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January 2005

Each epoch has its own call. The power of thought will be the evocative principle of the New World.
Supermundane, Vol. III (617), Agni Yoga Society

Dear Friends,

From the Agni-Puranas, the Unapishads and other ancient Covenants to the contemporary esoteric wisdom brought forth in the books of the Agni Yoga Society and the Intermediate Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom given out by the Tibetan Master within the books authored by Alice A. Bailey, the Great Teachers of Humanity have long held out the promise of a Higher Way of life. They have pointed to a promise land that could be attained if humanity but would follow certain spiritual principles and precepts.

Wanting to put an end to the suffering he witnessed, King Siddhartha dedicated his life to the Great and Tireless Struggle and Search for the cause of humanity's suffering. His Great perseverance and love of humanity eventually led him to attain the lighted wisdom that merited the title of Buddha—the Enlightened One. Jesus of Nazareth practiced a Higher Law and a Higher Understanding and in the process became the Christ—the Anointed One. Advancing evolution and inspiring Their disciples of the day and over the past twenty-six hundred years, These Great Spiritual Teachers sought to advance the Common Good in an attempt to liberate humanity from the yoke of darkness and suffering.

Both spurred humanity onwards to experiment and to do Greater Things—in service to the Common Good.

And, today with the help of the Masters of the Wisdom, ever watchful of humanity's potential and progress, humanity is thought to be ready to move into a Lighted Era.

"For the first time in human history," writes the Tibetan Master in the second volume of Discipleship in the New Age authored by Alice A. Bailey, "the lines of demarcation between that which is right from the angle of the spiritual values (the essential freedom of the human spirit) and that which is wrong (the imprisonment of the human spirit by materialistic conditions) are clearly perceived by the majority of the nations of the planet."

The development of the "fiery heart" and the willingness to attempt an understanding of and cooperation with the "Hierarchy of Infinity"—"the foundation of Be-ness" as the Agni Yoga wisdom refers to the Hierarchy of Enlightened Beings—are important elements in this process of unfolding humanity's potential in order to better serve the Common Good.

With this in mind, we are holding a special roundtable on Sunday, January 23rd where we will draw on the esoteric wisdom presented by the Tibetan Master within the books of Alice A. Bailey and the books of the Agni Yoga Society and contemplate the theme: "Hierarchy and the Fiery Heart—the Way of the Future; Cooperating with the Supermundane World." The meeting will open with two keynote talks presented by Dorothy Tilson and Kathy Newburn on "The Fiery Heart and the Work of the Hierarchy of Enlightened Beings; How Can We Cooperate?" and, "Cooperating with the Supermundane World; What Is Our Next Step?"

Following the group discussion, the meeting will close as usual with the meditation outline, "The Spiritual Work of the United Nations and the Liberation of Humanity." For as ever, we recognize the United Nations as humanity's most far reaching attempt to apply the Law of Love on a global scale and this is especially evident in the aftermath of the devastating tsunami that has allowed many to recognize their identification with the family of humanity.

Will you join us? We invite your subjective and written contributions to this endeavour and we welcome and look forward to your participation. If you have not yet done so, will you please RSVP so that we may send you the preparatory thoughts and questions for pondering?

Please note the new venue for this first meeting in 2005 and note that we will return to the meditation room next to the Quest bookshop for next month's meeting. The schedule for 2005 can be found at

In shared planetary service,

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