Universal Declaration of Human Accountability

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Posted by albertbanico on May 28, 2003 at 24:34:13:

Human Rights has been a long enduring document of our faith to human equality and freedom above gender,sex, religion, beliefs, economic status, race and nationalities.

However, it is imparative to review AND STUDY OUR HUMAN COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY as inhabitant of the planet and take into account our responsibility into planetary scale.

We always articulate our rights and our needs in sustainable development, peace initiatives and cultural sensitivity but we never declared and shared our responsibility or better write it as accountability as resident of this planet. all of us have responsibility to our selves, family,community,society,nations and the planet as a whole in what ever fields yet what we see is human irresponsibility and negligence of rights and duties.

We need to declare this even if it is a bizare proposal.

-albert banico

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