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Posted by Victoria Collins on February 01, 2003 at 2:13:26:


"The visionary is the only true realist."
Frederico Fellini

Now, possibly more than at any other moment in our history, we need a new vision and a deeper understanding of peace in our world.
In the discovery process we face hard questions requiring greater depths of examination. Peace is certainly far more than an absence of bullets. It is a complex subject. What does peace "really" look like? What are the components, the building blocks,
of a peaceful coexistence? What are the real tools needed to construct the vision of "living in peace"?

Questioning, exploring, redefining, visioning, voicing, implementing...
present circumstances in our world are urging us to see farther,
to choose more wisely, and to reach -- higher.

Peace is an art which requires cultivation -- both personally and together. Every action we take has impact. One can scarcely imagine the positive impact possible in uniting in purpose the talent and the
brilliance which already exists within our world's most valuableand abundant resource -- her people. But, we need a catalyst to jump start us into a higher octave "of believing" -- in ourselves.

Throughout history the artist has been an invaluable link to the "greater" us. The mysterious mechanisms of the artistic process itself are capable of providing a window into revelatory potentials within
our humanity. Through this powerfully co-creative window, we can begin again to glimpse our true strengths, our undauntable spirit,
and our tremendous capacity for envisioning, and implementing a future worth striving for --now.

The "Pieces of Peace" Project invites artists, both nationally and internationally, to help us envision peace. Artistic representations will be exhibited first in Los Angeles, then will become a part of a traveling exhibit around the United States.

To be a part of this project, to become a sponsor, or to receive info regarding artist's perameters and submittals, contact:

Victoria Collins, Director; The PIECES OF PEACE Project;
31946 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu, Ca. 9O265;
tel.: 31O-457-6511, or e-mail: PiecesOfPeaceUSA@aol.com

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