Cooperating With the Supermundane World—The Hierarchy of Enlightened Beings:  What Is Our Next Step?

Kathy Newburn*

I would like to begin with a moment of silence and then the sounding of the Mantram of Fire.

I seek the way, I yearn to know.
Visions I see and fleeting deep impressions.
Behind the portal, on the other side,
lies that which I call home.
For the circle has been well nigh trod and the end approaches the beginning.

I seek the way, all ways my feet have trod.
The way of fire calls me with fierce appeal.
Naught in me seeks the way of peace.
Naught in me yearns for earth,

Let the fire rage, the flames devour.
Let all the dross be burnt.
And let me enter through that gate and tread the way of fire.

This mantram, called The Mantram of Fire, is not generally used in public meetings because it is said to be extremely powerful—bringing in what is known as first ray energy—energy that is related to the highest will aspect. But I decided to break those barriers because we are now at a time in our planetary history when what is needed is precisely the correct channeling of this powerful energy through the vehicle of humanity so that we can assume our rightful place in the great act of planetary transformation that is now occurring. And of course this "correct channeling" can only occur as humanity increasingly becomes able to work in group formation. In the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom we're told that the highest center upon our planet is called the center Shamballa, the first ray center where the will of God is known. We're told that in the course of the past sixty years, that energy from Shamballa has impacted upon human consciousness three times. The first impact occurred in 1945 and led the World Teacher to make an important and powerful decision to return to physical form to inaugurate the coming civilization, the Aquarian age. Simultaneously he also brought forth an ancient prayer, known as the Great Invocation, for humanity's use that we're told is one of the most important tools in our possession to transform planetary conditions and to call forth this World Teacher. The energy from Shamballa again made an impact upon human consciousness in 1975, which surely brought about the revolution in communications technology, among other things. And again Shamballa energy poured into humanity in the year 2000. That impact has been too recent to clearly determine its effects but undoubtedly it has been instrumental in preparing human consciousness for the coming great events in terms of the externalization of the spiritual Hierarchy and the return of the World Teacher.

So we've had three really strong impacts of this energy over the past decades and this is one of the reasons why humanity has been able to bring about so many changes during these past years. But some of us believe that the Plan has been delayed, again, due to humanity's seeming inability to overcome its materialism and inertia. The Tibetan Master, Djwahl Khul stated that World War II sounded the death knell of materialism; it seems this was not so and there have been delays as a result. The Tibetan himself said that part of the problems resulted from certain decisions that were taken immediately after the World War when the "door where evil dwells" was opened again. These decisions eventually worked out in the long-standing cold war that deflected, and continues to deflect, so many resources into the perpetuation of weapons at the same time that so many people upon the planet were suffering and in need of help. This should not have been allowed to happen, and should not continue to be taking place, as humanity had the ability to make other choices but instead succumbed to the influence of the material or dark forces and allowed them to again gain a greater foothold into our planetary life. It's also said that this situation led to the taking of certain decisions within the United Nations that then contributed to problems that have been long-standing and that have created a strain within the planet and that set back the realization of the Plan for humanity.

So clearly we have been presented with obstacles over the course of the last 60 years and we have made some wrong decisions but there have also been many triumphs, and these were illustrated in Dorothy's talk and it seems that we must put our weight and our hope behind such initiatives. Even the Masters do not know what decisions humanity will make but they have to depend upon our ability to eventually choose rightly and move towards the realization of goodwill and right human relations upon the planet. Given humanity's free will and freedom to choose its own way, there are always going to be errors that cause delays and it is only natural, therefore, that some of the Tibetan's predictions as contained within his writings with Alice Bailey might not be unfolding in the manner which he foresaw. But we can take heart that events have been set in motion upon the inner planes that cannot be stopped; they will be realized. However, we should keep in mind that the timing will always be influenced and sometimes impeded by humanity acting under its own free will within the limitations of time and space. This makes it all the more imperative that we who are alive today work as hard as we can to assure that the Plan works out.

The great serving body of men and women who are working to bring in the new age in all the many avenues of expression is known as the new group of world servers. This group is, in a spiritual sense, a living organism and, as such, is possessed of different chakras or spiritual centers of energy within its collective life. And we're told that within this group the spiritual workers of the world constitute what is known as the heart center. And that is an interesting and uplifting responsibility to keep in mind as we work and ponder our role at this important time of crisis within the planet. As we know, groups like those working around people like Jeffrey Sachs, working as he is with the scientists and economists of the world, are perhaps working with third ray energy and probably constitute the throat center of that group. We who work with the heart have a different responsibility, not more important, not less important, but different. We have to always keep in mind what our responsibility is, where our talents lie; we work differently than the intellectuals of the world and we also work differently from the politicians who work through the head center of that vast serving group. We work with the heart and we should attempt to clarify our responsibility in that role.

The heart is the life of an organism, it is the organ that circulates the life to the greater whole and without its presence nothing is possible. And this function that we hold relates very much to the keynote of our full moon work today, conditioned as it is by the constellation Aquarius with its keynote, "Water of Life am I, poured forth for thirsty men." The Water of Life does fulfill a real need in our world because there is a great thirst within humanity. And that thirst is not only related to the need for physical sustenance which is beginning to be met under the impetus of people such as Jeffrey Sachs but it exends to also encompass a very real spiritual thirst and need for spiritual sustenance and it is this need that should be met by the spiritual workers of the world.

We're told that what is happening within the larger body of the planet as a whole at this time is that the heart center is beginning to open. And this opening is related to our role and to the circulation of life throughout the organism of the whole body. The way in which our hearts can open is by remembering the need of the world. Through this means we become alive, doing away with the sense of complacency and inertia that sometimes controls us. One of the problems with the esoteric group workers, that I have thought about, is that sometimes we are content to live in an ivory tower of esotericism—the ivory tower way of thinking that our minds are on the cutting edge of this secret knowledge about around which we harbor a measure of pride, this possession of a special knowledge about which others know nothing. This attitude locks us in to this little world, this club and it blocks off what we should be doing—opening our hearts to the world and walking the walk instead of just talking the talk. This opening of the heart is related, as well, to the ability to quell the emotional forces that have for so long controlled and created many of the difficulties to which the planet has been subjected. As the heart opens, these powerful emotional energies will subside and this is where the spiritual workers can step forward and seize the opportunity to work in a new and more concerted fashion to direct and circulate the energies.

This opening of the heart is related to liberation—liberation on the most fundamental level which is spiritual liberation from the lower aspects of our personality conditioning. I think liberation is a result of aligning ourselves with the creative process. This comes about as you become aligned with something greater that emanates from the higher self and that takes away the fragmentation and fear that normally control. When that higher sense of wholeness comes about we feel ourselves to be in a much more centered place. Then our fragmentation is done away with—effortlessly—we don't have to do anything and we are brought into a point of peace, a fleeting point, but nonetheless a point! We have all experienced this in our moments of meditation and at other odd moments throughout our daily lives and we can't really explain it. Sometimes I work hard to attain that point of peace and it alludes me; at other times it just comes upon me effortlessly. The same process is happening within the planet as a whole and we might be surprised to find that this peace in the outer world will come about suddenly, perhaps without all of the vast effort that goes into the machinations of war. And just as within our individual lives, this peace will perhaps appear effortless but it is, in reality, the result of the many efforts and negotiations that have been undertaken to bring it about.

The spiritual workers of the world provide that mediating point between the vertical and horizontal axes of the even-armed cross of discipleship service. In our daily lives we construct a bridge between the inner and outer worlds. How we do that, what we accept as our individual responsibilities, is up to us and I can only speak for myself. I follow a particular tradition and so I try and align myself with the spiritual truths and guidelines contained within that tradition. And since my particular tradition resides within the Alice Bailey teachings that task is somewhat simpler in that the Tibetan sets out clear guidelines for us to follow in terms of our responsibilities and service work at this time. The Tibetan says that people are vitally needed to bring forward certain key ideas to greater public awareness at this time of transition. There is so much that needs to be done in the world. And there are many workers, many good workers who are available to work in other fields, in the more humanitarian and educational movements of the world. And while this work is vitally needed it is not necessarily the work that the esoteric group and the spiritual workers of the world should undertake. As I earlier said, there are many others that can undertake this work and who can surely do so in a more effective manner than we. We have to work in the manner that is our particular dharma to undertake and this relates specifically to the spiritual work of the world. There are relatively few people willing and able to do this work and if we do not accept this responsibility, who will? And the Tibetan always advises his particular group of disciples to remember this when attempting to decide what that they want to do with their lives.

There are specific key ideas that we are asked to put forward at this time. One of these is this whole idea of the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet—the group of enlightened beings who stand behind the scenes of our planetary life. This idea is so important right now because the Masters are now preparing to come forward to outer recognition and that humanity has to be prepared for this recognition. There are not that many spiritual traditions that are actually talking about this concept or that actually believe in it. And so it is the responsibility of the esoteric group workers to bring forward this idea of the Hierarchy in a clear, concise and sane manner because the few people who are talking about these things often do so in a manner that distorts and travesties the whole idea. So I really appreciate groups such as this one that attempt to present this concept in a sane and rational way. This idea of Hierarchy brings great hope. I know that when I first heard about it when I was 20 years old it made perfect sense to me and it was such a great revelation for my life and contributed to the expansion of my heart as a young person. But I also know that many people do not believe in these things, especially those who possess a more rational, concrete-minded approach to life and events. But nonetheless there are likewise many others, particularly among the young, for whom this idea, if presented with a measure of wisdom, could hold great appeal and could prove instrumental in changing their lives and reorienting their life direction into alignment with the Plan for our planet that is unfolding at this time. And this is the work that needs to be done in an organized and effective manner. This is something that this worldwide group of workers can do.

There are so many different spiritual traditions active in the world at this time. Here in New York city alone we have a myriad of different groups; for example today we are meeting in a Tibetan Buddhist center and the Buddhist tradition is perhaps one of the most active and flourishing spiritual movements and it has, in a sense, usurped the previous dominance of Christianity among certain types of people in this country and within Europe. For those people working within the more progressive elements within society, Buddhism holds a great appeal. We know that among the more conservative types Christianity still holds sway, particularly in the United States but for those who are perhaps searching for something different, Buddhism is increasingly valued with its focus upon spiritual liberation, meditation and the elimination of suffering. The tradition of the Ageless Wisdom seeks to provide a blending of these different traditions by creating a bridge between the teachings of the East and the West and, in a sense, it might be a vehicle to draw in a whole new wave of interest for it embraces both traditions.

One of the central teachings of the Ageless Wisdom is the full moon observation. This teaching could serve to unite many different spiritual and religious traditions because the time of the full moon has always played a central role in the fixing of certain religious holidays and so this idea is not really a new one. According to the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom this full moon period is in reality a five day observance that includes the two days prior to the day of the full, the day of the full moon itself, and the two days following the full moon. The two days prior to the full moon are known as days of preparation, the full moon day itself is known as the day of safeguarding and the two subsequent days are known as days of distribution when the energies contacted are released into human consciousness and filtered down as a means of stimulating all aspects of planetary life. Many people become confused about the full moon work because they become too focused upon the actual physical moon itself. But according to the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom the moon is considered to be a malefic influence because it represents the past—a past that needs to be surmounted. (Life existed on the moon many eons of years before the focus of universal energy turned toward the Earth.) Thus, the moon is actually a dead shell and, as such, exerts a negative emanation that is not helpful to spiritual work. So we're not trying to highlight the influence of the moon at these full moon festivals and, in fact, they would be more appropriately termed "full sun meditations". At the time of the full moon, if we understand what is actually happening from an astronomical perspective, we know that the moon is out of the way and the full energy of the sun is impacting fully upon the earth. In the Ageless Wisdom teachings it is said that because this hindering influence is out of the way it is as if a door becomes opened within consciousness. At this time the veils that generally obscure our vision are thinned and we can take this opportunity to make a more concerted effort to contact the inner planes and that the inner teachers are likewise open and more receptive to our approach to them; our contact with them and also their approach to us is more direct.

During this time all who wish to cooperate can work within the radius of this worldwide serving group of meditators to contact, hold and distribute spiritual energy. We might all work in different ways, according to the coloring of our particular spiritual and/or religious tradition but if we could begin to unite at this time each month we could provide a real service to the planet, especially during this difficult transition period through which we are passing. By this means all of the work of the other workers within the new group of world servers could be strengthened by our ability to effectively do this work. And even though our numbers may be small we should always remember that there are many others like us working throughout the planet and through the united blending of our group auras, we can wield a mighty force. So, we are not alone. Sometimes the small numbers of people who apparently are drawn to this work is discouraging. But perhaps this outer, more material focus, is not the whole story—we know that there are actually many cooperators spread out throughout the planet, some working alone and many others working in small but powerful groups. This thought can buoy our spirits and we should always hold in mind that we are cooperating with the inner plane workers which includes all of our co-workers who have passed over to the other side as well as the Hierarchy of the Masters Themselves.

The full moon work is a means of energizing the planet. It seems that most of us at this time accept the hypothesis that the planet is a living, breathing Being, a great Life that uses this planet as its vehicle of expression. And if we accept this concept it is not too much of a step to extend our thinking to include the idea that within this great living, breathing Being, there exist energy centers or chakras that constitute the centers of energy within the planet. The full moon work is important because it is a rhythmic and systematic means of energizing these planetary centers through the bringing in of spiritual energy. We work with the spiritual centers within ourselves, which become stimulated through this work and this, in turn, collectively serves to put us into alignment with the spiritual centers within the planet. Through such means we can work collectively to transform the stagnant conditions upon our planet, the pollution that exists upon all three planes of existence, and do our small part towards transforming our planet into a more vital state of livingness. This small cooperative act can help to energetically prepare the planet for the coming great events that are hovering upon the borderline of precipitation into our planetary life.

I wanted to close with a mantram given to us by the Tibetan Master that relates to this idea of energy inflow into the planet.

"Radiance we are and power. We stand forever with our hands stretched out, linking the heavens and the earth, the inner world of meaning and the subtle world of glamour.

"We reach into the Light and bring it down to meet the need. We reach into the silent Place and bring from thence the gift of understanding. Thus with the light we work and turn the darkness into day." (Glamour: A World Problem by Alice A. Bailey, p. 232)

So this sums up for me some of the things that we, the esoteric group workers of the world, can do to cooperate with the Supermundane world—the Hierarchy of Enlightened Beings so that we can take our next step at this time of transition. And now I'd like to hear from you regarding your thoughts upon our next step.

*A talk given at the roundtable, "Hierarchy and the Fiery Heart—The Way of the Future Cooperating with the Supermundane World", held Sunday, 23 January 2005; 2:00 P.M.- 5:00 P.M., at Three Jewels Outreach Center, New York City.


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