The Answer Lies Within

What Is the Relationship Between the Science of Meditation and the Practice of Human Rights?

Roundtable In Observance of the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Friday, 24 October 2008; Noon—1:30 p.m.

Responses to the Roundtable from Interested Friends and Co-workers*

Innumerable human beings have been subject to untold suffering for the sake of either physical objects that we rate higher than God's own creature - houses and objects of worship in religion or a part of the Earth that as a nation we declare as holy - or for abstract doctrines and ideologies that feed the ego and kill compassion. As Thoreau points out, the readiness to sacrifice human lives in battle for the clay our bodies will be buried in shows a deplorable lack of self-respect. The root-cause of cruelty against and lack of respect for the most basic needs of our fellow beings lies in our ignorance of who we essentially are.

According to the Psalm we are ALL children of the Most High. We are souls, conscious entities, of the same essence as the Divine. To the extent we know our true inner nature we will love and respect others and spread peace because we will see the Divine in each (which, according to the Qur'an is closer to us than the vein of our neck). But what is "knowing ourselves"? Emotions and thoughts are both confined to our limited earthly perception and thus subject to error. Discursive thought is limited to the sum of our experience and cannot effectively abolish the stolid barriers our history and tradition has erected.

"Seeing is believing" or, more profanely, the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Only by turning inside, transcending physical awareness and having the actual taste of the bliss, the peace and the beauty of divine revelations inside our soul we will actually know what we are. The impact will change our vision radically and irrevocably. The respect and love that comes from exploring the realms of consciousness that lie beyond the human mind cannot fail to have a deep, lasting impact on ourselves and on others. A sage said: Spirituality is not taught but caught. Awakened souls will unfailingly spread love even without words. The Supreme Being revealed Itself in the past, and It does so in the Present, if we still the mind and cross the threshold inside to where our higher being resides.

Thus Patanjali said: Yoga is perfection in wisdom and action

Anke Kreutzer,

The Answer Lies Within

What is the Relationship between the Science of Meditation and the Practice of Human Rights?

Reading through your paper and the two introductory quotes, I feel that the timeliness and importance of the forthcoming roundtable and meditation cannot be overestimated.

As the power of thought is becoming the evocative principle of the New World we need indeed to move deep within to gather the clarity and wisdom which will lead to right action and direction.

While meditating on the 'path of evolution'; the Purpose and the outworking of the Plan; the Being and the becoming; the externalization of the 'Answers Within' - aspiring to deepen my own understanding of this dynamic and purposeful process in time and space, the words of Christ, that not one sparrow shall 'fall on the ground without the Father' (Marcus chapter 10), became clearer to me. Although we, and all that lives, are evolving in accordance with divine intent, not a single part of this evolutionary process is 'without the Father'.

Let's walk in the Light of God, radiate the Love of God, Be the Will of God

May I, if you consider it appropriate, offer these thoughts as a contribution to your roundtable sharing and meditation?

I shall be linking with you deeply
Gita, New Zealand
20 October 2008

What is the Relationship Between the Science of Meditation and the Practice of Human Rights?

Please allow me to address the Practice of Human Rights first. We all need to recognize that we are all brothers and sisters as we have but one true, creative Father-Mother God. This cannot be denied and as such, we are required by all manner of logic, having a clear higher mind (consciousness) follow the Golden Rule. Call it Human Rights, if you will permit.

The philosophy of the Golden Rule has been professed by all the great thinkers throughout our recorded history. It has also been a message from all the major religions from God's emissaries. We need to understand that no one, no tribe or group of peoples can be left out of our care and compassion. We must not be influenced by temporary national leaders and their control on the people they lead. All borders are moveable as history attests to and the future holds that borders will become more flexible.

Referring to The Science of Meditation, note that the higher mind is our spiritual connection to the higher vibrational planes; that is to the intuitional, spiritual, Monadic and the Divine. We can see that the Monad is the One, the three fold Logic Triad which is connected to the Egoic Triad, i.e., the Atma (spiritual will) the Buddhi (intuition) and the Manes (higher mind). All are part of the immortal person.

It is this level of understanding (consciousness) that we need to alert (teach) humanity to recognize so that more can aid in developing The Divine Plan. We need to do this throughout the world, firmly and completely, but with guided, kindly care and compassion.

It is through world-wide teaching in higher consciousness groups that will turn the resultant thoughts into action. This will birth the level of understanding as to what needs to be accomplished to meld The Science of Meditation into the right Practice of Human Rights!

May we all humbly applaud the works of the United Nations and the Roundtable in Observance of the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on October 24th that you so generously requested that I attend. Thank you for the invitation to join you, but I am currently involved in my spiritual work, utilizing the Alice A. Bailey works and others of like mind in the Palm Springs area of California.

Reverend Harry J. Sheetz
Palm Desert, CA

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