Hierarchy and the Fiery Heart—The Way of the Future
Cooperating with the Supermundane World

Sunday, 23 January 2005; 2:00 P.M.- 5:00 P.M.

Suggested Questions to Ponder*

I. a. Can one cooperate with the Hierarchy of Love-Wisdom in the material world? b. What are the obstacles that present themselves and how can these be overcome?

II. a. What do I understand the "liberation of humanity" to mean? b. Does this process effect me personally; if so, how? c. How can I more truly and effectively participate in the liberation of humanity?

III. a. What qualities are needed to cooperate with the Supermundane world? b. What do I understand the Plan of Love and Light to be and how can I/we contribute to this unfolding Plan?

IV. (The danger in esoteric work can easily manifest when the mind develops before the heart has adequately unfolded. The mind divides and separates. The Tibetan Master has said that his groups failed because of the under-activity of the heart centers of the members. Today, when we look around, we see glaring examples of the need for the application of the fiery heart.) How therefore, can we develop a fiery heart? That is, how can we move to open our hearts more fully and collectively so as to fit ourselves for the Great Service?

V. (Inertia is a major problem on the path of the Great Service.) How can the spiritual workers of the world be ignited to do more to help prepare the way for the Externalisation of the Hierarchy and the Coming One?

VI. Other suggested questions?

*You are invited to respond to these questions and/or to suggest further questions. A Follow-up roundtable will be held on Saturday, 20 August 2005. Please inquire of commune@aquaac.org, if you are interested.


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