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Posted by Danielle on September 26, 2003 at 10:32:46:

In Reply to: They're choosing peacing and waring / profit, pleasure, et tu? posted by James M Nordlund on April 19, 2002 at 24:18:23:

Yes, I am tired of the Palestinians being called terrorists.
Frankly, if you want to do the reductio ad absurdum, we can just step back to the 1st world war, the beginning of the collapse of Germany, Like France and Britain, fighting for - you heard it, Liberty, Justice, Equality.... and the same now for the USA, and more bankrupt than any other.

So, as everyone sneered at Germany as she was the toast of the town, and she needed to March to regain her 'freedoms' based on 'private property', specifically, other countries, France and Britain and all the countries who turned the Hebrews away are also liable and full of hypocracy when they complain about the war in Israel... The Hebrews had no where to go, Germany turned into "1984" Orwell, and another entire people were displaced, made homeless....

Now they act in exactly the same manner, pointing fingers at the USA as if the government is the same as her peoples, also trapped in the same conditions as Germany.... And the other governments are simply either toadying out of fear, or mocking her for doing what all other nations have done before her.... Liberty, Equality, Justice.... and so on.... and the massive poverty in that country, the fear, scape goating of the arabic and muslim people, looks just like the early 20's in Germany to me....

The palestinians deserve their home, the Hebrews deserve to be safe, and they should both be compensated, and if we want to know how to stop the country with the real weapons of mass destruction as Germany did back then, then we side with those inside her ranks who will not bare arms against us....

It is too popular to hate America in many countries, and understandably those they have bombed to smitherines, but understand, as it is for people, our government is not synonomous with us.... and our biggest hope is in what might be seen as the enemy state - America....

If we lock her in, how can we expect it to turn out any differently than Germany? How many Germans were terrified, tried to fight, had their own families turn against them, how many dissidents killed? If we don't see that, we can't see the shot gun pointing in our face, nor how to disarm it.

If you want to go all out for justice for the Palestinians, then demand compensation from the whole bloody world for turning their back on the Jews just like they are now shutting their borders everywhere and with pride - the pride of machines picked clean of humanity - locking up asslyem seekers from the very countries they bombed.



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