Freedom from fear, - a few thoughts

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Posted by Ian on November 17, 2001 at 13:38:11:

Dear Fellow Workers,

Fears run deep within the human psyche. From ingrained, instinctual fears to garnered or imposed phobias, they take many forms.
The fear of physical death will one day be all but non-existent, but even then, we naturally enough have fear of pain, be that the emotional or physical variety.

It may be a very long time in our evolution before we are able to shake off all of our fears. But one closer objective, is to release humanity from the fears induced by the willfull actions of others, -this is the aim behind ending all forms of tyranny and oppression.
These last two factors arise between nations and between individuals alike.
Totalitarianism rules through fear, and purposely engenders fear within a given populace, -the fear of those who govern, -not by democracy and assent, but by forceful imposition of their rule over others.
Such leadership models are legend throughout history... and history is where they belong!

On and individual level, fear arises for instance, when a male dominates a female within a partnership or relationship of some kind. The womens' movement has thankfully challenged this and brought it very much to the forefront of our collective consciousness in many areas of the world, though of course much work has yet to be done in this arena.

A more difficult area is within the raising of children, -a topic and stage that society still struggles with, around the subject of discipling children. Can there be parenting without instilling fear within our children? Many would argue 'Yes'.

One pictures a time when citizens act humanely and thoughtfully towards all others, not through fear of arrest and legal proceedings, but because they seek only the best for their fellows. The Lord Buddha made a point of directing us to always obey the laws of our country, but did not make fear inducing threats to those who refused to conform.
True ethics and morality come about through willing aquiescence of the individual who *chooses* to adopt these as his/her preferred model of behaviour, even if only to avoid karmic repercussions!
Imposed morality is usually accompanied by an element of fear, I seem to observe.

I have heard it said that the biblical phrase "Fear the Lord" (etc) is a misinterpretation of the original word, and that no god of love would have us literally 'fear' him, but rather would have us respect, love and adhere to such a being of light, because we chose to, -of our own volition.

The ending of fear may come about through various changes. One of these springs to mind; The word courage, (as Master Morya pointed out in the Agni Yoga book 'Heart'), comes from the Latin for the word Heart.
As we work less from our lower centers (chakras) and more from the higher centers such as the heart, so we gain in courage, and that seems a primary way to end fear within ourselves, alongside mental appraisal of whatever presents itself to us as a problem or worry. Another antidote to fear is joy, and Master Morya speaks often of that too.

A problem struggled with on the emotional level, seems to be a different beast when handled with the more rational faculties.
This is often one of the beneficial changes and parts of healing that comes about when working with clients in the course of psychotherapy. In this way, fears are often worked through, and either lessened or ended altogether.

From the micro to the macrosm: Our wider society changes as the individuals within it change. After the 11/9 incidents in the USA a great increase of fear was noticed in peoples' reactions and thoughts, especially in the USA.
Once again, darkness was able to increase fear, and this has a tendency to increase chaos and chaotic thinking, -many I spoke at that time, were in a state of mental and emotional confusion.

As a movement, -as a wave of light, we must seek to end fear of all things, and in all ways.
The individual can begin this through personal therapeutic processes, and through 'Man Know Thyself' -(the injunction and inscription on the ancient temple at Delphi).

As a society there are many fronts on which we can combat fear, from working to end all tyrany, wherever that arises, and even on a practical, everyday level in challenging old customs, traditions and superstitions, for these often are the cause of minor fears and their prolonging is a cause of unnecessary suffering or confusion.
(Were one to quote examples of the above, one might cite such things as the colloquialisms "...Touch wood!" or the nonsense around opening umbrellas in doors, -walking under ladders, -black cats, -broken mirrors and 'bad luck', -salt over shoulders, and a host of other barely acknowledged petty and illogical fears.
I personally challenge each of these when they are said! The children of parents who fear thunderstorms do a poor service in passing these fears onto their offspring, and there are many other instances where we can find and root out each factor which inspires fear in our fellows in any of it's myriad forms.
By this constant work, -through vigilance and effort, then the concept that humanity can one day have "Freedom from fear" is not such an unimaginable prospect after all.

Thankyou for reading thus far,
In service,

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