve apostles, through the chosen seventy, and the interested five hundred.... Now He works through His Masters and Their groups, and thereby greatly intensifies His efforts. He can and will work through all groups just in so far as they fit themselves for planned service, for the distribution of love, and come into conscious alignment with the great potency of the inner groups. The Reappearance of the Christ, p. 604

Lack of Financial Support for the Work of the Christ: This is perhaps the major difficulty, and it appears to many at times to be an insuperable one. It involves the problem of true financial trusteeship and the deflection of adequate sums of money into channels which will definitely aid in the work of preparation for the return of the Christ. It is closely tied up with the problem of right human relations. The Reappearance of the Christ, pp. 171/2

The time has now come when money must be reevaluated and its usefulness channelled into new directions.
…. Until these things are in process of being righted, the return of the Christ is not possible. The Reappearance of the Christ, p. 175-176

The fiat of the Lord has gone forth; Christ stands attentive to the demand of humanity. That demand is rising and mounting every day and "in such an hour as you think not, He will come." The Reappearance of the Christ, p. 189

IV. The World-Wide Esoteric Community

"…that the love wherewith thou has loved me may be in them, and I in them." John 17:264

I would like to remind you of another most encouraging thing, and that is that the power wielded by those who are seeking to live as souls and in touch with the soul and the world of spiritual realities is out of all proportion to their registered sense of power and usefulness. You are, as you endeavour to wield spiritual force constructively and selflessly, far more potent than you realise. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 81

The disciple, who represents the Ashram, must reveal to humanity the essential unity underlying all creation. This he does, first of all, by acting like a clear sheet of glass through which all may see the reality of Oneness as it demonstrates in practicing operation. When he has, through his own life and words, demonstrated his conscious participation in this basic unity, he passes on to practice ashramic methods of making this fundamental truth still more apparent. The Rays and the Initiations, pp.298-299

When We advocate unity as the means of achievement, Our Advice is simply scientific. We require an intensification of energy that can be achieved only if the co-workers are united. Every breach tears the valuable tissue. Supermundane I, (104)

If the work of the Great Ones is to go forward as desired in these days of stress and of world need, it is imperative that these various groups should begin to recognise their real unity in goal, guidance and technique….they should recognise that all students in analogous schools and working under the same spiritual impulses are members of the one school and are linked together in a basic subjective unity. The time must come when these various (and at present) separative esoteric bodies will have to proclaim their identity, when the leaders and workers and secretaries will meet with each other and learn to know and understand each other. Some day this recognition and understanding will bring them to the point where they will endeavour to supplement each other's efforts, exchange ideas with each other, and so in truth and in deed constitute one great college of esotericism in the world, with varying classes and grades but all occupied with the work of training aspirants and preparing them for discipleship, or superintending the work of disciples as they prepare themselves to take initiation. Then will cease the present attempts to hinder each other's work by comparison of methods and of techniques, by criticism and defamation…and the insistence on exclusiveness. It is these attitudes and methods which at this time are hindering the entrance of the pure light of truth. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pp. 16-17

How great earthly achievements could be if true collaboration were practiced. Supermundane I, (105)

To see the fire of harmonious hearts, carrying out the task of the Creator, is a wonderful realization. Leaves of Morya's Garden I, The Call (407)

To all applicants the call has gone out to see the Christ as He is, in order (as The New Testament puts it) that "as He is, so should we be in the world." To disciples and initiates the call goes out to reveal to the world the grouped formation of all spiritual workers, the nature of the Christ consciousness which knows no separation, which recognises all men everywhere as Sons of God in process of expression. This is all desired because of the need to emphasise the all-inclusive approach of divinity to humanity. These working disciples and initiates regard all as essentially one and as brothers, which repudiates all man-made theologies (religious, scientific, political or economic) and says to all men everywhere: "We are all the children of God; we are all equally divine; we are all on our way to the revelation of divinity, and this upon the physical plane of existence; it is what we reveal that is of importance; what is revealed to us is of lesser importance, though it has its due place in the process of training and perfecting." The Rays and the Initiations, p. 301

It is understood that human communion is possible only under conditions of complete good will. AUM (397)

Theoretically, and as a result of the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom, the spiritual man (in incarnation) has known that he is essentially the indwelling Christ, and the attainment of the Christ consciousness has been and will be his goal. The Rays and the Initiations, p. 313

[These groups-responding to the new note] will meet solely to discuss modes of world helpfulness, the formation of a platform so universal and composed of such basic truths that it can be presented under all the varying methods and utilise the many terminologies. They will endeavour to employ each other's terms, and to familiarise themselves with each other's approach to reality and symbology.
World needs, world opportunities, and the rapid development of the consciousness of mankind and the initiation of humanity into the spiritual realities will so engross their attention that they will have no interest in purely physical plane arrangements, nor in laying the emphasis upon their own personal growth. They will be well aware that response to world need in service and the life of focussed meditation will promote their growth.
World unity, brotherhood in its true sense, the growth of telepathic interplay, the elimination of the non-essentials which serve to separate the thoughts of men and bring about separateness on the physical plane, and the laying of a true emphasis upon the fundamentals of the Ageless Wisdom, the manifestation of a true understanding, the bringing about of at-one-ment with the soul, the recognition of those who belong to the group of world Saviours-this is the immediate work to be done and this must engross your attention. The Rays and the Initiations, pp. 426-428

Be not satisfied with your mental activity and your dedicated idealism. Reach beyond them to the soul whose nature is love and whose identification is with humanity and not with a school of thought or a group of ideals. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, p. 532

By loving all men more and through love and understanding contacting them with greater facility. Love reveals. The Rays and the Initiations, p. 636

In these three great nations, therefore, the three major divine aspects are being brought into manifestation, thus laying the foundation for the new world order. All three are of equal importance.
In Great Britain-right human government-Will or Power
In the U.S.A.-right human relations-Love-Wisdom
In the U.S.S.R.-right use of the mind-Intelligence
This must be remembered and taught, and men of goodwill everywhere should work for a closer relationship between these three peoples. These three points of a divine triangle of energy should not be isolated points, each holding its own point of tensions they should be related points, each point distributing strengthening energy to the other points and admitting a free circulation between all points around the triangle.
….There is in the last analysis but one world and one humanity, and in a shorter time than you may think boundaries and territories will mean but little. World citizenship will be the only factor of importance. The Rays and the Initiations, pp. 632-634

It is the will-to-victory that is demanded at this time; it is the will-to-invoke that which is needed; it is the will-to-focus and through this focussing to aid in the great act of invocation for which the Christ is at this time preparing Himself; it is the will-to-goodness, to self-control and to the evocation of right action for which the Hierarchy asks today. If humanity does its part, it will find that Hierarchy more than ready to respond and do its share in bringing about world release from the Forces of Evil. Will you ponder on this and will you cooperate in every possible way? The plans may be laid, the vision may be seen but unless everyone recognises his essential contribution and his real usefulness, nothing can be done. There are no limitations when true esoteric work is undertaken. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 353

….Work and lofty thought will be the arms of victory-such is the path of Brotherhood. Brotherhood (578)

Great beauty is contained in the acceptance of full responsibility. The vouching of the heart will be that feeling of pathos which will uplift the primary energy. It will often be asked, How to increase this power? By the vouching of the heart. Conscious responsibility will be the beautiful impeller of energy. Thus does the Brotherhood teach. Brotherhood (579)

Children, do not spare time in the search for Truth. The Great Sages have found it by intense search. Believe in thy forces and know that thou art chosen by Him Who is thy Father in spirit. If in a moment of weakness thou wilt totter on thy way-stretch out thy hand, and help will come. The Leaves of Morya's Garden I, The Call (321)

….Only the ignorant assume that celestial harps will sound at the first request. From the abyss of chaos to celestial harmony the way is indeed long. This is why the Great Teachers are also the Great Toilers, and only those who have heard both extremes can judge the extent of this evolution. Supermundane I (152)

Today, so numerous are the inner and outer disciples, and so many are the world aspirants, the pull and the magnetic appeal are largely equalised, and what will happen in the world unfoldment and in the recognitions by the races will be the result of mutual interplay of the two intents (I am choosing my words with care)-the intent of the Masters to help humanity, and that of the world aspirants and disciples to aid in that helping. Esoterically speaking, a point of contact, a moment of "spiritual intercourse," is imminent, and out of that moment a new world can be born.
If that can be brought about, then there can be re-established on earth the condition which was brought to an end in earlier days, when the Hierarchy (in order to further man's mental development) withdrew behind the scenes for a period. If this spiritual contact can be brought about, it means that the Hierarchy will no longer be hidden and unknown, but will be recognised as present upon the physical plane.
…. I seek to emphasise the point that the final activity which will bring about this spiritual event must come from the outer plane of physical life. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pp. 19-21

….you are all adult souls and progress by defined service, not by being helped. Your task is to aid the work which the Hierarchy plans to do, to find the ways and means whereby that service can be wisely rendered, to discover the manner in which world need (not your group need) can be met, to finance that share in the work of the Brotherhood to which you have been assigned by your soul, and to do your part in developing those human attitudes which are needed if true peace is to be found in the world by 1975. If this work is soundly done, then a world unity can be established which will produce right human relations, a sound world politic, an united spiritual effort and an economic 'sharing' which will bring to an end all competition and the present uneven distribution of the necessities of life. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 325

Begin, my brothers, to do your own work, leaving others to shoulder their assigned responsibilities and waste no time in interfering in any phase of work which does not call for your attention. …the work of the Christ (to which all Ashrams are pledged) calls for your cooperation; it is this responsibility which I lay upon your shoulders. That the years may see developed in all of you a firmer dedication, a self-sacrificing service and a deepened humility, is the hope and prayer of your friend, collaborator and Master. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p.89

It is a wrong attitude to seek assiduously to straighten out your brother, to chide him or seek to impose your will on him or your point of view, though it is always legitimate to express ideas and make suggestion. Groups of disciples are groups of free and independent souls who submerge their personal interests in service and who seek that inner linking which will fuse the group into an instrument for the service of humanity and of the Hierarchy. Continue with your own soul discipline and leave your brothers to continue theirs. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p.48

In the New Age, as I have earlier pointed out, the keynote of the aspirant's progress will be love of humanity; this will indicate the awakening of the heart centre. In the past and up until the last few years, the keynote has been service because (if selflessly rendered) it embodied a technique which automatically brought the heart centre into activity. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, pp.87-88

Only from the heart centre can stream, in reality, those lines of energy which link and bind together. ….This heart centre, when adequately radiatory and magnetic, relates disciples to each other and to all the world. It will also produce that telepathic interplay which is so much to be desired and which is so constructively useful to the spiritual Hierarchy-provided it is established within a group of pledged disciples, dedicated to the service of humanity. They can then be trusted. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p.87

The call is going out from every Ashram to all workers to close their ranks and to stand together in the closest comradeship of loyalty and understanding; the challenge is for them to subject themselves (and by that I mean their personalities) to a drastically applied self-discipline, to a purifying process, and to effect those reforms within their own natures which will make them more effective instruments in service. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol.II, p.82

Eliminate all desire for prominence in the work and all ambition, and with a will to meet the need in the new ways, with the expanded truths and with no dogmatism. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, p.85

One's mastery of thought does not consist alone in the deepening and concentration of thinking. One must also possess the knowledge of how to free oneself from untimely and debasing thoughts; thus thought is affirmed when we master it. It is not easy to free oneself from thoughts flying in from without, and it is difficult to cast off sad and burdensome meditations. But one should be able in like manner to send thought forward, and also to leave behind the one which is of no use. Usually, people are enslaved by their thoughts; and nothing so impedes advancement as grievous immobile thoughts. Most often such heavy thoughts are sent from without, and many eyes watch with malice, awaiting the suppression of energy. Learn to expel this obvious burden immediately, it is one of the worst aspects of Maya. Hardly a day will pass without an alteration in Maya. Thus, let us be doubly vigilant in possession of thought. Fiery World, II (227)

There is no evil to equal the offense of faint-heartedness. In it is hidden treachery, in it is concealed a fraudulent magnanimity; in it is secreted a ruinous half-wayness; its master is Satan; its motive power is selfhood; its actions include construction with the one hand and destruction with the other; its face displays aspiration but its reality manifests egoism; its domain is a manifestation of selfhood; its affirmation is selfhood; its evidence is compromise, and each of its manifestations for good is a self-affirmation and justification of obvious destruction. The pledge of selfhood lies in the foundation of faint-heartedness. Fiery World, III (279)

Of course, "imperil" is the main destroyer of psychic energy. But also one should not forget the three transgressors fear, doubt, and self-pity. When the measuring of psychic energy is mechanically established, it will be instructive to see how these obscurants interrupt the flow of energy. This flow of energy is supported by such efforts as are found in self-denial and achievement. These abstract conceptions will bear witness to the acknowledgment of the energy of the Life Principle, which is measurable and conceivable….The Signs of Agni Yoga (389)

The neophytes of the Brotherhood are tested upon fear. A most hopeless situation is shown to them, and one waits to see what solution will be chosen by the tested one. Very few will think, What is there to be afraid of since the Brotherhood stands behind us? Precisely such a premise liberates one from fear and often, before thinking about the Brotherhood, a man will promptly get distressed, irritated, and filled with imperil. A plea from one filled with poison will not be useful.
The Light of Truth is the light of courage, the light of devotion-with these words begin the Statutes of Brotherhood. Brotherhood (580)

…The despair of spiritual emptiness before the anointing was well known to the initiates into the mysteries of Isis. On the night of the anointment the neophyte was locked in a special chamber where he emptied the full chalice of despair and rent his garments, enduring a mortal anguish in spirit.
Before dawn he sank into a stupor, and at daybreak, when the sun illumined the pylons of the temple and the priests intoned the morning prayer, the High Priest unlocked the door, awakened the neophyte, and led him into a dazzling hall, where he received his new name and was reborn in exaltation of the spirit. Leaves of Morya's Garden II, Illumination (13)

The Masters are, therefore, anxious to 'burn up the disciple in the fire of the will-to-love so that he is set free and the barriers to the inflow of the avataric force may be dissolved.' Why is this? Because it is the disciples in the world and not the mass of men who today hinder the Coming of the Avatar and render useless His intention. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p. 721

Who then are My people? Those who do not feel any place to be their home; those who do not attach any value to objects; who love to ascend mountains; who love the singing of birds; who value the air of the morning hour; who value action more than time; who understand flowers; who display fearlessness without noticing it; who abhor gossip; who esteem the manifestation of the joy of beauty; who understand the life beyond the limits of the visible; who feel when one can partake of Amrita; who hasten to fulfill the prophecy. These, My people, can use My Power. Leaves of Morya's Garden II, Illumination (18)

The disciple who seeks to enter within the Portals of Initiation cannot do so until he has learnt the power of speech and the power of silence….Speech will be watched…The effects of the spoken word will be studied….Silence will be cultivated, and applicants will be careful to preserve strict silence concerning themselves, their occult work or knowledge, the affairs of those associated with them, and the work of their occult group. Initiation Human and Solar, pp. 198-199

Could you but see as We see Who, standing above the conflict, represent the Law, how every unifying thought and deed of every man, however humble if sincere, plays its important part - nay, I would say tremendous part - in bringing victory to the side of Light and Law, your work would be more inspired, your wills more ardent, your faith more fiery and your lives more full of power. Go forth therefore with added force, with greater zeal, constant in self-discipline, losing self in service, planning, thinking, working in the cause of Light and Law and in the name of Those Who are the Light and have become the Law. On all your work the blessing, the peace, the beauty, and the power of Borobudur. Light of the Sanctuary The Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson, p. 45.

The group [the New Group of World Servers] is slowly integrating and slowly making its influence in the primary work of educating public opinion-the only potent means of work and of far more potency and ultimate value than any legislation or emphasis upon authority. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, pp. 31-32

Let not your love remain theoretical, but give that true understanding which ignores mistakes, recognises no barriers, refuses all separating thoughts, and surrounds each other with that protecting wall of love that meets all need wherever possible-physical, emotional and mental. It is this which blends the group into one organised whole, which the Masters of the Wisdom can use in the service of the Plan. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, p. 4.

Your spiritual goal is the establishing of the Kingdom of God. One of the first steps towards this is to prepare men's minds to accept the fact that the reappearance of the Christ is imminent. You must tell men everywhere that the Masters and Their groups of disciples are actively working to bring order out of chaos. You must tell them that there IS a Plan, and that nothing can possibly arrest the working out of that Plan. You must tell them that the Hierarchy stands, and that It has stood for thousands of years, and is the expression of the accumulated wisdom of the ages. You must tell them above all else that God is love, that the Hierarchy is love, and that Christ is coming because He loves humanity. This is the message which you must give at this time. And with this responsibility I leave you. Work, my brothers. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 701

The living organism of aspirants and disciples can provide a centre of peace, power and love, of practical help and spiritual uplift such as the world has not hitherto seen. Such is the hope. See you to it. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, p. 516

1 Triangle created by the Spirit of Peace, the Avatar of Synthesis and the Buddha..
2 Water of Life is one of the ways by which The Secret Doctrine (Vol I) refers to "ELECTRICITY-the Life of the Universe," p. 81.
3 In the two volumes of Supermundane published by the Agni Yoga Society, the Christ is alternately referred to by such titles as Great Pilgrim, Healer, The Thinker, Great Teacher and Great Savior..
4 I advise all disciples who seek to cooperate with the impending activity of the Hierarchy to study with care the seventeenth chapter of the Gospel of St. John; this was written by that disciple of love, under the influence of the energy emanating from the buddhic vehicle of the Christ, which is also-as you have been told-identical with the buddhic vehicle of the Buddha. The identity of the two vehicles is symbolic of the entire teaching anent "isolated unity" and divine participation, which the Masters in Their Ashrams are teaching Their disciples of all grades, these days, as the first step toward the externalisation of Their activities. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 687.

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