Preparing the Way for the Reappearance of the World Spiritual Teacher

The Work of the United Nations and the World-Wide Esoteric Community


April 7, 2001


New York City


Summary Report of the Roundtable1




Welcome and Introductory Remarks—Don Conte (Host) and Ida Urso (Roundtable Moderator)


After a brief welcome, there was an acknowledgment and expressed appreciation of co-workers around the world who were subjectively supporting and in some cases joining in a consideration of the themes and questions in the Roundtable Agenda.


We know these are unprecedented times on our planet and millions within humanity have the opportunity to make a major leap in consciousness.  Involved in the process of planetary initiation is the externalization of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom and the reappearance of the Christed One—the World Spiritual Teacher.  Many of us here believe we incarnated at just this time in order to help in the needed preparatory work that must pave the “Path of Light” for these wondrous events.


What are the prerequisites for the reappearance and the externalization to occur?  Among them are the following:


*Awareness of the Plan of Love and Light and public recognition of the Masters of the Wisdom and the imminent return of the World Spiritual Teacher;


*A strengthening and “electrification” of the bridge of light, love and the will-to-good that connects the three spiritual centers on our planet—humanity, the center of active intelligence;  the Hierarchy, the center of love-wisdom and Shamballa, the center of will and purpose.  This increased potency is only possible if the aspirants, disciples and initiates of the world recognize their unity and oneness of purpose and cooperatively labor on behalf of the Plan of Love and Light and humanity;


*A steady and regulated planetary disarmament and some measure of political stability, founded on justice and right human relations within the nations of the world;


*The meeting of the basic needs of all the world’s people for adequate food, shelter, health care and education. This is where the work of the United Nations becomes so important and that is why the work of this organization is one of the themes under consideration tonight.


In one of the Agni Yoga books, disciples are enjoined to maintain a particular attitude as they come together for discussion.  May we keep the following words in mind as we share what is in our hearts and minds with each other tonight:

My young friends, again you have been gathered in the name of the Teaching and again you have an evening with guests.  Make an effort to give your discourses beauty, simplicity, and purity.”


After a uniting moment of silence in which participants were enjoined to meditatively reflect on the theme of the Roundtable, the group began sharing ideas and views on the themes and questions put forth in the Agenda.


I.                    The Masters of the Wisdom and the Plan of Love and Light: Who Are They and What Is Their Planetary Task?


The group moderator began with the following quote from the Agni Yoga teachings as one way in which the Masters of the Wisdom may be considered: 


One must reach Us, discover Us, as silver ore—the best beneath the earthly crust.”


This sparked the thought of Earth as our Mother.  We are part of the earth mind set, drawing closer and closer to that feminine principle, possibly drawing problems of the entire earth to ourselves.


Going to the moon, getting outside our planet’s physical sphere showed that we belong to this planet.


The Masters of the Wisdom are as the heartbeat of the planet—“beneath the earthly crust.” 


As we become aware of higher levels of consciousness within us, so we can recognize the Masters.  The Masters seek to help us live life more fully, more beautifully, but, we must work to bring our vibration up to Their level.  We must become better aware of Their Presence.  The Masters are our teachers.  Their task is evolution in the Cosmos.  This is a scientific process.  And, we are all dipping into the same pool of energy.  The difference between humanity and the Masters is in level of consciousness.


Listening to the Masters is an echo of the self.


The concept of Hierarchy and the Masters of the Wisdom can be related to the concept of evolution of everything from photons to galaxies.  There are two ways to explain what the evolutionary process is for everything from photons (the smallest entity) to galaxies (the largest entity)—esoterically and exoterically.


The ideas or thoughts of the Masters exist on a higher plane of consciousness—the next plane on which we are seeking to become conscious.


At times, we may consider the Masters beyond us and we may be awed by them.  However, when we allow ourselves to connect, we recognize that They are our Friends and Teachers Who are farther along on the Path but are always available.  We are all masters in the making.  When we don’t allow fear to get in the way, we know we are guided from the Soul level.  And the Soul is Initiate; it is omniscient and omnipresent.


We create our own reality. I was in a state of consciousness where I heard the question, “Who will go?” I knew I was not to go. The question came again, “Who will go?” I said I will go because I could not bear the voice again. I looked at the earth, aware of those who lost their way and I realized the need to reclaim the work. I don’t call anyone master. I call everyone brother.


Father. Vision—Fountain of light. Light—electric, luminescent, pure color. Each band was sovereign yet united. Earth coming out as a baby into the Cosmos. The only thing I could say was, “I love you.”


You are me.  I am you.  You are the creation, the cosmos—simple plankton to tiny atom.  We are all one.  I see the planet as a wonderful blue ball.  It’s in my heart, in my mind.  The scientists, humanity—in my simple little meditative mind, I see each and every person as one.  I see the oceans as me—90% of our body is water. 


What do we do?  We are waking up and becoming aware of our brothers and sisters who live inside of us.  I also am not calling anyone master. Goddess.  I keep prayers in my computer from all religions.  Am I covering myself?  Maybe.  I pray for everyone.  There is so much pain in the world, as for example in Israel.  If I don’t help my brothers and sisters with every word and thought, who will?


It’s important to remember that the reason these evolved beings are called Masters is because they have mastered life in the recognized three worlds of planetary life and have overcome all obstacles in the physical, emotional and mental levels in which we, humanity struggle. 


The Masters are constantly laboring on behalf of humanity; they labor on behalf of the Common Good.  They have Their Teachers and they too are evolving.  We have to learn from Them what our tasks are in life.  We experiment, we fall, pick ourselves up and carry on.  There is no harm done if our motivation in Soul inspired.  We are all part of the hierarchy of life.


Esoteric science teaches that everything in the universe is in motion.  Everything is absorbing free energy to become more complex.  Human beings can harness this energy extending it in both a concrete and abstract manner.  The writings of Ken Wilber and Aldous Huxley attest to this fact.  The world is in constant change and yearning for the changeless.


Crises are an opportunity for a more spiritual experience.  Old forms break down to create the way for improved, more refined, and fitting containers for the new life-giving energies that are seeking manifestation.


If we didn’t have suffering and pain, what would challenge or motivate us to grow?


Just as pain and suffering have been so prevalent in the Piscean period we are leaving behind, so do joy and resurrection motivate us to move forward in the Aquarian Age.  We can experience joy as we consider the life we are moving toward.  It is a shift in what we choose to focus on—the pain of what is being left behind, or the joy of what we are moving toward.


II.                 The United Nations:  What Is Its Role in Planetary Redemption and in the Liberation of Humanity? How Successful Has It Been? And How Can We Help Strengthen this Organization?


In spite of its many imperfections and flaws, this organization has a most vital and spiritual role to play in the transformation of life on our planet.  It was hoped that the UN would be able to secure the four freedoms first enunciated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1941 for every citizen of the world: 

1.the freedom from fear, which means a worldwide reduction of armaments to such a point and in such a thorough fashion that no nation will be able to aggressively attack any of its neighbors;

2. The freedom from want, which means the establishment of economic practices which will secure every nation a healthy peacetime life for its citizens;

3. Freedom of speech and expression;

4. Freedom of worship, or what we might today refer to as freedom of conscience—freedom to pursue Self-realization.


Consciousness evolves slowly. The UN is in process of realizing its goals; let’s support it.


We need to figure out how to help to “see it right”; how to focus on the essential; how to focus the energy.


The X in “exoteric” points to all corners of the world.  We need a language to bridge the gap between the exoteric and esoteric.


Our planetary task is to do things correctly, to follow the Plan of Love and light.  We need to learn to speak about it correctly.  We are working at dissipating the veil between the exoteric and the esoteric when we start to get out of ourselves into group consciousness and eventually into cosmic consciousness.  Form has to be perfected. The UN is the first time in history when the whole world got together to care about the fate of the world.  And it’s been going on for 56 years.  It is a reflection of what humanity was capable of creating in 1945.


We live in a holographic universe, which indicates that each part contains within it the whole.


General Systems Theory indicates that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  This applies to the UN—it is greater than the sum of the 189 member countries.  A perfect United Nations exists on a subtler plane, we just need to catch up with it; to be aware of it and to manifest it.


The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul has said that when the UN has emerged into actual and factual power, the welfare of the world will then be assured.


Eleanor Roosevelt told the people of her time that the United Nations is a piece of machinery and it is up to the people of the world to make it work.  Within the UN there are people expressing different levels of consciousness. Some people within this body seek political or personal gain for themselves or their country while others truly are working for the Common Good—for the improvement and uplift of all life. 


On the one hand, we have the wonderful resolutions passed at the global conferences of the 90s and for example, the important upcoming conference in the Spring of 2002 on Finance for Development which will seek to reduce by one-half the extreme poverty in the world.  This Conference is of extreme importance in the reappearance of the World Spiritual Teacher as it indicates a willingness on the part of many to implement the spiritual principle of sharing as the means to alleviate the tragic suffering of at least one quarter of the world’s people.


On the other hand, several countries, including the U.S. are continually behind in paying their dues, leaving this organization on the brink of bankruptcy. 


What can we do to support this organization? 


We can become affiliated with the United Nations Association (UNA/USA).


We can lobby our representatives in Washington.


Our individual consciousness has to change.  The national consciousness is a result of the individual consciousness.  Meditation can help evoke the Souls of the nations.  We need to be aware of the power of thought energy and think creatively about how the global issues of our day may be solved.  Each thought has a certain quality of vibration.  As you think about the Common Good, you align with the Masters of the Wisdom and strengthen that energy.


We can use e-mails to inform our network about issues and causes.  For example, we can monitor the activities of the World Bank and become informed about their lending practices.  If we find the World Bank is investing money in countries where Forests are being destroyed, we can alert our network and help educate public opinion. 


Education is a key.  We need to become informed about the plight of animals, the oceans, etc.  We need to become aware of the issues affecting humanity and the planet.


Right now, the negative person seems to be louder and is heard more clearly than those who are working for solutions. 


Meditation and thought alone are not enough.  We need to take action. Only by human hands and human feet can the needed transformations take place.


An example was given of a project undertaken which was the implementation of a dream; i.e., “I am doing it not just dreaming about it.”


As a rector in a liberal Catholic Church, I will commit to announcing once a week—here in New York and around the world: “We invite you to remember the UN and the good work it is doing.” The congregation world-wide will be encouraged to pray and send positive thought power to the United Nations and they will be asked to consider the obstacles faced by those who work within the UN.


Are we being too idealistic? Do we actually need to take the scalpel to the cancer, instead of just thinking good thoughts? Those who work from within the UN must work to eradicate the existing corruption and the mismanagement that is so prevalent.


If you really believe in something, an archetypal ideal can really have a force and an effect.  What are the unifying principles that make things work?  Let’s put the emphasis on the essentials.  We can ask for change from the inside and apply pressure from the outside.  The UN is everywhere and it is nowhere.  It is all of us on the planet.  Perhaps we need to learn more about each other, to learn what we each can do.  Meditation is great, perhaps we also have to take some type of action. 


There is always the approach of looking at what is wrong.  The UN has done a lot of great things.  We need to focus on that which they have done right.  Look at the positive patterns and build on them.  For example, the UN is responsible for the elimination of smallpox.  That is an enormous accomplishment.  As a result of its work, perhaps more has been saved than lost. 


We could become familiar with public relations departments of radio stations and ask them to publicize the positive achievements of the United Nations.  Communication is very important and powerful.


How many people are familiar with the fact that Ted Turner donated one billion dollars to the work of this organization?  The media does not cover positive achievements.


Editor’s Note: You are invited to attend the next monthly meditation meeting to support the work of the United Nations on Tuesday, June 5th.  Information about these monthly meetings can be found at  You might also wish to know about the following web site addresses that provide additional information on the work of the United Nations.


*Global Policy Forum:

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*Campaign for UN Reform:

*United Nations Association of USA:

*United Nations:

*The Millennium Report of the UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan: “We the Peoples—the Role of the United Nations in the 21st Century:

*United Nations Section of the Aquarian Age Community:


III.               The Reappearance of the World Spiritual Teacher: According to Your Understanding, Who Is This Great Being?  According to Your Understanding, What Is the Role and Task of this Planetary Teacher?


The World Spiritual Teacher is known by many different names in the various religious and spiritual traditions of the world.  This great Being is referred to by such names as The Christ, The Lord Maitreya, The Thinker, The Healer, The True Aquarian, The Pilgrim, The Imam Mahdi, The Boddhisattva. 


He is as the General of the Great Army of Light and He like us is engaged in battle—in the struggle to affirm Goodness, Beauty, and Truth.


The Christ exists in that place in consciousness, where love and will intersect.  I don’t think of the Christ as a person. 


On the contrary, The Christ is a Great Individuality.  He represents the 2nd aspect of deity which is Love—the unifying force.


If we accept the fact that the Masters of the Wisdom exist and that they express different levels of consciousness, it makes sense that just as they are our Teachers, so they have an eldest among them Who is Their Teacher.  This Being ensouls the highest aspect of Love-Wisdom on our planet.


However, the Christ consciousness or the Christ principle also exists within us.  And, we have been enjoined to love one another as He loves us and as we love Him.


The Christ consciousness overshadowed Jesus.  And, the Christ consciousness can overshadow us because as we know, “Where two or more are gathered in my name, there Am I.”


Due to our evolutionary status, we must have a being who we can identify as being human.


The word Christ is derived from the Greek word “Christos” which in the days of Jesus meant “the Initiated One.”  This Being whom we refer to as the historical Christ was an Initiate of the highest order—the highest Initiate or “Knowing One” of our earth humanity.  “Chrestos”—another Greek word meant a worthy candidate or neophyte.2   We must beware of names.


As we move through the annals of time, the mind set of humanity changes.  In the Bhagavad Gita, the World Teacher was Krishna; in Palestine, He was referred to by different names and today many call Him the Christ.  What will His or perhaps even Her name be in the future?  We don’t know. Words of today will have a different meaning in the future.


In astrology, planets are forms for abstract principles.  So might the physical form of Christ express the abstract Christ principle.


The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul tells us that this Being is like the Executive Director of a great corporation.  And, that He will appear in a physical form.


As human beings we identify with something that is close to us; with something that is familiar to us. 


Since the beginning of time humanity has had trouble with complex concepts.  How can we give an abstraction like beauty a name?  The more we become evolved, the less limited we will be by words and language.


Listening to the Masters is an echo of the self.  We will not see the Christ as a person.  We will see each other.   We teach each other.  All Saviors attract and then They depart.  The Reappearance of the Christ will occur when each person comes to the self in concert.


We know that the stages of the Path, which Jesus traveled, are the same steps we too will travel.


The New Group of World Servers (those who work on behalf of humanity and the Common Good) are as the Army of the Lord.


Whenever anything is born the last thing we see is the physical form.  When the physical form appears, it is but the tip of the iceberg.  Because the physical form is the last to appear, we are already “welcoming” the Christ energy.  He is already here, though not yet in physical form. 


Are there a lot of false prophets foreshadowing Him?


Two-thirds of humanity must evoke the physical form of the Christ.  Perhaps if we had etheric vision, we would see Him.


We need to get away from the religious aspect of this Coming One. He is a spiritual Being and He will not be limited to the field of religion.  He will be recognized and known by His Work and Not by the faith of those who believe in Him.  Perhaps he will come forth in the field of Politics or in the field of Science.  The Tibetan Master indicates that he will manifest in the field of those who are doing the most work.  But, He comes for all people and He will be the Teacher of Unity, Love and Wisdom.


Comparing Him to a general is an effective analogy because He will not come alone.  He will reappear with His band of workers—with many of the Teachers of Humanity.  There will be ashrams outside every major planetary center. The ultimate aim of course, is to improve life on our planet, to improve the quality of our day-to-day life.


Evolution will effect each and every disciple; each and every person.  This Spiritual Teacher will represent each and every one of us.  However, each of us will see Him differently, according to our individual predilections.  Perhaps it will be like the blind men and the elephant.  Depending on the part of the elephant touched, so the blind men described the elephant and none of them were able to take in the whole elephant.

However, everyone will feel the tremendous Love that He brings and the energy of Love will increase on our planet.  Just as a magnet can cause filings to move and to create a particular shape, so will the magnetic force of His Love cause changes to occur in people and on the planet.


During Pentecost the light descended and all people were able to understand each other even though they spoke different languages because they understood from a deeper level of consciousness than the one in which we normally live.


The manifestation of the 7th Ray during this Aquarian Age is important in this process because the 7th Ray brings spirit and matter together on the physical plane.


IV.              The World Wide Esoteric Community: What Is Our Responsibility in this Time of Transition?  How Can We Better Prepare the Path of Light?


It is the demand of the disciples of the world that brings in that which the world needs.


The esoteric workers must gather together, get to the core of the work to be done and break down any existing barriers.  There must be unity; we must identify and recognize that we are in this together; that we are brothers.  The incoming 7th ray gives us the opportunity to synthesize right here on this plane.


We must recognize our familial connection with everyone on the planet.  We are all brothers and sisters.  If this fact were accepted, it could have quite an uplifting effect. The only real sin is separativeness.


We must be willing to love everyone and go from tolerating others to accepting them—full acceptance of them 


Forgiveness is very important.  When we forgive we benefit more than the one we are forgiving.


The one who is crossing your path is your teacher.  Leave the judgment part to God.  Talk to the person, help him or her in any and all ways.


On a group level, it is difficult to forgive such acts as genocide.  It may take many generations before such acts can be forgiven.


The Agni Yoga wisdom teaches, if your enemy rings at your door, open your door wide.  Make every effort to love.


God bless the obstacles for by them we grow.


Say, not “I love you.”  Rather, say, “I love.”  Jesus ministered to all, even the most common criminal.


We must be willing to take personal responsibility for every thought and every action.  What would life be like if we put every thought and every behavior through the filter of "How will my thought or action affect the Common Good?”


Everyone has his or her own path.  I will give you support in following your call, even if I myself am deaf to the call you hear.


If we but listen, we can be used by the Masters.  How else can they work in the world but through us, their disciples?  We may not see the power or understand the ramifications of a simple act, but it may play a significant part in the greater scheme of things.  Therefore, we must try to do our utmost—in whatever situation we find ourselves.


Education is key.  We should influence the government to teach goodwill in schools.  Community access Cable TV programs are also a way to educate the public.  We should utilize these means of helping to educate public opinion.


The final activity, which will bring about the externalization of the Hierarchy, must come from the outer plane of physical life.  This is our awe-full responsibility.



Several participants expressed an interest in having this group meet again.


1 About 25 people in the New York City area were invited to participate in this roundtable.  The participants are practitioners in one or more or all of the spiritual disciplines of the Agni Yoga Society, the Theosophical Society, the Arcane School and  the “Intermediate Teachings” of the Ageless Wisdom presented by the Master Djwhal Khul in the books of Alice A. Bailey.  This Report is a summary of the ideas and views presented at the Roundtable.  Not all ideas presented are fully endorsed by the Aquarian Age Community.

2 In the Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary—On Line (Copyright © 1999 by Theosophical University Press) Christ is defined as the mystical expression for the human inner god.  Chrest on the other hand, is the good but as yet unregenerate nature.  In the language of the Mysteries, Christ may be likened to Dionysos, Osiris, or Krishna, who will deliver the suffering Chrest (humanity) in its trial.  It is Christos that incarnates in Chrestos.  The usage of these terms were taken over by the Gnostic schools out of which Christianity largely sprang, and there is abundant evidence to be found among the early Christian writers and the Gnostics themselves that the adherents originally called themselves Chrestians.