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Posted by Padam Lall Maharjan on September 19, 2003 at 19:02:43:

In Reply to: International Day of Peace on Sept 21 200 posted by Michael Johnson on May 26, 2002 at 23:13:40:

It is a Great Day but let us remember that every day is a Peace Day in this universe and act accordingly first starting within me and then by every individual as we were created superior to other animals in this universe so that this will be a better place to live not only for our generation but for years to come in next generations. What we do today will be a history romorrow. Let us act and start doing one thing at a time by every individual regularly so that we will achieve our goal PEACE to day not tomorrow
( TNT ). Who knows we may never see tomorrow.
Let us communicate to each other what each one has achieved regularly sio that it will inspre and gives the ideas and what all could be done even if it may llok like a small tthing. Remember every monuments are made first with a small piece and the highest Himalays including Mt. Everest was concqured first with a small step. Every step we take today will leave a mark and how remarkable and memorable foot prints one will like to leave depends on each individual. What type of foot mark one wants to leave has to come within oneself. It must come within me first. I am starting to day not tomorrow.

Let PEACE prevail in this universe. Live & let live. Every creation of the SUPREME has a right to live peacefully in harmony to excell in our prosperity. Let us all Meditate and Pray for the PEACE in this universe. God the SUPREME bless us.

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