Preparation for the Reappearance of the World Spiritual Teacher

Thoughts and Comments from a Roundtable Meeting
New York City, April 19, 2000

Introduction: Many individuals and groups throughout the world are joining with us here in New York City tonight. From India to New Zealand to Germany, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland and throughout the USA-people will be joining us subjectively in meditation and discussion contemplating this great event which brings us here tonight. Working as we are within the Aries Festival, we not only have the fiery and potent energies of the constellation Aries, we also have available to us the energies of the Forces of Restoration and the Spirit of Resurrection. The work of these Great Energies-emanating from Shamballa-is to counter the work of the Angel of Death. Thus, Their work is to:

These energies can help stiffen the psychological morale of the New Group of World Servers, strengthening the will-to-live and the will-good. Their objective is the production of the new Earth and all the outer evidences of an inflowing new life.

What Does the Reappearance of the World Spiritual Teacher Refer to?

The reappearance will take place on many different levels. There will be a Great Being who will be recognized as the World Spiritual Teacher. Also, this Great Being will bring a vortex of planetary and cosmic energy that will be available to those who can respond to it, inspiring and strengthening the cause of all that which is Good, True and Beautiful. The reappearance also refers to the expression of the christ or love nature within humanity. It refers to the birth of the christ nature (the soul) within the "cave of the human heart" (the physical plane).

An age lasts approximately 2,000-2,500 years and the energies of each age overlap. We are entering the age of Aquarius while the age of Pisces continues to wane.

Aquarius's ruler is Uranus which rules the occult Way and is, in an esoteric sense, connected with the Hierophant of the Mysteries of Initiation. Thus, the incoming Age will bring about new conditions which will help the soul of humanity to express itself more freely. Uranus stimulates the urge to better conditions and it causes the great transference in the human consciousness from intellectual perception to intuitive knowledge.

Who is This Great Being?

Christ is "the embodied soul of all love within our planet".

Christ as a Great Initiate appeared on our planet 2,000 years ago and this same great Being will reappear again. He is the only such Teacher who will have been with humanity during two astrological cycles-the Piscean and the Aquarian.

This time, there will also be an awakening from within many individuals so that the Christ will not just be an outer manifestation, but it is also a great inner happening. The christ nature which is another way of referring to spiritual love will awaken in humanity. This must happen before there can be the reappearance of the Great Teacher in physical form.

He, or She, may return in the field of science or politics or finance, and most likely not in the field of religion. Certainly this Great Being will work in an arena where the highest good for the whole of the planet can be accomplished-where greater numbers of His/Her workers can be found preparing the Way by laboring for the common good.

We are stuck in 6th Ray thinking and are looking for physical happenings. We must learn to think more along the lines of the realities of the 7th Ray.

What Might Be Some of the Results of This Reappearance?

There was a hint of what we may expect on Dec. 31, 1999. The great diversity that is humanity was united in peace, harmony and goodwill. We took note of each other throughout the world, appreciated our great diversity and recognized ourselves as one people. For one brief period all was good news.

The current protests for fair trade (based not on profit only, but on values as well) and concerns of globalisation are an indication that increasing numbers are concerned with global justice.

It seems we are leaving a dark age and preparing to enter one of more light.

Let's not forget how far humanity has come, even in our own lifetime.

The Externalization of the Hierarchy will accompany the reappearance. This externalization refers to the expression of the soul nature-the expression of love-wisdom in the day-to-day life.

Increasing numbers of people are realizing their responsibility for all that exists. By our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, we create the world around us. We will become better aware of our role in creating reality. A key thought to keep in mind: "I enter through the door. I turn, and radiate."

In a sense, church dogma has stolen the soul of humanity and implanted the fear of death. As we become more familiar with the soul, we will realize that we need not fear death. It is only the form that changes (dies). The essence-consciousness-a lives on.

Reincarnation and Karma (also referred to as Hope and Responsibility) will be better understood. When people realize the role of these two, they will begin to take greater responsibility for their lives.

The balanced triangle of Meditation, Study and Service will come more into prominence. Service is as a healing antidote to the glamour of the ego-the personal or lower self.

It may be of interest to point out that the word 'villainous' comes from the root word 'villa" meaning standing alone or isolated.

We have been told to let the mind that was in Christ be also within us. This is not a preposterous thought and can become a spiritual practice, aiding in the work of preparation and salvation.

Additional, anticipated results of that reappearance:

Who Is the World-Wide Esoteric Group and What Is Its Role?

The Group includes the Hierarchy of Spiritual Teachers and Beings, the New Group of World Servers, men and women of goodwill. Their work is to prepare for the Reappearance by becoming living EXAMPLES of the spiritual principles and values they honor.

Their role is to help humanity recognize who they are in truth-in their inner and outer natures. Once humanity has become better aware of its own make-up, of its own creative role on the planet, they will help humanity better understand and cooperate with the greater planetary and cosmic Lives now not even recognized.

They will help liberate humanity from the prison house of matter on which they are now focused to the exclusion of the subjective realities.

This is believed by some to be that unique time of opportunity on our planet that has been awaited by the Hierarchy of Spiritual Beings for over 18 million years.

Is there a Need for Greater Harmony and Unity Within this Group?
If so, How Might this Be Brought About?

Yes, there is need for greater harmony and cooperation. As a first step we can learn how to disagree with respect and kindness. Pride and fear and glamour are obstacles to harmony and unity.

Instead of talking AT each other, we can practice deep listening.

The Piscean Age was known for authoritarianism. For example, children were taught to listen and not question their parents or authority. In school, students were taught to obey and follow the rules. Creativity was not sought. Today that is no longer the case. In the Aquarian Age everyone must become the Knower-him or herself. People will know not because they have conferred with the experts, but because of their own experience. Straight-knowledge will be sought and appreciated.

"By thy God" is an important motto to keep in mind as we seek to communicate to others. It means that we speak to others in terms of their beliefs and not ours.

Christ's message was simple 2,000 years ago: "Love your neighbor as yourself." This yet needs to be practiced.

What Yet Needs to Take Place in the World Before the Reappearance Can Occur?

Replace competition with cooperation. Help people realize that the welfare of the whole is more important and rewarding than the welfare of the self.

Although business has changed, e.g., many businesses have shifted from complete self-interest to "enlightened self-interest" wherein win-win situations are sought, they yet have a long way to go. Although they are now concerned with providing workshops on meditation and wisdom, and they entertain such questions as, how can we empower and enrich others, the focus is yet on profit above all else. It appears however that greed is slowly being replaced by sparks of sharing based on a form of group consciousness-at least within some companies.

There must be greater peace within the world and this cannot occur without economic and social justice. Right human relations cannot tolerate the wide divisions growing daily more acute between the 2 billion people on our planet who have nothing and the increasingly smaller margin of those who have in abundance.

Unite the mundane and the supermundane in consciousness.

The Internet is a powerful tool that can release greater creative activity and generate financial resources for those who might never have had access to it in the past. Money is after all, the "bloodstream" of society. It is concretized energy which is slowly shifting to subtler levels as a result of the increasing use of the internet.

What Could Be some Next Steps for Individuals and Groups to Take?

Acting "as if" the World Spiritual Teacher is here...because He is here.

Keep on keeping on.

Emphasize the nature of meditation/thought and the power and usefulness of collective thought. Thinking is as the radio antennae that can capture the thoughts that would help us improve our lives and the lives of those on our planet.

Use the Great Invocation.

Build the etheric network of triangles (focus more fully on the Triangles Meditation). In this way Light, Love and Power-the energies of the Coming One-can flow through us and throughout the planet. The key to success is to realize you are only a channel-allow the spiritual energies to pour through you and do not block them or seek to take ownership of them.

The Internet has changed time. In the new age time will be annihilated.

Consider ourselves as a fire brigade passing buckets of water (Life-enhancing energy) to wherever it is needed most. It is here important to remember the Aquarian keynote: "Water of Life Am I, poured Forth for Thirsty Men."

Have more such meetings.