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Posted by Danielle Haliczer on September 26, 2003 at 10:04:13:

In Reply to: Freedom From Want? Evolutionary blunder - Equality, Justice, Freedom based on Material Attainment posted by Danielle J Haliczer on July 29, 2003 at 22:25:25:


I am responding to my own post with a retraction and clarification.

I referred in my post to the film "Quest for Fire" as "One of the best films ever made to allude to this struggle was “Quest for Fire”. That is the struggle of 'primitive man' to survive.

I apologise for my conditioning and also to indigenous people ... for it is quite evident without a systemic knowledge of nature, civilizations such as Aboriginal culture which go back some 50,000 years would not have survived, hence we would not be here.

I don't know if I referred to the philosopher now being greatly revived, Benedict de Spinoza, however, a writer has conducted a Spinozistic study of the Inuit based on Spinoza's work who set out to prove exiled from his own community and posthumously published, also living in virtual house arrest during the time of the Spanish Inquisition, for daring to say (much more than this) but that Nature/ The Universe is God, there is no button pusher.

The book if others can read it, I can't, is by
Michel Onfray - "Esthétique du Pôle Nord"
with regard to the Inuit conception of "individuality".

- Again, with relation to my next point after referring to that film, which in reality, would have done away with our species much sooner,

To add to the conclusion I drew:

"Now poised on the brink of annihilation of his kind, he must reconsider what future survival requires, given wars will not cease if freedom remains associated with the gaining of lands and resources, [Private Property] for the whole earth and the majority of mankind bleeds for the very elementary concepts that preserved him in his infancy - but as an adult - have not served him well as a coping strategy."

I add that the preservation and undertaking of the knowledge of the Indigenous peoples of the earth is essential to the survival of nature of which we are a part, and can have no more dominion over it, than one side of a coin can have dominion over the other, given there is truly no division...

When some speak of the 'superstition' of indigenous cultures, to they pause to reflect what superstition is.... Firstly, IGNORANCE OF THE LAWS OF NATURE...

Now, it is civilized society that dissects beasts and with its scientific-objective model, cannot find itself in the whole, because it considers itself not as a part of the experiment... And so the earth is turned up here there and everywhere, looking for clues, how did it start, when will it end, but we are simply very far removed from understanding wnat nature requires of us for us to subsist. Indigenous cultures had this respect, as they were never as such 'opposed' to the 'brute' forces of nature....

.... I would also add to those who replied that I meant we should go without when I said a finite being can never have freedom from want, that I did not mean we all starve, or not stage a walk out and share what we have, - I was specifically talking about the fantasy of Marxism that man shall be truly free, when he has 'freedom from want' as in 5 tv sets and so forth....

That certainly would be a miracle with the current state of the planet, but it is precisely big promises and miracles that this demagogue - claims it will solve via a transitional dictatorship of the propertiless class.

It is no wonder all betrayals are exonerated from the doctrine, yet by the same rules, class forces, historical conditions, and that is what I am talking about.... For this same scenario was faced by Herman Hesse the author in Germany, as many other writers, who recognized, again, George Orwell, that bonds of hate, reorganizing hatred along class lines, leaves them without excuse themselves when and if they take power again...

There is another way I believe.... Not imperialist war, facism, nor marxism....

And for those living for revenge, in desperation in the greatest privation or brutalized state, ask only what will hatred bring for future life if any on this planet?

Secondly, if you do take up the Revolution, after over a thousand years of the oppressed being called to arms by the upper classes (which Marxism still is, as Marx was and Engels himself a capitalist), at least insist this time, that they be the first in the firing line.

Enough of your ancestors have died for 'Liberty, Equality and Freedom'... enough.



However, I would say that writing begins with slave that is class society,

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