The Answer Lies Within

What Is the Relationship Between the Science of Meditation and the Practice of Human Rights?

Roundtable In Observance of the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Friday, 24 October 2008; Noon—1:30 p.m.

Moment of Silence & The Affirmation of Love

Moment of Silence

Before our webcast link with our co-worker, Danilo in Brazil, I would like to ask that we now engage our spiritual consciousness as we take a moment of silence to reflect on the theme of this roundtable:

The Answer Lies Within;
What is the Relationship between the Science of Meditation and the Practice of Human Rights


Because of technological complications, the planned live webcast with the UN Day program of the Legion of Good Will in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil did not take place. However, both the group in New York City and the group in Brazil sounded the Affirmation of Love, respectively in English and Portuguese.

The Affirmation of Love

It is said that one cannot remain without water even for a day, and that likewise it is difficult for the consciousness to survive one day without the light and love from the dimensions of higher consciousness.

Thus, we are going to ask everyone here to sound the Affirmation of Love, which is on the other side of your program. We will sound it in English, pausing at the end of each line and, as we planned, you all will sound it in Portuguese, also pausing at the end of each line, so that hopefully, we will create a beautiful harmony and rhythm that will traverse the world with the energies of Light and Love.

This Affirmation of Love is an ancient mantram provided within the Ageless Wisdom Teachings intended to connect those who use it with the Soul, or the spiritual center, within each human being. If we each can sound it with pure intention it will create a vacuum between those of us sounding it and the higher energies we seek to invoke, purifying and hastening humanity's evolutionary life.

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