Hierarchy and the Fiery Heart—The Way of the Future
Cooperating with the Supermundane World

Written Contributions from Co-workers (In order received)

From Xian in Montreal, Canada:
I feel honored [to participate], and will do my best to share my insights with you. You have done a great service, by putting all this inspiring material together.

I feel that the best way to serve the Hierarchy, in these trying days, is to first understand the process taking place on the planet. The Being using the planet as His Body, is undergoing an expansion of consciousness. This implies that the strength, and quality of the frequency coursing through his etheric or quantum web, is being stepped up. Humanity is functioning as cells in this Body, and is thereby experiencing the same quickening as a whole, and also down to the individual level. This Cosmic Fire, acts as an alchemical fire, and stimulates both the positive and negative tendencies of Humanity. The process causes a certain amount of dross to come up to the surface. This dross is very obvious these days. Understanding that these impurities must come up, in order for the gold to be purified, is essential to understanding world events. Without this understanding, there is a tendency to feel defeated by the apparent darkness engulfing the Planet.

What needs to be done is to maintain a positive attitude, and resist fighting against the process. There are members of the Hierarchy in position to expose, and scoop up if we may say, this dross that has come up. Only by maintaining a vigilant positivity, and by having faith in the positive outcome of the process, can we really be of help. By consciously sending Light, Love, and Power to these members, even if we do not always see clearly their personalities, is the greatest way to influence World events.

On a personal level, it is imperative to keep a loving heart. Just as whole countries appear to be misguided, many individuals will experience the higher frequencies in a distorted manner. The mental health of many individuals is deteriorating, due to the inability of their etheric bodies to process the higher frequencies. By correspondence, their nervous systems are overloaded. Due to the Church of Materialism's control over the media, education, the health institutions and the food industries, the bodies and minds of the masses, are ill prepared for this incoming energy. There is a great need for education in all these departments. Great support is needed toward all the organizations that are promoting alternatives to the great lies being told. A great many people are looking for guidance, and guided they must be. Every individual server must accept him or herself as he is now, and apply him or herself to the task at hand. There is no more time to spend focusing on one's differences. Only by Unity, will the Golden Age manifest. Aquarius is the sign of group work, and also has rulership over rituals and magic. Affirming Victory on a daily level, and in all walks of life, is a truly Magical act, that will allow the already won Victory in the Subtle World, to manifest sooner. Brotherhood must be the thought uniting all, into a group Fiery Heart. Only then will peace become a reality.

Feelings of futility must be cast aside. These are only illusions, perpetuated by the Dark Brothers on the mental plane. They must be recognized as such. Fear must be overcome by the realization that never before, have we been so close, to winning the battle. As a matter of fact it has already been won. The sealing of the Door is almost complete. It takes courage to say "NO". No to apathy and cynicism, as they seem like much easier paths to follow for some. Still there will be no sitting on the fences in theses times." Grow or burn" is the motto.

The Fiery Heart is developed through a lot of tears. Always by sacrificing the lower for the higher. Always by facing one's deepest fears, and opening one's heart, until it feels as though it can open no more. But, more than anything, it is developed by service, and faith in the Hierarchy. Without faith in the Shield of the Hierarchy, the heart shrivels against the apparently insurmountable odds facing the Disciple. The Fiery Heart is developped in the greatest battle: the battle for self-mastery.

Cooperation with the Supermundane World is first achieved, by believing in its existence. It is actually a world that we know much better that this mundane world. We originate from the Supermundane World, and each one of us has made an agreement, while being there, to come here and play a part in this critical time period. Some of us have forgotten this commitment, but we are nevertheless fulfilling it. By consciously, and with a clean heart, commanding the armies of Angels, who are just awaiting such command, to participate in this great battle for the souls of men, we perform a great service. Not only for Humanity, but for the whole Hierarchy of Angels, who themselves grow by serving Humanity when they are called. It is a Cosmic Law that the Angelic Kingdom, must respond to the call of the Fiery Hearts.


From Uta in Israel:
Greetings to all participants of the roundtable meeting.

I would like to share some thoughts on the theme coming from my own experience from out of my field of service in Jerusalem, Israel. I am part of a group, which runs "Hechal—Jerusalem School for Universal Spirituality".

The foremost prerequisite for cooperation with Hierarchy, for me, is a mental polarization. The use of the 5th Ray scientific approach to the "interdimensional teamwork" is vital in general, and in the 6th Ray climate of the Middle East in particular. Only thus can one free oneself from and rise above the prevalent mystical-astral religious striving, which is a strong factor here in Jerusalem.

Another prerequisite is an ever-developing esoteric sense, i.e. sensitivity to the hierarchical flow. This is a matter of persevering fine-tuning. It of course implies much in-depth work with one's own unfinished business, to clean out whatever hinders. Related to this is the readiness and willingness to relinquish or sacrifice attachments to possessions, relationships or ideas, when their hindering effect is realized.

The crown of all these prerequisites is a fiery heart, a heart on fire for humanity.

Well, it is relatively easy to love the general whole; the challenge lies in rising beyond judgment of those with whom we come in personal contact, be it the family or the orthodox religious for example.

There is so much more to say about the subject; I will share with you my personal "recipe":

Imitating the Christ

Imitating You, Christ, I do my best to keep the channels open and flowing—in myself, to on-high, toward my fellow servers, to those who are given into my care, to the world at large.

Imitating You, I try in my own small way to balance my Mantle of Love with the Rod of Principle.

Opening to Your abundance more and more, I seek to adapt my little self to "life more abundantly".

Inspired by Your example, I seek to be an outpost of Your wonder-ful presence and to prepare a field into and through which Your Love-Wisdom may be poured—for the benefit of Israel and Jerusalem, and for the benefit of all Humanity.

Dedicating my service to You, I seek to grasp Your Wisdom more fully, and share this wisdom with those within my field of influence.

Ever more identifying my life purpose with Yours, I am learning to be more continually open to the cause You stand for, so that the outpost for which I am responsible, may be flexible and responsive to the Divine Plan.

Light supernal, Love eternal, peaceful silent Will,

From René in France:
I send my best wishes to those gathered to consider the crucial question of cooperation with those further along on the Path than ourselves.

I see five related steps, which are outlined in the selection of readings that have been chosen for preparation.

1. "The spiritual effort you are asked to make is that of developing yourself into a vibrant and powerful centre of that fundamental, universal Love." Discipleship in the New Age.

2. In order to develop oneself as an agent of Love, one needs to awaken or expand the heart chakra so that it will radiate love. "Not the words, not the thoughts, but the fire of the heart will illumine the way of the traveler." Supermundane IV.

3. As we radiate energy from the heart chakra, we must also learn to understand this energy and its proper utilization. "People should not only acknowledge the existence of the subtle energies, but should also work with them."Supermundane III.

4. As we radiate the heart chakra energy, we must also refine our thoughts, for thoughts linked to will are powerful forces for good. "Urusvati knows how lightning-fast, resounding spirals of thought envelop the planet. The resulting sheathe can be either beneficial or harmful." Supermundane IV.

5. As we work on our own preparation through the heart and the mind for action, we must seek ways of cooperation with others. "Urusvati knows how great earthly achievements could be if true collaboration were practiced. Supermundane I.

With all best wishes,
René Wadlow

From Xian in Montreal, Canada (2nd Contribution):
There are many ways to cooperate with the Hierarchy in the material world.

Utilizing the Great Invocation, and meditation are probably the most effective ways to help in these days. One soul infused personality has a very positive effect on his environment and sets up a resonance situation with the people he contacts. Positive affirmations in the face of negativity are also very effective, as they diffuse darkness that may be slipping into the consciousness. Just thinking of serving the Hierarchy sets up a vibrational rapport. Energy follows thought. Supporting organizations dedicated to the improvement of human relations. Basically any good-hearted activity is in line with Hierarchical intention.

The greatest obstacles lie in the realm of getting caught up in the fear vortex that is so strongly affecting the planet right now. Fear paralyzes the mind, and keeps it from being in the Light. This again, is a tactic of our Dark Brothers, who are themselves afraid of this same Light. Fear attracts what one fears. So operates the law of Attraction and Repulsion. One has to accept one's fears, and transmute them with the help of the illumined mind. How? By asking for guidance. How can I overcome this fear? Trusting that an answer will come. There are a multitude of beings waiting on the other side of the veil just waiting to offer guidance. But one does have to ask. The tactics of the Dark Brothers are simple. They have worked throughout history. Fear has always been their greatest tool, and we must take that tool away from them. Remember that, next time you are afraid.

Humanity is not free because it assumes that the material world is all there is. This is what gives rise to all the conflicts and all the pain and fears. Again some of the religious organizations have distorted the true message, which really is the same in all religions when one gets down to compare them. " Love your brother". Without Love, there is only barrenness. No amount of material possessions can take the place of love. Too much of Humanity lives on subsistence level, and here I include a great many in the so-called modern world also. Those who live from pay check to pay check, no matter how large the numbers are on those checks, are in the same position as the poorest people on earth or actually in a worse position since they have more to lose. This total material focus does not allow time to think, or experience Infinity. The eyes are drawn downwards, and even when they look up, it is to pray for some material relief. The refusal to accept a certain amount of simplicity, in exchange for time to just BE, is a great disease. This is a generalization, but it applies to a large percentage of Humanity. Once again our Brothers on the Left Hand Path have a lot to do with this situation. They focus on creating new desires, and new lacks all the time. And most people get fooled, and later are trapped in this material illusion. Buddha rightly said: "Desire leads to pain." Attachment leads to pain. There is nothing wrong with material possessions, it's the attachment that causes loss of freedom.

It is important to realize that we are misusing the resources of the planet, and basically wasting energy. All the scientific means to eliminate world hunger, heal the environment, and generally greatly improve the quality of planetary life, are already in existence. Greed and selfishness are what is stopping the people who have the resources and technology needed to put them into application. Still, even they realize that something must be done because they cannot do business on a dead planet.

Anyone who is a human being is affected by this. It is impossible not to be, because as science has proven, we are all energetically connected. Until the planet recovers its Health, it will be impossible to have a healthy humanity. Until wars end, it will be impossible to have great personal relationships. The resonance factor is just too strong. Still applying that same principle of resonance, a relatively small group of soul infused people can turn the tide. Everything actually takes place on a quantum level, before it manifests into the three dimensional world. Supporting changes in the quantum planetary field at this point is the fastest way to restore harmony. We have to use the same principle as we do with fear. Fear is an emotion, and by utilizing the mind by asking for guidance, we go to a higher level to impose stability on the emotions. By going to a quantum level, we can affect the gross physical matter, and everything that is connected to it. There are certain meditations and visualizations that can greatly help. The easiest is to visualize Light surrounding the planet. There are more complex visualizations wherein one visualizes a network of triangles surrounding the planet—very much as a geodesic dome. And, there are still other methods.

Well before we can talk about the Supermundane world, we must define it. Basically, it is everything that is not the mundane world.

Anyone familiar with the Macrocosm realizes that that the Supermundane world, is a vast entity with many levels or dimensions. For our specific immediate purpose, we will define The Supermundane world, as the Fifth dimension of our reality. This is the level, "where the wind of karma does not blow." It is the level, which we may call the level of the truly Free Individual. Our four dimensional world is invading, if I may use such a term, this Fifth dimension. This is really the cause of much of the conflict we perceive. It is a dimensional clash. There is no choice that can be made, and there is no stopping this evolutionary step. You cooperate with this step, by simply being open to it. Detach from matter as much as you possibly can. Simplify your life, and open your heart. This way you will not suffer through this change. Again, easier said than done. Still, observe the areas of resistance within you, as they will indicate to you where your attachments lie. Invoke help. Trust the angels, and most of all be very grateful that you are conscious of this change. This indicates, that you are on the Right Path.

From Gudrun in Oregon:
Here are the results of meditating on question IV. What I sought to put into words is, in many ways, the result of years of living, meditation, esoteric studies and consequently the experience of "radical unknowing". It all led to a deeper appreciation of the Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom.

"IV. (The danger in esoteric work can easily manifest when the mind develops before the heart has adequately unfolded. The mind divides and separates. The Tibetan Master has said that his groups failed because of the under-activity of the heart centers of the members.) Today, when we look around, we see glaring examples of the need for the application of the fiery heart. How therefore, can we develop a fiery heart? That is, how can we move to open our hearts more fully and collectively so as to fit ourselves for the Great Service?"

The great task before us is to unite spirit and matter in consciousness without falling into separation. The words about uniting head and heart must become factual experience which calls for courage without shrinking from what The Tibetan Master has called the "villainy of each" (See, Rule Number II in The Six Rules of the Path in the book, Glamour: A World Problem by Alice A. Bailey, p. 50) while not loosing sight of love. In his writings about Lucifer and Ahriman, Rudolf Steiner warned of overreaching towards the "light" (of spirit) at the expense of the "darkness" (of matter); the world is full of such examples.

The "fiery heart" is born out of acknowledging the 'unredeemed' material aspect of ourselves, to embrace them, bring them to light, learn to understand them and gradually transform them through the power of the soul. The "under-activity of the heart centers" is perhaps due to a lack of understanding what the ancient alchemical process of transmutation in the cauldron of daily experience entails. We read and study but do we understand that the "kingdom of God within" us is to be taken literally; that "tat tvam asi" is not just an empty phrase?

Peace and the open heart arise out the state of heart/mind in which there is no more need to project upon what is perceived as "other"—be it nature, individuals, races, religions, nations, humanity or deity; it is a state of being as well as a process during which we find and loose and find and loose until all "lead" is transmuted into "gold". This process must take place in the heart-mind, that inner space where we sense, and feel, and can know in the light of the soul—know not selectively but in an all-encompassing manner both light and dark; where pain and suffering meet face to face with light and love, where the tension of the opposites (in the fullest meaning) is not evaded but known and through an act of surrender transformed into joy. Surrender to a Higher Will becomes necessity. Where the mystical and the occult meet, the fiery heart is born; we call it the Yoga of Synthesis.

It may be argued that these thoughts belong more to transpersonal psychology than anything esoteric. Yet as long as the individual has not yet reached the stage of Master it seems unwise for esotericists to dismiss the psychological processes involved in giving birth to the "fiery heart". "Love your neighbor as you love yourself" we were commanded by Jesus the Christ. The challenge to love ourselves cannot be evaded; as we learn what that entails, compassion is born for our fellow humans who struggle as well—each on their individual level of unfoldment. There is room for all in the fiery heart, which is both a process and a state of being—psychologically and esoterically. This process also includes an element of grace, which is beyond words.

Cooperation with Hierarchy flows naturally out of the fiery and open heart. Today, the veil is thinning and we are called to focus on, to sense, to feel, to experience the inner touch, to listen to and heed the inner call. This is NOT an esoteric abstraction but a vitally alive process symbolized for me by an even-armed cross with the opened rose at the center. The Age of the Great Mother is the age of the fiery heart.

Come with me to the edge of the mind-field
where beyond the noise of daily life
the veil has thinned and vibrant Life is calling the soul
where lives touch each other
in the language of the Heart,
where I meet myself in you.

Love and Light to all,


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